Sustainable Fashion – The Way Forward.

7th June 2020

Hello friends! I hope you are all coping well with the lockdown and all the difficulties that it brings us. How are you using your lockdown time? I have heard many friends say that this crisis has really made them look deeply at their life and their plans for the future. I have to admit I am doing this too. I have looked at the way I live my life, my dreams for the future and how I might achieve these dreams.

The pandemic has brought the plight of the natural world to the forefront of our mind, as we have witnessed how clear the air has become since heavy industry shut down. Have you noticed how much more wildlife there seems to be when you are out walking? I have certainly been thinking more about what changes I can make to stop the human erosion of our natural world. I have realised how wasteful we are as a society, not just in the UK, but across the world. And there is no greater waste than in the clothing industry.


Fast fashion is a common term given to the activity that a piece of clothing goes through from manufacturer to consumer. The item is made and shipped quickly, the price point is low to the consumer and therefore easily attainable. These cheaply produced items are normally worn a few times before being thrown away. It is said that fast fashion contributes to pollution, climate change, poor working conditions in less developed countries and poor workmanship.

I have previously been guilty of buying fast fashion items but over the last few years I have changed the way I shop. I now look to shop sustainably and responsibly, often buying vintage or pre-worn clothing. Long gone are the days when I would dash out to buy a new outfit for every social occasion I was invited to! Oh yes, I remember those days.

So today I want to tell you about a fabulous Yorkshire company that are promoting sustainability in the clothing industry. The Nearly New Cashmere Company are based in Masham, North Yorkshire and was created because of one woman’s dislike for waste. This amazing company set up by a lovely lady called Ali now sources and restores cashmere clothing items so everyone can enjoy these quality garments. What I really love about this company is their mission statement which they are understandably so proud of.

“Our vision as a brand is for cashmere to be attainable to everyone while creating a more conscious consumer.”

The Nearly New Cashmere Company based in Masham, North Yorkshire.

I personally love cashmere but I have always found it expensive (and rightly so, as it is a high quality material.) The Nearly New Cashmere Company has taken away the stigma of this preciously unattainable commodity, so all of us can enjoy it. Coupled with the sustainability angle in which they rescue and restore unloved cashmere garments, I think this innovative Yorkshire business are leading the way forward in the antidote to fast fashion.

I think in the current climate it is time we all started looking at how we purchase clothing and look at ways we can make changes to help the environment and reduce excess waste. I am certainly looking at ways I can help this important issue. I think if all of us do some small action, then this can make a huge difference in our life and in our world. I have recently cleared out the majority of my wardrobe, leaving only items that are truly loved and cherished and donating the rest to charity.

Personally, I would rather buy a high quality pre-loved cashmere cardigan than a cheap cardigan that lasts me a few months at best. I actually have a beautiful cardigan from The Nearly New Cashmere Company and it honestly looks like new even after many washes. Economically I have actually saved money as I would have had to have bought three ‘fast fashion’ cardigans by now at the rate that they disintegrate in quality.

Just a small collection of the wonderful cashmere garments at The Nearly New Cashmere Company

I hope this blog post has made you think about how you buy clothes. The world has been a cleaner and less polluted place since we went into lockdown and it would be nice to help keep it that way. Sustainability in all areas is so important as we fight to save the planet and this is just one small way we can make a difference.

Have you thought recently about how you can make changes to help the world less polluted?

What are your views on sustainable fashion?

Do you like cashmere, but have never been able to afford it? (If this is the case why not take a look at The Nearly New Cashmere Company website –

Until next time dear friends

Take care and stay safe.

Much love, Susanna xx

**This is a sponsored post but the words and thoughts are all are my own**

All photos used were kindly supplied by The Nearly New Cashmere Company.

2 responses to “Sustainable Fashion – The Way Forward.”

  1. Toria says:

    Susanna, you are so right. During the lock-down we’ve been sorting things at home and have bags and bags to go out, far too many clothes, some only worn a few times, as we gained weight. I hope they find a second life in a charity shop and that someone makes use of them. i have been more reluctant though to get rid of the good quality clothes that have been with me for years. Do we really need to always be seen in a different outfit? Back in the Middle Ages when clothes were precious, people would leave them in their wills – ‘my second best dress to my niece’ 🙂

    • Susanna says:

      Yes Toria. I think this crisis has made us all think about our habits, including how we dress and our shopping activity. I have really re-evaluated my wardrobe and like you, I have cleared out a lot of excess clothes. Going forward I will only buy quality clothes that will last me years. This way of thinking has actually made me feel ‘lighter’ and less stressed. I also think this way of shopping will become more popular as people move away from fast fashion xx

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