Manuka Honey And The Older Generation

26th October 2018

Manuka honey has been the buzz word in magazines and on social media for many years as an advocate for good health. We often see it on shelves in health food shops, pharmacists and some supermarkets. So what is Manuka honey and what makes it so special ?

Manuka honey is obtained from the Manuka flowers which are grown on a tree native to New Zealand which grows in remote areas. This superfood has been used for centuries by the Maori communities in New Zealand because of its amazing health benefits.

Manuka honey is excellent for treating sore throats, digestion issues, wound healing and skin conditions. It is a fabulous anti bacterial, anti viral, anti inflammatory and is thought to reduce the risk of infection.

It is really important to buy Manuka Honey that is certified and comes with a MGO rating which can be found on the jar label. MGO rating shows the antimicrobial levels in the honey. The higher the rating, the stronger the antimicrobial activity in the honey. Always be careful that you choose a reputable supplier of honey as there are many weak copies for sale that will be of little health benefit to you.



Manuka honey is great for all ages including children ( although please check it is suitable for the age of your child as honey is not recommended for very young children ). Manuka honey is especially good for the older generation who may be looking for extra nutrients in their diet.

As we get older we can start to develop medical conditions and we can become more vulnerable to new diseases and infections as our immune system weakens. Because of its anti bacterial and anti viral properties Manuka is ideal for the older generation to help protect them against such illnesses.

My mum who is in her 80’s has been using Manuka honey for many years, long before it became popular. In fact, she was the one who introduced me to it a long time ago. My mum may be in her 80’s but still remains as active as a sixty year old. She walks everywhere and even still practices yoga.



My fabulous mum having her morning toast with Manuka honey !

She has had excellent health all her life and is a ‘health food nut’ ! ( My kids words, not mine ) She is well known in our local health food shops and will sit in the library for hours researching natural cures for anything that may be ailing her. Her bookshelf in her tiny flat is groaning with the weight of natural health books, her kitchen cupboards full of vitamins and strange looking powders ! ( Not THAT strange, don’t worry !)

My mum firmly believes in Manuka honey as a major contributor to her good health and vitality. The reason for this is quite simply that when she has had a break from the honey, she feels that her health is not as good. She credits her unbounding energy to Manuka and the reason she has so far avoided any major illnesses.



My mum takes a spoonful of Manuka every morning as she said it keeps bugs and infections away. Living in sheltered accommodation she can be exposed to infections on a daily basis. However, she always seems to avoid the current virus that is doing the rounds.

I asked her recently why she liked taking Manuka honey so much. She replied ” Because it is so easy to take. I spread it on my morning slice of toast and that’s it ! I know I am taking something that is really making a difference to my health but takes no effort to take”

When something is easy to take, it makes it more reachable to us. If we can improve our health without little effort then we are more likely to stick to it. This is very important to us all, but especially to the older generation who don’t often have the energy to be sticking to a rigid healthy eating plan. With Manuka, you can literally spread it on your toast and you’re done !

I would guess my mum has been taking Manuka honey for twenty years and she shows no sign of stopping it in her daily life. She looks and acts like a lady twenty years younger and so she must be doing something right ! If Manuka honey is partly responsible for that, then keep buying the honey Mummy !



Have you or any of your relatives had Manuka honey ? Did you ( or they ) feel any benefit to their health and well being ? How do you use Manuka ? Are you like my mum and simply spread it on your toast or do you use it in more complex recipes ?

Please comment below your thoughts on this wonderful health giving product. I love to read your comments and I shall certainly read them all to my mum.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

** This is a sponsored post by Manuka Doctor but the words and opinions are my own **

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  1. Rosie says:

    Your mum looks great for her age!!

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