Relaxation To Rejuvenate & Refresh Mind & Body

24th January 2017

Relaxation is such a buzz word at the moment. After the busy and hectic time of the Christmas holidays we…

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My Personal View Of Meniere’s Disease.

16th January 2017

Meniere’s ? Never heard of it ? Is it a tropical disease ? Is it rare ? Are you making…

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Sprouts – Not Just For Christmas! Sprout & Stilton Soup.

10th January 2017

I bet some of you are reading the title of this blog and thinking ” Crazy woman making sprout soup…

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Acorn Wellness Retreat Harrogate – Review

28th November 2016

I came across the Acorn Wellness Retreat quite by accident while browsing Facebook one night. Strangely I had been saying…

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Winter Is Coming – A Survival Guide

18th November 2016

As I write this there is snow falling in parts of North Yorkshire. Yes, winter is on its way. I…

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Blogging Is Cool For The Over 50’s

7th November 2016

Someone asked me recently if blogging was appropriate for the over 50’s. Through gritted teeth I politely informed them that…

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