Manuka Honey And The Menopause

6th September 2018

As ladies going through the menopause we are always on the lookout for ANYTHING that will help alleviate our symptoms. While the medical world promotes HRT as the best cure for menopause symptoms, most ladies would prefer to use natural methods. I am certainly not against HRT and if it is the best thing for you, then use it so you can start to enjoy a normal life again. I do believe that there are many alternatives or complimentary therapies out there that can also help. These therapies can work alone or alongside HRT.




And so, this post is about one of the alternatives that I have found works for me in relieving my menopause symptoms. Sometimes it is only by sharing this information that we can be aware of an alternative. Who knows, if it works for you, then I know this post here is worthwhile.


Manuka honey has been part of my diet for most of my adult life. I was introduced to it by my mother many years ago with the words, ‘eat this every day, it will do you good’ whilst thrusting a brown paper bag in my hands. I remember looking at the thick, treacle like substance and couldn’t believe they were calling it honey. After all, I was used to the cheap supermarket honey with a cute picture of a bee on the label. Anyway, with a free gift in my hand I couldn’t refuse the challenge, so out went the cheap, processed honey and into my life came Manuka. And here it has stayed ever since. I became not just a Manuka Honey convert but I became a Manuka Honey fan.




Although I am sure we have all heard of Manuka Honey, do we really know what it actually is ? Put simply, Manuka Honey is honey obtained from the Manuka flowers which are grown on a tree native to New Zealand. This superfood has been used for centuries by the Maori communities in New Zealand because of its amazing health benefits. Manuka Honey is excellent for treating sore throats, digestion issues, wound healing and skin conditions. It is a fabulous anti bacterial and is thought to reduce the risk of infection.

It is really important to buy Manuka Honey that is certified and comes with a MGO rating which can be found on the jar label. MGO rating shows the antimicrobial levels in the honey. The higher the rating, the stronger the antimicrobial activity in the honey. Always be careful that you choose a reputable supplier of honey as there are many weak copies for sale that will be of little health benefit to you.






So how can this wonderful pot of honey help ladies with menopausal symptoms ? I believe there are a few key symptoms that Manuka Honey can help you with, and when it’s as easy as spreading honey on your toast then it has to be worth a try.

1 – Dry Skin – Most menopausal ladies suffer from dry skin which is probably caused by the dramatic hormonal inbalance. This condition can actually be quite severe ranging from tight, flaky skin to itchiness and irritation. Manuka Honey is well known for helping dryness and irritation and can be used on the skin as well as ingesting it.

2 – Hot Flushes – Yes, the dreaded hot flushes suffered by most menopausal women. Manuka Honey is said to have anti hormonal properties which help balance out the hormones which cause this debilitating symptom.

3 – Digestive Issues – Menopause can bring out the weaknesses in our digestive system, causing anything from constipation to irritable bowel. This can cause havoc in our daily life and diet is crucial in relieving these symptoms. Manuka Honey contains a natural probiotic which can help stabilize good bacteria in the gut.

4 – Bloating – Eurgh ! And we all thought bloating was over once we stopped having our periods ! Right ? Wrong ! Bloating can be a pest during menopause and can make us feel so uncomfortable as well as make us unhappy about our physical appearance. As with digestive issues Manuka Honey can help relieve this horrid symptom.

5 – Lack Of Energy – For me this was a serious issue. I remember been faced with sudden, crushing fatigue that I had never experienced before, not even as a young mother. During this time I increased my Manuka intake as I learnt that the high level of nutrients in the honey was beneficial in raising energy levels.


So after reading this, you are wondering just how easy it is to use this little pot of honey ? Well it’s as easy as spreading honey on your morning slice of toast ! Manuka Honey can also be added to a smoothie, tea or a fresh juice as it is a natural sweetener. You can use it as a glaze or marinade over meat or fish as it gives it a sweet, tasty flavour unlike any shop bought mix. I often spread it on banana as an afternoon snack when my energy levels are dipping. Or you can simply eat it direct from a spoon.



Manuka Honey on toast is yummy. Leave out the butter to keep it super healthy.


All these simple, easy ways are a simple remedy to getting Manuka Honey into your body where it can work its magic. Hopefully it will help to relieve those menopause symptoms that can be such a nuisance. There is no guarantee that natural remedies will work for you, just as there is no guarantee that HRT will work.

My own view is that ANYTHING is worth a try to help you get your life and health back. From a regular user of Manuka Honey I am genuinely delighted to be writing these post. I know how much the honey has helped improve my symptoms and my health.

I have included some links below which will give you more information on this wonderful honey. If you have enjoyed this post then please pop back as I will be posting more interesting posts on this fabulous honey. One post includes some fantastic natural beauty recipes made with Manuka Honey, so don’t miss it !

Do you use Manuka Honey already ? What are your thoughts ? Has it helped you or your family in any way ? Or are you new to the Manuka family ?

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts. If you would like to message me directly then please email me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

** This is a sponsored post by Manuka Doctor but all thoughts and opinions are my own **


4 responses to “Manuka Honey And The Menopause”

  1. Lola says:

    I have tried so many things to help my menopause and want to cry. I don’t have hot flashes but I seem to have every other symptom. The crushing fatigue, the brain fog, dizziness and vertigo have to be the worst. I do take Manuka honey but perhaps I’m not taking enough. How much do you take?
    BTW I’ve tried seed cycling, maca, ashwagandha, ginseng, black cohosh, DHEA, vitamin d, magnesium, dong quai, dioscorea…. Long list over the past 4 months. Not even hrt is helping. I have another doctor’s appointment but I’m at a loss

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Lola. You seem to have tried so much to help your symptoms. The problem is that what suits one person doesn’t suit another. I have found success with symptoms using various methods and I can certainly tell you what worked for me. Exercise is the first thing that really helped. I know it sounds crazy at a time when you are lacking energy but for me it worked. It helped me mentally as well as physically. I also do yoga and meditation. I changed my diet and cut out all sugars. I also made myself the menopause cake which is a cake full of seeds and other ingredients to help the hormone inbalance. Please google ‘menopause cake recipe’ for more details. I use Manuka honey every day and just have mine on toast – but a thick layer on each slice of bread. Hope this all helps. Susanna x

  2. C. Exposito says:

    I have just discovered Living Nature Manuka. Great advice.

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