Live A More Simple Life – Part 1

15th May 2017

Is it really possible to live a more simple life in this modern, crazy busy world we live in ? What is a simple life ? Is it living in a log cabin in the woods or perhaps a cave house in Spain ? ( Those Spanish cave houses are super cute though !)  I think, in reality, most of us don’t want to be so extreme in our bid to live a simpler life.


simple life

We still need money in order to eat, clothe ourselves, pay our bills, and have some kind of a social life. Therefore I don’t believe living a more simple life is about throwing away all those things you have worked hard for. It’s more about finding ways of simplifying what you have, so you can make more time to do things that bring you greater satisfaction in your life.

I am hoping that with my series of blog posts on living a more simple life, that I give you a few ideas that maybe you could incorporate into your own life. I am still a novice at this but I am hoping that my research and vast reading on the topic helps you in some small way.

Firstly, you may be wondering why I am suddenly interested in following a simple way of life ? Well, as many of you know from my previous blog, I have recently finished watching a fabulous BBC programme called Second Chance Summer. This programme followed the adventures of ten strangers from the UK as they tried to make a new life for themselves, living and working on a Tuscan farm over the course of six weeks. The participants were all at a crossroads in their life and the aim of the programme was to make them think about a total life change, perhaps even living in Tuscany. The programme brought out many issues that I too had been thinking about, such as where my life was heading, especially as my daughters had all recently left home and I was now an empty nester.


simple life

Beautiful Tuscany

I do think though that I had been secretly harbouring a wish to live a more simple life for a few months. In March we were in Austria on our usual family holiday, and we were just about to set off on a rail journey across Austria to visit another resort. As I was packing, I remember getting very frustrated with my clothes I had brought. Yes, like most women I tend to over pack for holidays and end up taking home unworn clothes at the end of the week.

I decided in the hotel room whilst packing that I needed to declutter my wardrobe. I had too much ‘stuff’ ! I therefore sorted through my clothes and then and there I threw in the bin a bagful of clothes I no longer had use for. My husband thought I had lost the plot to be honest. He told me that if I wanted to start decluttering, that the time to do it was at home, not in a hotel room in Austria. But I couldn’t help it. I was so frustrated by the amount of ‘stuff’ I possessed, I NEEDED to start my decluttering process at that moment. And that’s what I did ! And guess what ? It felt so good. I felt lighter with a big sense of achievement, not to mention my case weighed a lot less. As we travelled across Austria on various trains I then became frustrated with the large suitcase I had and even my hand luggage started to annoy me. I actually felt claustrophobic and trapped with all this ‘stuff’. I muttered to my husband continually during our journey about changing suitcases when I got home to a smaller and lighter version. Just before we flew home I did it again ! I threw away a bagful of items that I no longer wanted. It’s not often that you fly home with a lighter case than you went out with !


simple life

And so my living a simple life had started. I got home and became a crazy woman, ruthlessly clearing out my wardrobe and drawers. I have an Ebay shop and it became so satisfying to sell my ‘stuff’ on there in return for money that could be put to better use. It is a work in progress but I really feel like I am clearing the way into a simpler life. Decluttering is a massive issue for those wanting to lead a simpler life. Quite honestly you cannot live a simple life surrounded by clutter. Obviously there is physical clutter and emotional clutter which I will deal with as two separate topics. My next blog post will be all about decluttering your house and my tips on making it successful and painless for you.

” Decluttering your life means getting rid of the unimportant things to make way for the important things!”

And so back to the TV programme Second Chance Summer and how it changed my vision of my life. I guess listening to the participants and local people associated with the programme gave me a lot of food for thought. Some of the participants were having similar thoughts to myself about slowing down and enjoying life more. The profound insights of Father Gianni who spoke frequently on the programme affected me greatly and really touched a nerve with me. ( If you don’t know who Father Gianni is, then catch up with the programme on BBC I Player and watch for yourself. The guy is amazing and such an inspiration !)  I think watching Second Chance Summer was the final piece in the puzzle to give me the incentive to make necessary changes in my life.

And so I am seriously on a mission now to make my life simpler, less stressful, more purposeful and with much less ‘stuff ‘ ! At this stage in my life it’s time for a change. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and I hope in some small way I have given you some positive things to think about in your own life. If, like me you too want to live a simple life, then stick with me and maybe we can help each other.


simple life

If you have switched to a more simple life already, please comment below so we can all learn from each other. Or are you just starting to make small changes to your busy life hoping for a quieter, more peaceful life ? Have you started the decluttering process already ? How are you coping with it ?

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

P.S I ditched the big suitcase I used in Austria and have bought a smaller case for my next holiday in Spain ! And so it begins ………. 😉


4 responses to “Live A More Simple Life – Part 1”

  1. Susan mesuze1 on IG says:

    Hi Susanna, loved your posts and aah yes Father Gianni, nothing more to say really is there ✨
    I realised from reading your posts that I’ve simplified my life in the last couple of years and wasn’t really aware that I had! Sounds silly I know but there it is and I should be more thankful. There was an awful lot of getting rid of stuff I can tell you!
    I do hope your health issues resolve themselves and you’re feeling better very soon. I was where you are now healthwise two years ago and that for me was the beginning of simplifying my life, thank you for helping me see that ☀️

    • Susanna says:

      Aw thank you Susan for that lovely post. And well done simplifying your life, even if you didn’t realise it ! I wonder if when we have poor health as you did that we give more thought to making our life simpler ? I do think sometimes we reach a stage in our life where something triggers us into going down a different path in life. I still have a lot of ‘stuff’ to sort through and get rid of. It’s definitely a work in progress. I tried to do it all at once but it was just too draining so now I am pacing myself. It’s so satisfying isn’t it ? It almost makes you feel ‘lighter’ which can only be a good thing. And oh..Father Gianni ! What a star. I am going to watch the whole series again soon. Are you ? Thanks for reading my blog. I really do appreciate it. Much love Susanna xx

  2. Christine Coates says:

    Hi Susanna, I love reading your blog as it’s so down-to-earth. I too would like to make a few changes and desparately need to declutter but find it so hard to get rid of clothes or shoes which are still in good condition. I look forward to your next blog for inspiration.

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Christine. Thank you so much for your kind words and I am so glad you loved my blog. I try and write straight from the heart and head which may explain a lot sometimes ! I think the key to decluttering is to take it slowly otherwise you become overwhelmed and then end up doing nothing at all. I started just a drawer at a time and set myself a time limit. I will be posting the next blog post on Friday and will explain more in that what I mean. Love Susanna xx

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