Swinton Spa – A True Haven For Mind & Body

5th December 2019

Swinton Country Club and Spa is nestled in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside. Situated within 20,000 acres of the Swinton estate, Swinton Spa is one of the UK’s leading spa destinations. Offering a wide range of facilities from thermal rooms to heated pools to nutritious food, this luxurious spa is designed to refresh and rejuvenate anyone who walks through the doors.




And walk through the door I did. On a damp, cold November day I found myself transported into a world of relaxation and serenity that my tired mind and body had been searching for. Following a few months of intensive work with little self care, I was excited and thankful to be a guest of the Spa on one of their ‘Day Of Wellness’ packages.





I was met by a friendly staff member who handed me a welcome refreshing drink of apple and cinnamon, along with my schedule for the day. I say ‘schedule’ with a smile on my face, as my schedule consisted of wall to wall relaxation! My package included treatments, time in the Spa and a nutritious two course lunch. I could get used to this! My world of work and stress seemed a million miles away as I found myself relaxing within five minutes of arriving.

My first and lasting impression of the Spa itself was one of high end luxury, elegant, but with an aura of comfort. I truly felt at home. This may have been due to the friendly and helpful staff as well as the general ambience of the Spa. I am a great believer in vibrations of a place that make us feel instantly welcome and safe and Swinton Spa had this aura that made me feel connected and relaxed.

I ventured into the pool area as my first stop on my spa experience. And what a selection of pools! There are actually four pools to choose from, each with its own benefits. It is good to know that the pools are heated by eco-friendly and carbon neutral biomass boilers. I especially enjoyed the hydrotherapy pool which was the warmest pool and had a choice of massage jets. These massaging jets were perfect for soothing my aches and pains and I felt an instant improvement in my lower back which had been troubling me for weeks.





Feeling brave I ventured into the outdoor natural pool which was designed using bio-filtered and oxygenated chemical free water. Wow! This was an an amazing experience and I felt totally rejuvenated and dare I say it….I even had a spring in my step. I followed this with a relaxing ten minutes in the outdoor cedar wood hot tub. Sitting outside in a warm tub on a cold autumn day was so invigorating and I can highly recommend it.

Although it was tempting to stay in the pools all day, I ventured inside to experience the thermal suite and all it offered. The Suite features an aroma steam bath, a salt steam room and a Finnish sauna, not forgetting the therapeutic foot spas. These were all amazing experiences and so enjoyable that I really didn’t want to move from any of them. My favourite sauna was the outdoor one which is located in the alfresco spa garden. I relaxed in this herbal sauna followed by a visit to the outdoor seating area snuggling up under warm blankets in front of a fire pit while watching the clouds float by.

Of course no visit to a spa is complete without a treatment or two. I was lucky enough to receive a bespoke Body Scrub and a Destress Ritual treatment. Both treatments lasted two hours in total, but to be honest I was oblivious to time passing. These treatments were heaven and as a trained aromatherapist and massage therapist, I do know a good therapist when I see one. Rosie, my therapist, was quite honestly, one of the best massage therapists I have ever encountered. My aching body and tired mind were soothed and eased by the wonderful treatments. I truly felt like a different woman when I walked out of the treatment room.



Following my treatment I spent time in the stunning relaxation rooms which are thoughtfully designed to enhance your relaxation experience. Dare I admit that I actually fell asleep in the aptly named ‘Sleep Room.’ These relaxation rooms were all wonderfully comforting and perfect for after treatment time or just for quiet time. 

Of course, spending all day at a spa usually involves food and I was not disappointed by the offering by Swinton Spa. I had a good choice of dishes and I noted that the food was nutritious and freshly prepared. I chose the charcuterie board which was more than ample and I struggled to finish. OK, I will be honest. I was saving my self for the vegan chocolate pudding that was on its way! And the chocolate pudding did not disappoint.



So my overall view of Swinton Spa? It was incredible! I was stunned at the level of detail and thought in every part of the Spa which can only enhance the customer experience. The facilities were top class and everything was fitted and maintained to a very high standard. The friendly staff were engaging and helpful without being too intrusive in the relaxation experience.

As you know from previous posts I am a great believer in ‘experiences not things.’ I am passionate about promoting experiences in life that can enhance our mental and physical health. Spending time at a spa is one of my favourite ways to look after myself, mind and body. I would much rather spend my hard earned money on a day in a spa than a new dress or a new handbag and I sincerely mean that. In a world of over consumerism, surely it is better for the environment and ourselves, to spend time and money on experiences that REALLY do better our lives. The overall benefit to dedicating self care to ourselves is worth every minute and every penny.




Visiting Swinton Spa really confirmed this idea to me. In one day I felt rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. The health benefits to my physical and mental health were truly astounding and should never be underestimated.

I have already had thoughts about returning to Swinton Spa soon as a gift to myself and my health. Our health is the greatest gift of all so if you are looking to improve your self care, then look no further than Swinton Spa.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

** The Spa experience was gifted by Swinton Spa but as always the words, photos and thoughts are my own**

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