10 Simple Ways To Lose Weight.

19th May 2019

Yes, I know, this blog post on losing weight may cause controversy but I’m willing to take that chance. I previously write a post on healthy living and I received a message from a person condemning the post as she thought I was ‘fat shaming!’ I was shocked at this response as my post was not at all offensive and was merely offering suggestions to live more healthy. Please click here to read the blog post in question so you can decide for yourself.


I decided to go ahead and write this post as there ARE people out there who DO want to lose weight, whether this is for aesthetic reasons or for medical reasons. I am also in full agreement that if you love your body the way it is then that is also fine. You have to be happy. The problem is, there are people who are unhappy and unhealthy because of weight issues and so my aim is to approach this in a gentle way listing my top ten tips to lose weight, safely and easily. I would also like to point out that while fat shaming is unforgivable, then so is thin shaming. Surely we need to accept people for whatever shape and size they are as long as they are happy.


Anyway here are my top ten tips for healthy weight loss.

  1. Get more active. This is an easy one yet so many people neglect exercise. You don’t have to weight train at a gym for four hours a day but you do have to move more. Moving burns calories AND increases your overall fitness. Start slowly. Simply go for a long walk every day. If you are at work get up and move about every hour. It’s great for the circulation and your mental health too!
  2. Plan your meals. Yes, this takes more effort and time but once you get into a routine, this will be easy. You can batch cook meals for the family and freeze them. Meal planning is a great idea for the week ahead as it saves you time thinking about what to have for tea. If you have a weekly meal plan in place, then you are less likely to grab a snack or unhealthy food.
  3. Cut down on sugary snacks. We all like cake and sweets, including me, but have them in moderation. They are full of refined sugar which has no health benefits at all. If you can’t resist temptation, then don’t even have them in the house. Fill the cupboards with healthy snacks such as fruit, rice cakes or unsweetened popcorn. I bought myself a microwave popcorn maker from Homesense for £3.99 and a pack of corn kernels from Holland and Barrett and I make popcorn in just a few minutes when I feel like a snack.
  4. Use a smaller plate. This is such a good idea. If you use a smaller plate for your food then you will get used to eating smaller portions. Psychologically, our brain thinks we have the same amount of food as if we were using a large plate. As it takes about 20 minutes for our brain to recognize we are full after eating, then this is a great way of ensuring we do not over eat.
  5. Drink plenty of water. It is common to confuse thirst with hunger, when in fact a glass of water may be what your body is craving. Try it and see once you feel the first pangs of hunger. If you are still hungry after drinking the water, then go ahead and have a healthy snack.
  6. Don’t skip breakfast. People on diets often think this is the way to lose weight. It really isn’t. Your body needs fuel to set it up for the day ahead and a healthy breakfast is the way to do this. If you skip breakfast you may find yourself snacking mid morning to try and curb those hunger pains.
  7. Eat high fibre foods. Fibre is good for us and for keeping us healthy, but most of us don’t get enough fibre. Fibre is great for weight loss as it keeps you full for longer and so you don’t snack as much. Foods that contain high levels of fibre include fruit and veg, oats, wholegrain bread and brown rice and pasta.
  8. Reduce your intake of alcohol. I am tee total so I don’t have this issue but drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase your weight. Just drink in moderation, perhaps restricting yourself to a drink at weekends only. Or perhaps choose a alcoholic drink with fewer calories.
  9. Read labels on food stuffs. I always read food labels as I am on a low salt diet for medical reasons. I am constantly shocked by the high levels of salt, fat and calories in some food stuffs. By cooking from scratch we can reduce these levels drastically, However, for those times you have to buy prepared food, then check the labels. You may be able to make a switch to another product that is a healthier choice.
  10. Lastly, don’t get obsessed with losing weight. I hate the word ‘dieting’ and prefer to use the term ‘healthy living.’ If you are unhappy with your weight or your doctor has advised you to lose weight, then yes, you have to give it some thought. I believe having the right mind set is crucial to losing weight. If you really want it, then you will do it. Obviously there are some medical conditions that mean a person cannot lose weight and I am not commenting here on that issue. For most of us, we can be proactive in keeping our bodies in the best shape possible. My overall way of looking at this is to ‘eat less and move more.’ It really can be that simple once you put your mind to it.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick and simple insight into losing weight. Once again I must stress that I wrote this for those people looking to lose weight because that is their choice.

Have you lost weight recently? and how did you do it? Do you feel better for it? As always please comment below.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna x

2 responses to “10 Simple Ways To Lose Weight.”

  1. Julia says:

    I’ve been meal planning and not even for weight loss, but just in terms of sanity and eating regular healthy meals, it helps so much! I’ve been doing it for about two years now and I just can’t see myself ever going back to a time where I didn’t meal plan.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Julia
      That’s great. I have only just started meal planning and I am finding it really useful. It’s so easy to snack and eat rubbish if we have to think about what to have for tea. It takes away that indecision. I’m glad you let me know it works for you and has done for two years as that has given me the incentive to carry on. Thank you x Susanna x

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