Kiss The Moon – For A Good Night’s Sleep

6th June 2019

Kiss the Moon? The very words are enough to entice me in to learn more about this wonderful Yorkshire company.…

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Time To Step Outside My Fitness Comfort Zone

23rd May 2019

Most of us have a comfort zone for everything in life. We have our ‘go to’ books we read, TV…

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10 Simple Ways To Lose Weight.

19th May 2019

Yes, I know, this blog post on losing weight may cause controversy but I’m willing to take that chance. I…

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Fika Time!

12th May 2019

Fika is a word that I have only recently discovered. While reading a book on Swedish culture, I noticed that…

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10 Tips To Help You Meditate

5th May 2019

I love to meditate. Meditation now plays a big part in my life and I feel it gives me improved…

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Interview With Make It Wild

2nd May 2019

I came across the company ‘Make It Wild’ at a farmers market in Malton. I have always had a keen…

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