Dog Walk With George – Golden Acre Park Leeds

4th April 2018

As most of you already know I am the proud mummy of George, my dog, who is a beautiful King Charles Spaniel. We are the best of friends and go everywhere together and we especially love our days out walking. We love to explore both new and familiar areas and I believe our walks are good for both our health.



George – my faithful companion.

So with this in mind I thought I would start a regular feature on my blog of our walks together. I will show you a little of where we went and give you a little background into each location should you wish to explore each one yourself.

Because of my love for walking I was sent a lovely pair of walking boots from Vionic Shoes to try out on my walks with George. Vionic Shoes was established in 1979 through the work of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli.  Because of his work in the field of lower limb biomechanics, he had a genuine need to make orthotic treatment affordable for all. From this he created one of the first heat mouldable orthotics for footwear which laid the ground work for Vionic Shoes to create footwear that helps many different foot conditions. The company now create fashionable but comfortable footwear that help people suffering from many different foot conditions, including Plantar Facsiitis ( which is pain in your heel caused by inflammation and strain ). The footwear is also designed to bring natural alignment into your feet and so easing stress and strain on the foot area.



Walking Boots from Vionic Shoes



Fabulous grips on the sole of the boots. Perfect for walking in wet, slippery conditions.

Some of you will know that because of a badly broken ankle and leg some years ago, I struggle to find shoes that are comfortable. This is due to the fact that I had major surgery on my leg to rebuild it. I still have metal plates and pins around my ankle and lower leg. Yes, that means I am the one that frequently sets off the security alarm at the airport ! So I was really keen to try out my new boots from Vionic as I was in desperate need of some suitable footwear for dog walking. I have been trying them out for a few months now and I am SO pleased with them. Not only do my feet feel comfortable overall but my troublesome left ankle and lower leg is well supported. This is reassuring as sometimes we do a lot of dog walks over difficult terrain.


Taking my boots ( and George ) for a walk to Golden Acre Park, Leeds



That cute face though !

So for my first walk trying out the boots I chose to visit Golden Acre Park in Leeds. This is only about thirty minutes drive from Knaresborough and so it is easy to get to for us.  Golden Acre Park lies in North Leeds between Adel and Bramhope and is approximately six miles from Leeds city centre. The park is known for its beautiful gardens, circular lakeside walk and tea rooms. The cafe has an outdoor seating area which has recently been extended and your dog will be welcome in this outdoor seating area. There are public toilets and lots of refuse bins for disposing of your dog poo bags !


Location Map of Golden Acre park Leeds – map supplied by Google Maps

What I like about this walk is that it is circular and so it’s an easy walk to do if you find you don’t have much time. You can complete the full circular walk in about an hour, providing you don’t stop off at the lovely tea room for coffee and a cake ! The park is so vast ( 55 hectares ), that even on a busy day you never feel crowded in. There is always plenty of room for your dog to enjoy the sights and sounds of the park.


Map of the park – supplied by Leeds City Council



George waiting for me to throw the ball !


Lovely circular walk on flat paths so great for dog walkers, disabled and pushchairs.

Parking is really easy too and there is plenty of free parking. Yay for free parking ! There are two car parks for Golden Acre. The main one is located on Otley Road although this can get busy at weekends and school holidays. My advice would be to park in the quieter car park which is located on Arthington Lane. This is located at the other side of the park away from the main entrance.

There are plenty of swans and ducks on the lake and there is a good viewing area for the wildlife which is ideal for children and adults alike. Obviously it is wise to keep your dog on a lead if there is wildlife around and to stop your dog falling in the lake !


Plenty of wildlife on the lake.



I hope you enjoyed the first dog walk post. We certainly enjoyed our walk around Golden Acre Park and we are now regular visitors there. Have you been to the Park ? If so, what did you think of it ? And most importantly did your dog enjoy it ?



Me and my boy xx

Well, my boots certainly enhanced my walk, as they kept my feet dry and comfortable. And as someone who suffers from foot pain it is a relief to wear comfortable shoes. Please have a look at the Vionic Shoe website and their footwear range, especially if you suffer from any painful foot conditions. If you already have some shoes from Vionic, let me know in the comments below what you think.

Next month I will be back with another dog walk with George.

Until then dear friends,

Much love

Susanna xx


** My boots were a gift from Vionic Shoes but the views and comments are my own independent opinion **  


4 responses to “Dog Walk With George – Golden Acre Park Leeds”

  1. Vicki says:

    What a lovely walk! I adore Yorkshire. I always stay near Ilkley when we visit but my cousin lives in Shipley. Your George is so handsome. We have a Black and Tan CKC spaniel boy named Dude. Looking forward to more walks around Yorkshire!!

    • Susanna says:

      Aw you have a Cavvy too ? Aren’t they adorable ? I just love my George. He is so loving and a joy to be around ! Please call back to my blog for more walks with George. And apologies for late reply but I have been unable to access my comments. xx

  2. Nancy Baten says:

    My father has two King Charles spaniels and they are such a friendly happy dogs! So cute!

    • Susanna says:

      They are such a lovely breed aren’t they Nancy ? So gentle and loving and yes, they are always happy. Love my George. xx

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