What I Pack In My Hand Luggage Bag.

28th June 2018

In my previous post I wrote all about the fabulous Jennie travel bag by Miatui. If you have not yet read this post then please click here which will give you the basic information on this wonderful organisational bag.



My lovely new travel bag, Jennie, from Mia Tui.

This blog post is all about my personal hand luggage for my next trip, which of course I am using the Jennie bag for. We all have our favourite things that we like to pack in our hand luggage. I thought I would share my personal favourites. Hopefully this may give you some tips that you can use before your next trip.

OK, firstly I pack my passport ! This is crucial if you are travelling abroad ! Always worth checking in advance that it is in date by at least six months. You don’t want that mad last minute dash to the nearest passport office, which is always miles away ! I like to keep my passport close to hand, rather than in the bottom of my hand luggage bag. This makes it easy to access when you need it.



My essentials of passport, headphones and eye mask.

Next, I always pack headphones. I am an anxious traveller so I like to listen to meditations, hypnosis recordings or a book from my Audible App. Headphones are also great for drowning out any other noises on the plane. This can be restless children, or ‘odd’ noises coming from the plane which make me more anxious. My favourite ones are these cute rose gold headphones from Frends. I also have some noise cancelling ones from Bose which are fabulous for blocking out surrounding noise. Although the Frends headphones are definitely more stylish !

I also pack an eye mask which I use every night at home when trying to sleep. If I am anxious, wearing an eye mask relaxes me and helps put me in my own ‘safe space’ by blocking out the world.

Next up are four essentials that are a must have in my hand luggage. Most important is my bottle of Rescue Remedy spray. I have been using this for years as a way of calming myself if I get anxious. Rescue Remedy is well known as a natural way to help calm and reduce stress and I couldn’t be without it. I use the spray form as it is easy to take and people don’t tend to notice you are using it.



More of my travelling essentials.

Ear plugs are also a must for me and I regularly use Ear Planes when I am flying. I get terrible pains in my ears due to air pressure which can last for many hours after we have landed. I find using Ear Planes helps reduce this pressure enormously.

Hand wash / disinfectant is another vital essential I carry with me all the time regardless of whether I am travelling abroad. I use this regularly when I am out and about and this slim spray from Cath Kidston is not only functional but looks pretty too !

I find travelling, ( especially air travel ) can be very drying on the skin and this is especially true the older we get. So I always carry a small bottle of Rose Water spray in my hand luggage and I love this one by Melvita. It is so refreshing but also smells amazing too.

Now onto snacks, which can be really important to have in your bag especially if you are delayed at the airport. I find I lose my appetite when I am travelling due to anxiety, so I find having a few snacks in my bag really help. I always take Gin Gins which are ginger chew sweets. These are great if you have any travel sickness symptoms. You can get these from most health shops.



Snacks for my journey.

Lastly, I always download audio recordings to my phone I can listen to while I am travelling. I use meditations and self hypnosis recordings which I find SO helpful. My favourite recordings are by Glenn Harrold who is a British hypnotherapist. I frequently use Glenn’s recordings for many eventualities. My favourites are anxiety, sleep, mindfulness, self confidence, positivity and of course fear of flying which has been so helpful to me. You can download all the recordings from the App Store onto your phone which makes it so convenient when travelling. Please click here for a link to Glenn’s website for more information.



Absolute travel essentials for me are anything that help me relax and keep calm. Self hypnosis recordings by Glenn Harrold are a must !

I do think it’s worth preparing for travelling and finding out what makes your travel time easier for you. Anything you can do to make your journey stress free is always worth doing. In my previous blog post I described how fabulous this travel bag was, in helping me be more organised for the journey. For me, having all my essentials in a well organised bag and close to hand means my stress levels will be much lower.

What essentials do you pack in your hand luggage ? Do you have any tips that might help someone deal with travel anxiety ? What is your experience when travelling ? Are you a happy traveller or an anxious traveller ? I would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

** The bag was a gift from Mia Tui but all thoughts and words are my own.


4 responses to “What I Pack In My Hand Luggage Bag.”

  1. Toria says:

    an old fashioned paper back book 🙂

    • Susanna says:

      Yes a book is essential for me as it takes my mind off the flight ! However I use talking books on my phone and listen through headphones as I find reading makes me a little travel sick. xx

  2. Manraj says:

    Enjoy the holiday – really hope the flight isn’t too stressful x

    • Susanna says:

      Thank you ! The holiday was amazing. The flight was OK. I know I have to tolerate it if I am to travel abroad. The attraction of the sun always helps my fears ! xx

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