Taking Care Of Your Eyes Using A Serious Reader Light

4th April 2019

Can a reading light seriously improve our health? We live in a world of sophisticated technology. Every day our eyes are bombarded with computer screens, televisions, mobile phones, sat navs and other digital devices. Our eyes are constantly subjected to flashing lights, bright images and an army of words which overwhelm our already over worked eyes.


Sales of eye drops to help relieve eye strain have increased, as we try to alleviate the symptoms. And here is the bad news. As we get older our eyes struggle even more to cope with this technology onslaught. This is due to the natural ageing process. At the age of sixty we need three times as much light for reading, so I would guess that many older people are not reading with a strong enough light.



I recently discussed this with my optician as I was having trouble with blurred vision after excessive computer work. I also read a lot at night to help me relax but my eyes were struggling with this also. As reading and writing are a big part of my life I knew I had to address this issue. Our eyes are SO important and we really have to look after them especially as we get older.


On advice from my optician I decided to investigate the use of a scientifically advanced reading light. My optician advised me that eye strain can usually be attributed to poor lighting. It is now common to try and use low level lighting and energy bulbs, but we could actually be doing our eyes more harm by not providing adequate lighting. I looked at my lighting at home, especially the one I was reading by and I realized it was not enough light for my eyes. No wonder I was struggling with eye strain and blurry vision.

I therefore was excited to try this new light by a company called Serious Readers based in the UK who have developed lights for this issue. This company take their lights seriously with the aim of really helping people see more clearly without the accompanying eye strain. Serious Readers have supplied lights to spaceships, RNLI Lifeboats, nuclear submarines, minor surgery lamps and global ballooning attempts, so I guess they know a thing or two about lighting for serious projects. They have even supplied lighting for James Bond movies and other blockbusters which means they MUST produce an excellent product.

So onto the light I received from the company. It arrived very quickly in a very secure and well packaged box. I was very happy that the light was fully assembled as I hate having to build things. I know the company pride themselves on the fact that the lights are made in the UK, hence they can supply them fully assembled. The light I received was a floor light with a heavyweight base and a brass finish. As you can see the light looks elegant and would suit any type of decor in any room. The light has a good weight to it so won’t be easily knocked over. On inspection I could see immediately that the light is very well designed and well made. It feels and looks a high quality product that gives you a feeling that this product is a light ‘for life’ and not one that will need replacing in a few months.


Information card received with every light.

Photo taken in true night time light.

Photo taken at night with no other light source. AMAZING isn’t it?

The solid base of the light.

So what were my views and thoughts on this light? To be honest I couldn’t wait to try it. I found myself eagerly awaiting darkness which now sounds completely childish! Anyway, when the long awaited darkness fell I switched on the light. And WOW! I didn’t need anymore convincing as to how good this light was. I could instantly see the difference. It was like a whole new world had opened up for me. I sat on the sofa and started to read my book. The illumination on my page was extraordinary and I really mean that. I read my book for about an hour non stop and my eyes were really comfortable and relaxed. I didn’t have the usual eye strain and blurry vision that I tend to get after a long spell of reading. These uncomfortable symptoms usually mean the end of my reading spell, which is so disappointing as I am an avid reader.

My husband arrived home and I asked him to test the light too. My husband works all day behind a computer screen and really feels the effects of eye strain when he arrives home. He quite often avoids leisure reading because of this. I am happy to report that he too was VERY impressed with the light. Like me, he noticed the difference straight away. This makes me a little concerned at how much damage we may have caused our eyes in the past by using the wrong light.

Next I discovered another fabulous aspect of this light that really excited me. We have our television mounted on the wall above the fire which causes a problem with our main room lights which hang from the ceiling. When those lights are on there is a constant reflection on the television which spoils our viewing. When we switched the lights off then we couldn’t see to read and our previous side lights just weren’t strong enough. BUT using the new light from Serious Readers we found that we could switch all the lights off, still read using the new light AND not have a reflection on the television. This has made such a difference to our evenings and as you know the winter evenings can be long here in the UK and reading and watching television are an important part of life.

So let me tell you a little more about the light. According to the company a great reading light is not about brightness alone. The lights designed by Serious Reader use bespoke Daylight Wavelength Technology, which projects a natural balanced, bright light beam close to the natural daylight our eyes are used to. It is a known fact that poor quality light can not only damage eyes but can also interfere with sleep. This is due to TOO MUCH short wave length blue light. Serious Readers use a technology that excludes this harmful blue light and so it eradicates risk of damage to the retina and minimizes disturbance to our body clocks.

I love the simple, but effective design of this light with its stay-put flexible arm and rotating swivel joints, meaning you can set the light to suit you perfectly. I am happy to report that the light uses just 5.5w of power with a high performance LED with accurate colour rendering, meaning you can read small print for longer periods.

So what are my final thoughts on this product? I would give it ten out of ten with no hesitation. Yes, it is more expensive than a light you would buy from the high street but at what cost to your eyes? We just don’t take enough care of our eyes and with ever increasing technology this will only get worse. Yes, age is a factor in declining eye health but it is a known fact that more younger people are also suffering from excessive eye strain.


This photo was taken late at night to give a true representation of the light. No filters were used.

I would happily buy a light from this company because I have realized how much of a difference it has made to my life. I can read for longer and I don’t have eye strain like I used to. Importantly, I am actually comfortable when I am reading and no longer suffer from itchy, sore, blurry eyes. The great news is that our light stands behind our sofa where my husband and I sit every night and we both benefit from the light. Some lights have such a poor projection that only one person sitting closest actually benefits. Not so with the Serious Readers light, which has such a powerful range that we both can benefit from this wonderful light.


This photo was taken just using the Serious Reader light. No filter was used to enhance the photo.

I hope you have enjoyed this review. Please take a look at the company’s fabulous website. They have some great articles on there about all things eye related. I think taking care of our eyes, especially as we get older is very neglected (I include myself in this.) Being able to see is one of the greatest gifts we possess, and I, for one am going to start taking eye health more seriously.


George wanted to help with my review.

Do you have trouble with your eyes? Have you noticed increased eye strain as you get older? Let me know your thoughts.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

** This product was gifted to me by the Serious Reader company but as always my words and opinions are honestly my own **

For more information on this fabulous company please click here to visit their website.


6 responses to “Taking Care Of Your Eyes Using A Serious Reader Light”

  1. Sarah says:

    This looks amazing. I can never find a proper reading light that actually helps. Will have a look

  2. Rosie Whitehead says:

    I suffer from really tired and stinging eyes when I read a lot and didn’t realise till I read this that it’s because my lighting may be too dull. Thanks for the info x

    • Susanna says:

      Yes I was the same. I know our eyes deteriorate as we get older but I wasn’t helping mine using such poor lighting. thanks for reading. x

  3. Jasper Hope says:

    Great info on this light. I buy so many lights and just end up throwing them out as they just don’t give off enough light for me to read.

    • Susanna says:

      Haha. Yes, I can’t tell you how many lights I have bought and thrown away as they just didn’t work. Plus this light looks so stylish and would fit in with any decor so if you move or decorate the light still looks good. Definitely worth the investment. Thanks for reading x

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