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30th September 2018

I’m sure we have all heard of dream boards or vision boards. Dream boards are closely linked to the Law of Attraction philosophy of consciously attracting good things into your life. The idea is that by thinking, and more importantly believing that good things will happen to you, then these are more likely to come true. It is said that if we are open to more wealth, better health and a new career etc then we will see the opportunities for these and attract positive things into our life. A dream board should represent your goals and your dreams for your life.


dream board

Writing a bucket list can be a good starting point for dream board ideas.


A few years ago I created my own dream board and I have just decided to update mine this week, so I thought I would share a few simple tips on creating your own board. You may be unsure if it would actually work or not and I understand that. However, I was amazed at things that happened after I had created my own board, so I think it is worth a try. After all, you haven’t much to lose and you will actually enjoy creating your own board.



You will need a cork display board. I got mine from Ikea but you can get them at stationers, discount book shops and even pound shops have them.

Next, you need to collect lots of magazines from which you can cut out pictures to stick on your dream board. Alternatively you can always download a photo from the internet and print that out. You may also want to collect items such as travel ticket stubs or postcards which you can use in your travel section on your board. Perhaps you have some postcards with famous quotes on, that inspire you ? Maybe some family photos that give you a warm feeling may also be appropriate for your board.

You will also need essentials such as glue, scissors, ribbon etc.

Finally, you need time. Time on your own to really think about what you want to put onto your board and time to complete your board. Once you get into the flow of this, it shouldn’t take you much longer than a couple of hours.


dream board

A simple cork board, magazines and glue are all you need to create your dream board.



First, you need to write down all your goals for your life. Look at all aspects of your life. Include work, relationships, money, travel, home, health and personal growth. Note what you would like to happen in each of your designated areas. Are you wanting a new job? Do you have dreams to travel to a particular country? Is one of your goals to be fitter and stronger than you currently are? Would you like to move house and if so what type of house would you like to live in? Finance is a big issue for many of us. Do you dream of increasing your wealth so you have more freedom?

Write down all your goals, no matter how crazy they seem. There is a saying that if we actually write down our goals, then they are more likely to come true. Just by creating a dream board you will find yourself becoming more motivated into fulfilling these dreams.


dream board


So, now you have your list of goals and dreams, it is time to create your board.

Look at each goal and dream and think of how you can represent that visually on your dream board. You may have a dream of living in a whitewashed cottage in a typical English country village. So look for an image that closely represents that cottage. Scour your magazines or look on the internet for a suitable image. Look for an image that really ‘speaks’ to you. You will know it when you see it. Maybe you are wanting a new romance in your life or even a new life partner ? Then look for images of couples together, maybe holding hands or enjoying a romantic dinner together.


dream board


Carry on doing this until you have an image for all your dreams and goals on your list.

Next is the exciting part of posting all these images onto your dream board. Simply take each image and glue / stick it onto the cork board. I arrange mine in sections to make it easier. So, you may have a travel section, home section, finance section and so on.


Do you dream of travelling to a beautiful beach somewhere ?


At this point I also like to add words to my board. Maybe you have a favourite saying or affirmation that makes you feel positive or joyful. Once again you can add these by looking for words in magazines or simply write out the affirmation and stick it to your board.




Ideally you need to put the dream board where you can see it daily. This is really important as constantly reminding yourself of your goals will stimulate new ideas for achieving success. You may want to read the affirmations every morning before your day starts. Saying affirmations in the morning puts us in a positive and determined frame of mind. I like to look at my vision board just before bedtime, as I believe this will help my mind think of new, positive ideas while I am sleeping.


Finally, I think it is important to keep updating your board. Our lives are not static and neither should our dreams be. Your goals may change from one month to the next, so keep updating that board and add new images to it, as you see appropriate. Similarly, when you reach a goal or one of your dreams come true, then add this success to the board. This acknowledgment is important to recognise, as this gives us a taste for success for our other goals.




I really believe that dream boards are so important in order to help us achieve our goals. For myself, I often find that merely by writing down my goals I am more focused in my life and more determined to succeed. Whatever your views on the Law of Attraction, I think creating a dream board is not only a positive activity, but it is also fun.

Have you created a dream board before ? What are your thoughts on dream boards ? If you do create one I would love to know how you got on. As always, please leave your comments below or send me a message.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx



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