Live A More Simple Life – Part 3 – How To De Clutter

6th June 2017

Hello again ! Last time I talked about clutter and what it is and how it can affect us. Today…

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Live A More Simple Life – Part 2 – What Is Clutter ?

19th May 2017

Personally I think decluttering is the first step to leading a more simple life. Why ? Because it is the…

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Live A More Simple Life – Part 1

15th May 2017

Is it really possible to live a more simple life in this modern, crazy busy world we live in ?…

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Second Chance Summer – Review & Thoughts On Life

12th May 2017

Second Chance Summer was a BBC six part series on the life of ten people living in Tuscany for six…

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Empty Nest Syndrome – Does It Exist ?

6th May 2017

Empty Nest Syndrome is a loose term used when the children of a family have grown up and moved out…

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Green Howard Museum, Richmond – Review.

20th March 2017

The Green Howards Museum is a museum telling the 300 year old history of this famous Yorkshire military regiment and…

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