My Return Visit To The Grainary, North Yorkshire

12th October 2016

My visit to The Grainary last month was more than just a practical one as we were holidaying in the area. For me personally it was an emotional visit, where I was keen to relive previous happy memories.

I last visited the farm in 1993 with my two young daughters and my yet unborn daughter. We spent an idyllic week staying at this working farm, helping feed the lambs and baby goats. We walked in the surrounding stunning countryside and generally enjoyed a ‘down to earth’ holiday in true Enid Blyton style.

At five months pregnant, I too fed the lambs because at that time there was no health and safety regulations around pregnant women and farms. And yes, my daughter was born healthy just four months later. I have such wonderful memories of this holiday that I still have some of the photos on my bedside table, yes, even 23 years later.


my first visit

Happy times at The Grainary. 1993.

So fast forward to 2016 and my husband and I decided to divert from our scheduled weekend break at the Yorkshire coast to pay a visit to The Grainary.

It is always a worry that when you return to a previous place that held good memories will no longer have the same charm. I was in fact returning as a mum with no young children in tow. All the excitement that I remember back then about staying on a farm was no longer with me for obvious reasons.

I was however, looking forward to seeing the place again and looking at the changes. As we approached the entrance I must admit that I smiled and sighed at the same time. I felt that no time had passed between 1993 and 2016. Funny how clear my memories are of twenty three years ago but I can’t remember where I put my keys an hour ago !


the grainary visit


Looking around the farm initially everything seemed the same. The stunning views and the farmhouse seemed to have escaped the passing years and was exactly as I remember them. I could even remember which room we had with its amazing vistas over the rolling hills. There was a pasture which housed a mischievous donkey ( called Stanley I believe ) and his best friend, a cheeky young goat. Of course ‘Stanley’ and his friend had long gone but the unspoilt views remained the same.


farmhouse accommodation in north yorkshire


visit north yorkshire


Dragging myself away from the peace and tranquility of those stunning views we made our way inside the farmhouse in search of a nice Sunday lunch. I was pleasantly surprised at the new additions to the farmhouse and how much it had expanded into a successful business. There was spacious eating areas including a dedicated room for four legged visitors. This was great as we had our dog George with us. The decor was lovely and still in keeping with the farmhouse theme. Although the inside was mostly unrecognisable to me, it still had a warm cosy feel that felt like home.



One of the many spacious dining areas.


The menu was so varied with enticing choices for all palates. I was keen to try the Sunday lunch and we were pleasantly surprised to see a light bite option for those who don’t want a full lunch. My Sunday lunch arrived in no time at all and I was shocked to see the size of this ‘light bite’ portion. I even asked the friendly waitress if she had brought me out a full size lunch by mistake. She reassured me that it was definitely the smaller option. Ok everyone, it was a normal size plateful to me and this was just £6  and it tasted delicious. The nicest Sunday lunch I have had in a long time.


food for your visit


I’m afraid I was too full to sample the desserts but they looked amazing and all home cooked of course. There is also a small shop within the farmhouse which sells lovely local produce and gifts.


check out the shop on your visit


After our lunch we decided to go for a little walk in the grounds. This is mainly to work off the fabulous food we had just consumed. There was a lovely playground area for children and a selection of farm animals for visitors to see. However I just wanted to be quiet and take in the views…….. and the memories. I will be honest, I felt a wave of sadness as the memories came flooding back of my children , running round the farm carefree. As my children are grown up now our holidays have changed into ‘adult only’ holidays. How I miss those innocent days and taking my children to experience all these wonderful places. I hope one day I can take my grandchildren to The Grainary so we can all experience these simple pleasures once again.


lovely visit with good memories


After my little nostalgic look at the past it was soon time to go home. I had just had a lovely few hours in a beautiful setting, enjoying amazing food and remembering wonderful times. My only regret is that I left it so long to return. If you are in the North Yorkshire area just outside Scarborough ( Harwood Dale ) then please pop into The Grainary for a visit. It is a beautiful place, dog friendly with yummy food and stunning views. It is well worth the diversion out of a scheduled day. Or better still, why not spend a few days at the farm ? You will certainly enjoy the peace and tranquility that remains there even after all this time.  I know I won’t wait as long before I return to this wonderful place.


saw geese on my visit


saw sheep on my visit


personal visit


Have you ever visited The Grainary or a similar farm ? Do certain places hold such strong memories for you even though you haven’t been back for some years ? I would love to know your thoughts. Also if you visit The Grainary after reading this then please let me know what you thought.


Until next time my friends.

Take care.

Susanna xx


*This review is totally independent and I received no free goods or incentives from The Grainary*


6 responses to “My Return Visit To The Grainary, North Yorkshire”

  1. Hey, sweet lady! I just loved getting to take the tour with you, all the way from Texas. I can just imagine the feeling you had, being in that same place as you had years past. We try to take our girls to Disney once a year, and we aren’t going this year. Oldest is in college now. It’s just not wise to go right now, but maybe next year. I hope we never stop going as a family, but if we do … I know I’d have that same lovesick feeling when going back … such a special place together as a family. You blessed my day.

    • Susanna says:

      Aw thank you Shelli for your lovely post. It’s so hard isn’t it? Although I am very blessed to have such wonderful daughters and I love seeing them grow and blossom into beautiful women I can’t help the sudden wave of sadness that creeps over me when I think of times past and all those magical times we shared when they were only small. I took my girls to Disney Orlando 12 years ago and we had the BEST holiday ever. My youngest daughter went just this year with her boyfriend and actually got engaged there ! I hope one day we can all return as a family but this time with grandchildren ! Disney is so magical and we are all massive Disney fans in our family. I just wish it was a little nearer to us here in the UK xxx

  2. Jolain says:

    A beautiful story, funny how such happy memories can make you feel melancholy. That magic time when your children are little goes by too fast.

    • Susanna says:

      Oh yes. I know Jolain. I cannot believe how quickly time goes and in no time at all my ‘babies’ are now all adults. It does make me feel sad from time to time as I would love to relive all those special moments. But on the other hand I know how blessed I am to have children and so I try very hard to focus on this. xx

  3. Mark Simpson says:

    Amazing, loved reading this.
    The Simpson’s
    The Grainary

    • Susanna says:

      Aw thank you Mark. The Grainary will always have a special place in my heart and hopefully I won’t leave it too long till I return this time.
      Susanna x

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