Creating A Relaxing Sanctuary At Home.

16th September 2018

Creating a sanctuary for relaxation is something I have been thinking about recently, following a visit to my favourite place, Aqua Sana at Center Parcs. Aqua Sana is more than a spa to me. It’s a place I can switch off, read, meditate and even day dream. After reluctantly returning home after my last visit, I started to ponder on how amazing it would be to have an ‘Aqua Sana at home’ session every day.

I wasn’t thinking particularly about the actual steam rooms and hydrotherapy pools ( although that would be nice ). I was more interested in creating a sanctuary in my own home, one where I could retreat to, every day for just an hour. A sanctuary where I could switch off and lose myself in a relaxed, day dream world far from my worries, problems and general stresses of life. For a little look at Aqua Sana please click here.



With this in mind I decided to put a few ideas together in order to create this haven of relaxation, not in a spa, but in my own home. So. here are my ideas for creating a sanctuary in your own home. A place where you can retire to when life gets a little overwhelming and you just need to withdraw from the real world. We ALL need this and it is so good for our physical and mental health.


Find a place in your home where you can create a sanctuary. I chose my bedroom but it doesn’t have to be the bedroom. You may have a guest room, a study or a conservatory which may be more suitable. Whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable in that room and it is a room where you feel you can relax.




A room full of clutter will not create a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. So, make sure you clear any clutter lying around before you start to add anything else that will create your sanctuary. There is a famous saying that a clear room equals a clear mind and I really think this way of thinking is true. Clutter stresses me out and I am much calmer when I am relaxing in a simply furnished room.




Get some fresh air into the room by opening the windows. Even in winter, fresh air is good for making us feel healthier and refreshed. Allowing fresh air to circulate in a room will also improve the air quality in that room.




Cleaning a room always gives us a feeling of well being when it is finished. The room feels fresh and healthier and more welcoming. So, give the room a good clean, even if it is an unused guest room that is already clean. Cleaning a room will refresh any stagnant energy and create a feeling of positivity.




For me, this is my bed, as I am creating my sanctuary in my bedroom. You might have a favourite armchair in your study or a chaise longue in your guest room or even a fluffy rug in your living room.  Whatever you choose, try and choose something that will help you in your relaxation and will make you feel comfortable.




As this sanctuary is a place you can totally switch off, then it is helpful to remove all technology from the room or at least have it switched off. Leave your phone on silent while you are in your sanctuary room as you will be less tempted to have a sneaky look at who is doing what on social media. We all do it !




There is nothing nicer than using scented candles for creating a certain mood. We all have candles in the home and they are an inexpensive way of providing a relaxed atmosphere at any time of day. Use a few candles around your room where you can easily see them. I find that concentrating on a candle flickering nearby helps me meditate easier. Choose candles with a nice fragrance that makes you feel good. Certain fragrances often remind us of past memories that make us happy, so try find a fragrance that brings you joy.




Get yourself a big cosy, fluffy blanket that you can wrap yourself in while you are relaxing. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I know Primark do some fabulous fleece blankets for under £10. Been cocooned in a blanket gives us a feeling of been safe and nurtured and is my favourite thing for helping me relax.



I often play relaxing music in my relaxation sessions as this helps me relax quicker. It is also useful for drowning out outside noise that has the potential to disturb you. There is so much music available now that is suitable for helping you create a calming atmosphere. I download tracks onto my phone for ease of use, but remember to switch your phone onto silent.



You may go into your sanctuary room and have no intention of meditating. Perhaps you just want to take time out to read your book or write that letter to your friend you have been meaning to write ? So, to make your self more comfortable then why not take in a few refreshments ? Have a glass of water topped with sliced fruit ( which gives it a holiday feel.) Take a bowl of chopped fruit and a few of your favourite chocolates that you hide at the back of the cupboard so the kids can’t eat them ! ( Yes, we have all done it ! ) Surround yourself with your favourite things to eat and drink which will give you a pleasurable feeling and help you relax.



Finally, make sure you tell everyone in the house that you intend to go to your room and you are not to be disturbed. Obviously it is better if you can do this when you are alone in the house, but I appreciate this is not always possible. If you have young children, then try pick a time when they are sleeping or at school. At the very least, tell your partner that you are not to be disturbed for the next thirty minutes or however long you want for your relaxation time.


I hope this has given you a few ideas for creating your own sanctuary in your own home. We all need to relax and take time away from the stresses of the real world and this is a perfect way to achieve that at little cost.

Do you already have a sanctuary in your home, a place you can retreat to when life gets overwhelming ? Let me know if you have any more ideas for creating a relaxing space. As always, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx




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