Ageing Gracefully For The Over 50’s

25th February 2020

OK. We know ageing has many challenges and looking after our body is just one of them. However, once we…

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Loneliness And How To Combat It

22nd January 2020

Loneliness is one of the biggest afflictions of the modern day world. Age UK have estimated that more than two…

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New Year Resolution – Look After Your Mental Health

9th January 2020

So, we have entered a new decade! I can hardly believe it is 2020. Where has the time gone? As…

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Swinton Spa – A True Haven For Mind & Body

5th December 2019

Swinton Country Club and Spa is nestled in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside. Situated within 20,000 acres of the Swinton…

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Swimming For The Over 50’s

26th November 2019

OK, so you may not have been swimming since your school days and the thought of swimming again terrifies you?…

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How To Find Stillness In Your Life

12th November 2019

Stillness is something we were taught as a child, either in the classroom or at home. I often found it…

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