Walks With George – Waterside, Knaresborough

5th September 2018

Today’s walk is located in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, for those times that you  (and your dog) are feeling lazy and want a short walk followed by a nice coffee in a dog friendly cafe. George and I often walk along Waterside by the river all year round. It is a popular spot for visitors and tourists and so it can get busy in summer, so be ready for a few crowds. I have to say though, I have never not been able to get a table in a tea room, as there are a few you can choose from within walking distance of each other.



The view of Waterside looking down from Knaresborough Castle.

Waterside runs parallel to the River Nidd which is the river that runs through Knaresborough. As I mentioned earlier, the area is a huge attraction to visitors with its quaint tea rooms, vintage style boating activities and relaxing walks by the river. Enchanting cottages with rose covered doorways line the narrow road that weaves its way towards the main road which runs between Harrogate and Knaresborough.




You might almost think you are stuck in a time warp as the area is full of reminders of times gone by. Cobbled walkways, antiquated signposts and wooden rowing boats filled with laughing children, all give a sense of a traditional way of relaxing on a summer’s afternoon. Spending time on Waterside makes it easy to leave the stresses of the modern world far behind you. I guess that is why I spend so much time there. It really is an hour away from the real world.




Of course Waterside is very dog friendly ! Another reason George and I spend a lot of time there. With dog friendly cafes, water bowls and lots of other dogs to chat to, it really is one of George’s favourite places. Marigolds Cafe, Riverside Cafe and Black Mulberry Cafe are all within a few yards of each other on the river front and are all dog friendly. They serve great food and fantastic coffee and well worth a visit.



One of our favourite stop off places for coffee and cake !



George watching the world go by.



Which way now Mum ?




So how do you get to Waterside ? Well, if you are driving there are three main options. You can park at Conyngham Hall which I featured in a previous blog. Please click here if you missed it. From Conyngham car park it is an easy flat walk across the main A59 road from Knaresborough to Harrogate and into Waterside. There is a pedestrian crossing which makes it easy and safe for you to walk with your dog. Conyngham Hall grounds is a perfect place to let the dog have a run around before you head for your afternoon tea at one of the lovely Waterside cafes.

If you are already parked in Knaresborough town centre then it is a downhill walk through Knaresborough Castle which brings you directly onto Waterside. Please be aware that this walk is quite steep and although it is a proper path, it would be quite a challenge for someone with limited mobility or an elderly person.

Another alternative which is a much easier walk onto Waterside would be to drive and park on Waterside itself. The only way to access this car park is to drive onto Waterside via the B6163. This is quite a narrow access road so drive carefully. At the end of the road you will see a public car park which then gives you great access. If you are parking here there is a path at the end of the car park which leads to a beautiful wooded area and direct access to a shallow part of the river. This is a great area to take your dog to stretch his legs once you have parked up. George loves exploring this area and can’t resist a paddle or two !

So once you are parked up, have a walk on Waterside and enjoy the tranquility and laid back atmosphere of this timeless area. It’s a great way to spend a few hours with your dog and family. And don’t restrict your visit to just summer, as this area is lovely for pottering round in the colder months. Wrap up warm and after your walk settle down and watch the world go by with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. There is really nothing nicer than spending a few relaxed hours on Waterside with your dog by your side. And don’t forget to stop and say Hi to George if you see us !


Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

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  1. Marilynne Lambert says:

    I had a friend come up from Berkhamsted last week to stay a few days. So on Friday we went here. I parked in town on the one that has a 4 hour stay. We went to the castle and heard the ravens asking us ‘if we were alright’ which made us giggle. We did take the steps down to the waterfront (we did take it steady as both of us are 70 Ha ha) then we had a light meal at the Black Mulberry Cafe. Which was nice. I was worried about the steep pull back up to town but we went up the way that goes over the railway crossing! I took it quite slow with lots of breathing stops. Lol My friend Felicity was very impressed with Knaresborough. I was hoping that we may have seen you and George. xx

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