Wimbledon Is Here!

30th June 2019

It’s nearly July and the British strawberries are in the shops which can only mean one thing. Its time for Wimbledon! Are you like me, excited for another typically English sporting tournament? Do you eagerly check the weather, the players schedule and clear your diary for two weeks. Then later you settle down in front of the TV with your bowl of strawberries, not forgetting the cream of course?




I have been very lucky to visit Wimbledon on a number of occasions. Sitting on the famous Centre Court watching the greats play mind blowing tennis is amazing. I have even sunbathed on Henman Hill eating the obligatory strawberries, watching tennis on the big screen till the sun sets over South West London.

What I love about Wimbledon is the magic it has that inspires us to start playing tennis. Look at the tennis clubs around you in July. They suddenly have an influx of new members of all ages, keen to learn and play this wonderful sport. The amazing thing about tennis is that it really is all inclusive. Regardless of age, background or ability, tennis is for everyone. It is such a good all round sport, helping with muscle tone, aerobic exercise and general all round fitness. Because it is a sport played with others, it also builds a social community and can encourage new friendships.




The only downside with playing tennis in the UK is the great British weather. Yes, sadly, we have a very unpredictable weather system which can lead to rain even in the summer. If you are reading this in the UK I don’t need to remind you how miserable June has been this year. This problem of being unable to play all year round is easily overcome by joining a club that has indoor courts. And yet, most tennis clubs in the UK don’t have the luxury of indoor courts and so their members are reliant totally on good weather.




So, why not look at joining a club that has indoor courts too and you can practice your Wimbledon style serve whatever the weather! I am very lucky to have found the perfect club for playing tennis in all weathers. As a keen tennis player I have been playing tennis regularly for over forty years and I cannot imagine never having access to a tennis court. So, I cannot recommend David Lloyd Club in Harrogate enough. To give you the background to the Club and the facilities please read a previous blog post on this here.




Today’s blog post is about reassuring those hesitant readers who may be harbouring a desire to play tennis but are too scared to take the plunge. You may be new to the game or you may thinking of picking up your racquet for the first time since school. Starting a new sport is never easy. Trust me, I have been in that position many times. Breaking out of your comfort zone gets so much more difficult as we get older. Perhaps it is a lack of self confidence or worry that our fitness is not as it used to be. WHATEVER your worries are, I can reassure you that it is perfectly normal to be anxious about starting something new, especially if you are older in years.




Tennis is the perfect sport to get involved in from a fitness and social point of view and therefore it really is worth taking a deep breath and joining a club. From personal experience I know the staff at David Lloyd to be friendly, kind, welcoming and professional. You will be welcomed with open arms onto the tennis court and NEVER will you be made to feel awkward as a newcomer.

The well trained tennis coaches at the David Lloyd Club Harrogate will help you through the early days of getting to know your way round a court. You will be allowed to take it at your pace and at no time will you be rushed or pressured. I can highly recommend tennis lessons if you are new or returning to the sport after many years. Tennis lessons can help you gain confidence quickly and are a good way to develop your skills before you join a class. Each lesson is tailor made to your ability and every tennis coach at the club will gently and professionally help you reach a good standard of tennis.




The tennis classes at the club are a good way of developing your tennis AND extending your social circle. Classes are friendly and there is no pressure on you to reach a certain standard. I love attending classes as it just gives me such a good feeling of being among like minded people. Everyone is there to help and support each other and this creates a sense of community.

The David Lloyd Club in Harrogate has indoor and outdoor courts so the great British weather will never spoil your game or your catch up with friends. With a fabulous licensed cafe on site, you can relax with your tennis friends after the game for a drink or a coffee or even a healthy lunch! Tennis really is a fabulous way to keep fit and have a great social life. So, if after watching Wimbledon next week you get the urge to play tennis, why not call the brilliant staff at David Lloyd in Harrogate and have a look round their amazing tennis facilities. I can’t promise you will play like Nadal or Andy Murray but I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself, get fit and make some life long friends.




Tell me, have you played tennis before? Do you long to return to the sport but not sure where to start? AND will you be watching Wimbledon this year and who is your favourite player to watch?

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna x

For more info on the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate please visit their website or give them a call on 01423 524052.


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