Time To Step Outside My Fitness Comfort Zone

23rd May 2019

Most of us have a comfort zone for everything in life. We have our ‘go to’ books we read, TV programmes, food choices and fashion style. We even have a comfort zone for our fitness. Yes, I am a person who enjoys a cozy, satisfying comfort zone. It’s familiar, safe, and I don’t have to think too much about it. And yet, this comfort zone can hold us back from exploring new, exciting possibilities. Today I am talking about having a comfort zone in your fitness or exercise routine. I have learnt that it is a good idea to have a personal trainer on your fitness journey as he / she will encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and get the best out of your exercise routine. For my previous blog post on personal trainers please click here.




Be honest, when you are exercising, do you stick to the same routine? If you work in the gym, are you doing the same reps on the same piece of equipment? If you enjoy running, do you run the same route every night? Do you do the same yoga class every week and panic if the instructor adds a new move, or worst still, if you are faced with a new instructor? I am guilty of all of the above. The thing is, we hate change and we are reluctant to try new things in our fitness regime. And yet, a change in our fitness routine can actually improve our fitness levels and even give us a new zest for exercise.

With this in mind, I decided to try a new fitness class at the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate. The fitness class I signed up to was Battlebox – Warrior. I know! Even the name seemed a bit scary at first and I must admit I was a little nervous at this new form of exercise. But I am always up for a challenge and so last Friday I arrived at the Battlebox class which was led by Adam, one of the fabulous personal trainers at the Club.




The first thing to note is that this class is outside and it did make a nice change doing some exercise in the fresh air. There are four types of Battlebox offered at the Club in Harrogate. I did Battlebox Warrior which is great for those who love the variety of obstacle courses. Battlebox Strong is a good choice for those that love a CrossFit style workout. Battlebox Athletic concentrates on building strength, speed and conditioning. Finally Battlebox Play has been designed for the whole family (aged 8 and above) so all the family can enjoy getting fit together.




So what did I do in this 45 minute class and did I feel like a Warrior at the end of it ? We started with a warm up, which of course is crucial before any exercise. Then working in pairs, we started round the course which had been set out by Adam before our arrival. I worked alongside my husband which was great fun and brought out my competitive side. We worked on various activities that really pushed us to work harder.


My husband Tony nicely demonstrating the kettle bell exercise.

Tony pushing the sledge. This was great for building up arm strength.

The exercises worked on our overall fitness and also on different muscle groups. I really felt I was working my whole body on each section of the training. We worked on building arm strength which is a weakness of mine. We did plenty of leg work and I felt the entire session gave me a good cardio workout which is great for overall health.


This was a fun and yet intense exercise. We had to crawl along the floor pulling along weighted bags. Looks easy but this was a proper workout.

So what did this 56 year old woman think to this new class and breaking out of the comfort zone? Well, honestly? I LOVED IT! I enjoyed the variety of the exercises and I felt I was getting a good all round workout. Yes, there were younger and fitter people in the class, but honestly, that did not matter. Everyone was so helpful and kind that I never once felt awkward or out of place. The instructor was so considerate for my welfare as a beginner and he encouraged me every step of the way.


I was starting to get competitive by this stage!

I loved the class so much that I re-booked on the same class for a few days later. I think Battlebox will become a regular class for me. In fact I have already persuaded my daughter and her fiancee to join as well. Battlebox is a true family affair now!




It has been good for me to leave my comfort zone. I am exercising different parts of my body which I needed to do. I really enjoyed working with the other members of the Club and I felt part of the group immediately. Sometimes we have to venture outside our comfort zone for the good of our physical and mental health. It’s not easy, especially as we get older but once you take that first scary step, it can be so worthwhile. I honestly would never have imagined I would enjoy Battlebox but I REALLY enjoyed it. I feel uplifted by this new exercise regime and it has taught me that I will never again stick to my comfort zone. Much better to break free and experience new challenges and adventures.

Are you a type of person that likes to stick to your comfort zone? Have you broken out of your comfort zone and if so how did you do it ? And how did you find it?

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

For more details on the classes and activities at David Lloyd Club Harrogate including Battlebox please visit their website at https://www.davidlloyd.co.uk/clubs/harrogate

This post was sponsored by David Lloyd Club Harrogate but as always the words and views are my own.

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