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5th December 2017

I LOVE receiving flowers don’t you ? And even if I don’t receive any ( hint hint to the husband here !) then I always make sure I have fresh flowers in the house. Somehow the presence of flowers just make a house seem more homely don’t you think ?

I trained as a florist thirty years ago and had my own florist business, so I always feel so comfortable around flowers. Sending flowers as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, birth of a baby etc is still as popular as ever. Of course we usually have some form of floral arrangements for our loved ones at their funeral when they pass away.

I was recently talking to my dear friend Marilynne about the poor quality of floral arrangements that can be ordered for various occasions. As we are both trained florists, we viewed a recent purchase with a critical eye, but also from the point of view as a customer with no training. We were both shocked at the quality and cost of a particular arrangement that, in our view should never have been allowed to leave the shop from which it originated. As the arrangement was for a personal and emotional event, it was all the more upsetting that the floral arrangement was not up to a good standard.



So, when I was contacted by Prestige Flowers to review one of their Christmas floral arrangements I jumped at the chance. I honestly couldn’t wait to try out an arrangement from this British online company. You may remember I recently reviewed a Christmas hamper from Prestige which I was thrilled with. So to be honest, my expectations of the bouquet was high.

I was not disappointed. In fact I was absolutely bowled over by what I received so I would like to share my thoughts with you.


My beautiful Christmas bouquet.

The bouquet arrived in a large, sturdy box which was fully intact by the time it arrived at my home.  There was absolutely no damage at all to the box, which, considering the amount of parcels been delivered at this time of year is amazing. The flowers were well packaged inside. As I lifted them out there was no damage to either the flowers themselves or to the wrapping around them.



The delivery box



My first view on opening the box, Can you see the chocolates ?



The flowers themselves were beautifully wrapped.



As to the flowers themselves, well, all I can say is WOW ! The arrangement was beautifully put together and contained the most stunning flowers. As most florists know, we notice the quality of the flowers first. We look for browning petals, drooping heads and smelly foliage. All these give a good indication of the quality and care the flowers have received prior to be delivered to the customer. I am pleased to report that the bouquet from Prestige were top quality, fresh and the healthiest I have seen ! They looked as fresh as the day they were picked to be honest. I was very impressed with the quality.



Pretty flowers.

The arrangement itself was beautifully arranged in gorgeous Winter / Christmas colours. The bouquet contained white lilies, avalanche roses, chrysanthemum blossoms and foliage with a few gold stars dotted in and around the arrangement. The bouquet arrived wrapped in luxury cream paper. It was a shame to take the paper off as they looked so nice with it arranged around the bouquet.

Flower food and a care card were also included with the bouquet which is so useful if you send them to someone who is unsure how to care for a flower arrangement.



Always a great idea to provide a care card.




I also received a glass vase with my bouquet which was the perfect size for the stem length of the floral arrangement. It was then easy enough to quickly unwrap and pop into the vase without worrying about arranging them again. The vase can be bought at Prestige with your order for only £5.99 and personally I think it is a great idea to include with your bouquet as not everyone has the perfect vase for flowers they receive. We have all spent time running round the house looking for that elusive vase haven’t we?

So onto the last part of my bouquet gift. Hiding in the box was a lovely box of chocolates which are handmade for Prestige Flowers. What a lovely surprise and very well received ! There is a wide range of bouquets on the website ( at time of writing ) where the chocolates are a free gift with your order ! I have, of course tried the chocolates and they are delicious.



Yummy !

There are other gifts that you can add to your order, such as teddies, wine and balloons so you can customise according to the gift recipient.



The website is really easy to use and the photos of the flowers are clear and accurately described. Now the important issue of cost. There are some florists, online and non online where the cost seems a little excessive for the quality and amount of product. I am sure most of you will have had experience of this at some time. When we send flowers we don’t get to choose them. We really are trusting the florist to select the best quality for our order, and to produce a bouquet to our exact requirements. I have had many disappointments in the past with florists with floral arrangements sent via an online order. Therefore I am so pleased to say that I would DEFINITELY recommend Prestige Flowers.

I genuinely loved the floral arrangment from Prestige Flowers, the presentation and the quality were amazing. Looking at the prices I believe they are great value for money. My bouquet featured was £24.99 and you can upgrade in size to a medium ( +£5 ) and large ( +£10 )

I had never tried Prestige Flowers before, but I am absolutely bowled over by them and I will definitely use them for any future online flower orders I make. Please have a look at their website and let me know what you think. Let me know your experiences of buying flowers as a gift or for a special occasion. Have you ever been disappointed by previous purchases ?

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna x


# Thank you to the lovely people at Prestige Flowers for my lovely gift. All thoughts and views are totally my own.

2 responses to “Prestige Flowers Review”

  1. MARILYNNE Lambert says:

    They look lovely Sue. It still upsets me to think about the flowers that I told you about and them not even trying to get some of the colours that were requested. Also how small it was for the money charged! It is good to hear of a company who goes the extra mile. I will recommend that friends take a look at this site. Xxx

    • Susanna says:

      Glad you liked this review Marilynne. I was genuinely really pleased with these flowers and 8 days later they are still looking as fresh as ever. xx

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