Good News ! I Am A Nanna Again !

9th September 2018

As many of you know from a previous post I am a grandparent to beautiful Rory who will be three in just a couple of weeks. ( If you haven’t yet read this post then please click here.) My joy at being a Nanna just increased ten fold ( or should that say doubled ) as my daughter gave birth to another precious son just a few days ago. So now I am the proud Nanna of Rory and Ralph, and once again I feel my heart bursting with love. Love, not only for my two grandsons, but also for my daughter who is an amazing mother.




So, three years into my time as a Nanna, how do I feel about this important role ? Well, of course I feel blessed, lucky and honoured. My lovely family is growing and I am surrounded by love and affection every day of my life.

I watch my grandson Rory play, and now he is nearly three I can actually play games with him. I love being part of his imaginary stories, as we fight pirates together from within our pirate ship ( which is actually a blow up paddling pool. ) We enjoy building Lego houses together and creating a pretend world, full of exciting stories and adventures. The dressing up box is now making a welcome appearance as our pretend characters come to life with costumes and props. I never thought I would be dressing up as a character from Toy Story at my age, but I do, and I do it with great enthusiasm.




This make believe play brings my memories of my own children flooding back. The times we spent re creating fairy stories in the garden. How clearly I remember searching for fairies and elves in our small suburban garden wearing a pair of pink fairy wings. It’s funny how clear our memories can be of thirty years ago and yet I often can’t remember what I had for tea yesterday.

It is truly magical to see the innocence of children playing in their make believe worlds. Somehow it brings a certain kind of peace into my life. I feel safe and carefree and a million miles away from the harshness of real life. How I wish the real world would incorporate this feeling of calmness that children possess as they play.




And now I have another precious grandson to experience new memories and adventures with. And yet, the appearance of another grandson brings other feelings, mainly that of time passing. Any new grandparent will tell you that they suddenly felt older, like the generations had shifted. Funnily the birth of my grandsons has made me reassess my life and my future plans.

I look at myself and wonder if I have achieved all my dreams. Of course the answer is always no. The birth of a new family member makes me sit up and think that I really should update that bucket list. This might sound morbid, but it is merely an incentive to be proactive in my life. I want to make such a success of my life, not just for me, but for my grandsons. I want them to be proud of their Nanna.




So therefore for me, becoming a Nanna is not all about buying baby clothes and prams. Becoming a Nanna has helped me look at my own life and whether I am where I set out to be. I feel determined to plough my way through life with a focus and drive like never before. There is also a part of me that wants to stay fit and healthy for my grandchildren. This encourages me to keep up with my fitness routine ( however tired I am. ) Looking after this Nanna’s health is a priority. I mean, I want to be able to run with my grandchildren round the park, kicking a football for many more years. And when I look at Rory’s pleading eyes asking me to get on the floor to fight the pirates, then I know I have to keep fit to keep those joints healthy ( and to fight the pirates ! )




Grandparents are such a valuable asset in any child’s life. By definition, grandparents act differently from parents and from experience are more likely to spoil their grandchildren than the parents. And you know what ? This is absolutely OK. Spoiling children with love and little presents doesn’t turn them into spoilt brats overnight. It creates a wonderful relationship between grandparent and grandchild that is like no other. Of course the poor parents are often tired and too stressed to sometimes have this relaxed atmosphere in the home. The parents bear the brunt of parenting daily, and for the grandparents it is much easier to enjoy their time with the grandchildren through occasional visits, usually at weekends.

I feel I have settled into my role as Nanna very easily and the appearance of baby Ralph seems like a natural progression in my life. It feels that Ralph has been here forever and yet in reality he is just a few days old. I am full of pride and showing the obligatory ‘grandma’ photos to anyone who will stop and look. Perhaps I have some ‘grandma’ gene in me that makes the whole process so easy.




There is one thing for sure. My life will never be the same again. In fact, I can see my grandchildren numbers expanding as the years go by. Watch this space. Perhaps I will be back in a few years with more news of a new baby ! Exciting times and precious times ahead with my grandchildren, however many there are !

Are you a grandparent ? Did becoming a grandparent make you reassess your life ? Are you going to become a grandparent anytime soon ? If so, what kind of a grandparent do you think you will be ?

Until next time dear friends

Much Love

Susanna xx

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