Making A Living Without A Job – My Story

4th August 2017

Is it possible to make a living without having a job ? Is it possible to earn enough money to live without having the daily trudge of working at a job that makes you unhappy ? Well, in my opinion it absolutely is ! It just takes bravery, research and a little thinking outside the box.


making money without a job



I want to try and write a little more in my blog on ways to earn money without having to be employed by someone else. This is especially significant for ladies of a certain age who may have devoted their life to raising children. Suddenly these women are faced with an empty life once the children have flown the nest.

It is getting increasingly difficult for women over the age of 50 to successfully get back into the public workplace after a long career break. This is due to the ever growing number of young people chasing fewer jobs. But also the advanced technology skills that have surfaced over the last twenty years means us ‘oldies’ don’t always have these new skills.



So here is my story and why am I so passionate about promoting an alternative way to working for those who cannot find work or the usual ways of earning money.


Well, about eleven years ago I lost my well paid, safe, secure job due to ill health. After six months on long term sick I was advised that I was unable to do my job due to a medical condition and I received early retirement pension which at the age of 43 was a bit of a shock to the system.

I tried to do various things working from home, such as party plan, making my own skincare and making wedding bouquets and accessories. I had some success but I found the amount of hours and effort I was putting into the work didn’t justify the actual profit at the end of the day. When I did my accounts for my wedding accessory business at the end of the year I was earning £3.50 an hour. This was shocking and upsetting as I had put my heart and a good deal of money into the business and I worked long hours.

However with the influx of cheap imports from China I found myself unable to compete in a flooded market. I closed this business literally overnight in December 2016 with a heavy heart. I was determined not to fall into the trap ever again of working long hours for little money.


And so, I fell, quite by accident, into my current business which is Ebay Reselling. Yes, since January 2017 I have been a registered Ebay business selling anything from clothes to toys to gifts, reloved or new. I have sold on Ebay as a casual seller for over fifteen years so the concept of Ebay is not new to me.

Leading up to Christmas last year I was selling a few items as a personal seller to make some extra money for presents for my ever expanding family. It suddenly dawned on me that I was making decent money even from selling just a few items from home. I did lots of research online and watched countless You Tube videos to try and gain some insight into whether I could make an Ebay business work for me.


After much thought over Christmas I took the plunge in early January 2017. I can honestly say it was absolutely the best decision for me. I am honestly loving what I do and I feel it has given me a new purpose to my life. Not to mention the influx of money into my bank account, which is always a good thing ! I have discovered there is huge potential in Ebay reselling as internet shopping is growing at such a fast rate and can only continue to grow.

Plus I am working from home and my daily schedule is down to me alone. From walking my dog when I like to visiting friends and family without the restriction of a usual 9-5 job. I love going out to car boot sales, charity shops and auctions to source items. I also get a real buzz from discovering items that I know I can make good profit on.




Of course it is hard work and I work full time hours at it. I quite often work at weekends and well into the evening. Any business though is hard work and you only get out of it what you put into it. I love working long hours especially as my husband works long hours too.  It gives me a focus and I don’t get too lonely.

So would I recommend Ebay reselling to anyone looking for a home based job ? Absolutely ! There is the potential for earning good money. It is also wonderful to be able to focus on something positive and fulfilling which is always good us. Sadly it is too easy for someone who has taken early retirement to fall into a trap of staying in the house and subsequently not having a purpose in life. It is vital to keep going out of the house, having a focus and experiencing new adventures to keep the potential depression at bay.




Early retirement whether taken voluntary or enforced like mine was, can also bring with it a reduction in income. This can be a real shock to the system. So what better way to help with these issues than working from home. There are many other ways to earn money without been employed and I will discuss these in future blog posts.

I hope this blog post has been useful to those of you who are worried about the future and wondering if you can work again particularly after a long career break. The above advice does not just apply to the early retired, but is also relevant to the younger generation who cannot go out to work for various reasons.

Perhaps you are a young mum who is staying at home to look after children. And you want to find a way to earn money and keep your sanity ? I know what it is like to stay at home to look after children. At one point in my life I had three children under the age of 11 and was a new single mum due to a recent divorce. How I wish I had Ebay back then as it would have been a perfect solution for me. Instead I worked at three different jobs and running round like a headless chicken. Fun times !

Anyway that’s it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you are interested in Ebay reselling or you would like some advice, then please just drop me a message. I will do my best to help or at least guide you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading dear friends and until next time…

Much love

Susanna xx

4 responses to “Making A Living Without A Job – My Story”

  1. Susan mesuze1 on IG says:

    Thank you Susanna, very thoughtfully written. Good luck with the business

  2. Nancy Baten says:

    Inspiring! I don t work anymore since five years, I am 50now, and blogging gave me meaning in live. I don t make money with it, but that is also not my intention. Good of you that you turned things around!

    • Susanna says:

      Thank you Nancy. That is so true about blogging. It has given me meaning in my life too. It is so good to have a real focus in life isn’t it ? I do believe having a focus will also keep us young ! Well I do hope so ! Thank you so much for reading my blog and for commenting. Lots of love Susanna x

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