10 Ways To Live More Simply

28th April 2019

Two years ago I wrote a blog post on living more simply. If you didn’t get chance to read this blog then please click here. I have recently gone through some changes in my personal life and am changing my blog to follow this chain of thought. I want to return to a simpler and more natural way of life.


I want to try and return to basics, to uncomplicate my life, to give myself time and space to truly breathe and appreciate life. I want to swap the chaos and excess for peaceful simplicity and gratitude for the things I do have. Our daily life can be fraught with stress and tension and most of it is unnecessary and I believe this is accentuated by the fact that we live complicated lives. So I want to share my top ten tips for living more simply.

  1. De-clutter. With the popularity of Marie Kondo, getting rid of clutter has never been easier. Start slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed but be ruthless too. Ask yourself if the item makes you happy and if the answer is no, then get rid of it. Once you de-clutter your house / wardrobe you will feel more free and lighter and you will find your mood also lifts.
  2. Only buy what you need. We are all influenced by what we see in the media and on TV. With the popularity of fast fashion, our wardrobes are often groaning with the full weight of clothes that we do not need or never end up wearing. Go through your wardrobe with a strict eye and only purchase an item when you need it, not because you have seen it on Instagram!
  3. Eat simply. Go back to basics with your food buying and eating. Buy local produce if you can. Eat more vegetables and cut down on processed food. Try cooking from scratch using simple recipes that are quick to prepare and healthy. Your body will thank you for it.
  4. Go green with your cleaning products. Let’s face it, there is a cleaning solution for EVERY place in the home. We have glass wipes, bathroom wipes, toilet cleaner, microwave wipes etc. Do we really need ALL those products that are basically doing the same thing? Not to mention the copious amounts of chemicals that you are using in your home. I use only natural products in my home. Better for me and for the environment.
  5. Limit media time. Television, social media, magazines and the internet play a massive role in our lives. Unfortunately this can be too much for our already overwhelmed mind and body. Too much media time can lead us to be stressed, tired and mentally low. Cut down your time and you will feel a difference almost immediately.
  6. Simplify your schedule. How many of us say ‘yes’ to events that we do not want to attend. We fill our diaries with nights out, days with friends and other activities and then wonder why we have no free time left. Focus on meaningful commitments and let go of others that do not bring you joy. See if you can cut back on any of the things you have planned that will leave you with more quality time for yourself.
  7. Simplify relationships in your life. Do you have friends who drain your energy and leave you feeling tired and low in mood. Do you find yourself engaging in a relationship purely out of duty. Perhaps it is time that you looked at reducing the time and effort spent on these friends that serve no positive purpose in your life (kindly of course.)
  8. De-clutter your email account. I have just done this after noticing my email total was nearly 15,000! I have now cleared all my emails and it feels so liberating. Try it and see!
  9. Cancel memberships and subscriptions that you no longer use. Do you actually read the magazine that drops through the post every month? Or is it sat on the coffee table still in its plastic wrapper? If you no longer watch films on Netflix then cancel the membership. It will give you less responsibilities and more money!
  10. Do more of what makes you happy. Live in the moment and take time to appreciate your life. Try being content with less and practice gratitude for what you do have in your life. Resist the modern habit of wanting more and better material things. By appreciating experiences rather than ‘things’ you will feel calmer and more content with life. By appreciating your life you will naturally live more simply.

I hope this post has given you food for thought as to how you may be able to live more simply. Personally, I feel liberated now I have taken the steps to make changes to my life that will help me feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Let me know your thoughts on leading a simple life and if you have any tips for achieving this, then please comment below.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

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