New Year, New Start !

20th January 2019

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a peaceful Christmas what ever you were doing. Our Christmas was very different this year as my daughter got married a few days after Christmas Day. It was such a beautiful wedding and yes, of course I shed quite a few tears. I always find after such an important event such as a family wedding, that the time afterwards is always difficult, as we come down to earth after such high emotion.


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But I am now settling down to a more routine life with work and personal issues. My work life is now very full as I dedicate my time to not only this blog, but also to my Dog Friendly Yorkshire business. I do love being busy so having a jam packed day suits me just fine. If you haven’t yet seen my dog friendly business site then please pop over here for a look and even if you don’t have a dog yourself, please pass on the details to anyone who might be interested.


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George is the CEO of Dog Friendly Yorkshire !


So, what are my aims for 2019? Well last year there were some big changes in my life which have had such a big impact on me. It is so true that we are often deeply affected by traumatic events and while many of these can have a detrimental affect on us, quite often they can also bring out positive aspects of us that we never knew existed.

I had some major mental health issues which flared up eighteen months ago, with a diagnosis of PTSD. I realised quite quickly that I needed professional help for this and so I started receiving treatment almost immediately. The bulk of my therapy is done (although still ongoing) after many weekly EMDR sessions ( its way too complicated to explain what that is and I’m not sure I can explain it properly anyway!) So because of this I am devoting time to self care, which is basically looking after me. I realise that if we don’t take care of ourselves with basic needs such as good food, exercise, sleep, water and relaxation, then our overall health suffers. For me, I am determined to get myself into tip top shape as I believe that will help my mental health enormously.


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I have also being doing a lot of writing over the last eighteen months. Not just blogging, but writing on a personal level. I have started a non fiction book, written many poems and I have resurrected a half written murder mystery novel that I had stashed in a cupboard. As I have written here before, I love writing and I view it as a wonderful form of therapy. Whether that is writing emotionally charged poems that relate to how I am feeling, right through to putting all my imaginative thoughts into a novel.

I believe that writing is for everyone and is such a useful tool into helping deal with issues in our life as well as giving us a good feeling about ourselves. If you have always fancied writing but never taken the plunge then just do it! Go buy yourself a nice pretty notebook (I always work better with pretty stationary) and just start writing. Write about things you love, places you have visited, your dreams and even your fears. Trust me, once you get the writing bug you will find it difficult to stop. It’s so addictive and so worthwhile.

On this note I can reveal that I am soon to launch a new writing workshop business which will be focusing in writing for wellbeing. This is following a course and training I attended and successfully completed. I have entered this new venture in partnership with another local writer and published author and I am very excited about our new project. This will be launching very soon so keep a look out for more details on here and across my social media platforms. 


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As for me, 2019 is the year when I finally get my poetry into print. I have written a non fiction book previously, but this year I want to see my poetry in print. This is not for fame and fortune, but rather the completion of a long journey that will be very cathartic for me. I also hope, that by putting my work out there, that my poems may help or inspire others in a similar position to myself. I also hope to be part of poetry readings to the public, as for me, poetry comes alive when it is spoken out loud. I have, in fact just been part of a poetry public reading session and it was nerve racking, but so fulfilling to finally read my poetry to the general public.


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Another big part of a ‘new me’ for 2019 is to be more mindful in all aspects of my life. Yes, mindfulness is a word we see regularly but how many of us actually practise mindfulness. Mindfulness to me is being present in the moment and appreciating everything around you. It is about living in the present and not contemplating the past or worrying about the future. For me, mindfulness slows me down in my life and makes me stand back from a situation. If you struggle with mental health issues then it is worth looking into mindfulness as many medical professions promote it as a way to help such issues as anxiety, stress and depression.


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So that is a quick summary of my outlook for 2019. How is your 2019 looking? Have you made any decisions about this year? Have there been any major changes in your life that have made you take stock of where your own life is heading? Later I will write about a recent workshop I attended, during which I made my own dream board for 2019. As I have written before, dream boards are a great way to bring focus into your life and can even help manifest certain things into your life. There are many books out there about the Law Of Attraction which I find really fascinating, so if you would like to learn more about this exciting topic then try and find a book that will help you.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

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  1. Karen says:

    I love reading your blogs!
    I hope 2019 is a great year for you.
    All the best…

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