Freezing Those Precious Moments In Time

14th October 2018

I was talking recently with a friend about precious moments in my life. I had been saying how wonderful it would be if we could freeze a special moment in time so we could experience it forever. Since this conversation I have been thinking about this in depth and so, for today’s post I would like to share these thoughts with you.

Life is full of ups and downs and we have all experienced hurt, upset, disappointment and loss. Sometimes these negatives aspects of life can really overwhelm us and create a black cloud in our lives. Personally, I find that when I am going through a particularly stressful time, I often start to look back at those wonderful times in my life. I yearn for life to be carefree, simple and without anguish. I often look through photos that mark these special times to really experience those happy feelings again.

That made me think about the consequences of doing this. Was I making myself feel worse by getting back in touch with happier times? Was it a negative action to keep looking back? I am not a psychologist, so I don’t know the right answer. However, I am a great believer in finding a path that suits you and your emotions. We all have to try and find a way of coping with the difficulties in life that we face, whatever that may be.

For me personally, I love to look at old family photos. During dark days, it reminds me of happier times and gives me the hope that I will feel like that again. I am also reminded of how incredibly lucky I am and have been. Yes, I have had huge difficulties to navigate through and I have reached rock bottom at certain points in my life. However, by reminding myself of the ‘nice’ things in my life, I am full of renewed strength that carries me through whatever storm I am going through.

Photos are usually a great way of getting in touch with these happy feelings that we have experienced in the past. A photo can instantly take us back to a moment in time and we can even feel the same feelings all over again. Have you ever looked at a photo of you holding your new born baby and instantly been overcome by emotion and a deep sense of love ? This is a good example of how we connect instantly with the past and especially during times of great joy. Even holding a photo of a loved one that has passed away can bring a deep emotion. Yes, some of this may be sadness obviously, but it can also invoke a huge wave of love and fond memories connected with this person.




So, here is my idea for freezing those moments in time that make us feel warm, cosy and happy. Start by getting out that huge box of photos that we all have, usually in the loft or in the cupboard under the stairs. Look at each photo and see how that photo makes you react. Are you emotional and happy? Do you feel a huge rush of love and warmth that makes you feel all cosy inside? Would that photo represent such a perfect moment for you in your life that you would like to freeze that moment in time? If you experience all these positive feelings then set that photo to one side.




Once you have gone through this process a few times and collected at least six photos, the next step is to find a large photo frame. Yes, you are going to hang these memorable photos on the wall so you can see them everyday. Any large frame will do as you are going to put the photos on in a collage style design. You can space out the photos and so in future it will be easy to add other photos to your collection.

Having these memorable, heart warming photos in your view every day will be a help to you during those low points in your life. Those ‘freeze moment in time’ photos will hopefully reproduce that warm, fuzzy feeling that you experienced at the time of the event. This is a fun, but helpful project for you to do and in doing mine, it gave me a real focus on the important things in my life. I know I can never go back in time to recreate those special moments, but by looking at my photos I can, at least, experience those wonderful feelings again.




I hope you have enjoyed this little chat. Have you got any moments in your life when you wished you could have frozen the moment forever? What photos or special moments do you have, that give you that warm, cosy feeling that you would love to remember again ? Let me know your thoughts and if you start this project then let me know how you are getting on.

Until next time dear friends.

Much love

Susanna xx


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  1. Marilynne Lambert says:

    What a Great idea Sue. I must find some time to get my photos out again. The trouble is the last time that I got my big box out, it was weeks before I put it away again. As I kept digging in to it. Ha Ha.

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