Kiss The Moon – For A Good Night’s Sleep

6th June 2019

Kiss the Moon? The very words are enough to entice me in to learn more about this wonderful Yorkshire company. So who are the people behind this romantic, dreamy named business? Kiss The Moon was founded by a lovely lady named Jo Foster who was passionate about producing natural products that would help people get a good night’s sleep. And so in April 2019 the company opened their first Beauty Sleep Boutique in the stunning countryside just outside Richmond, North Yorkshire.

As you know I am a qualified aromatherapist and for many years I had my own clinic, treatment rooms and workshops. I even created my own natural skin care range all based on aromatherapy oils. So, when Kiss The Moon got in touch to ask me to have a look at their new range of products I was very excited to try them. I am a huge advocate of natural products after studying the effects of chemicals in skincare. For me, anything that contains parabens and other similar chemicals is a big no no! Why would you lather your skin in artificially created chemicals which have the ability to penetrate your skin and enter your blood stream? Natural skincare is so much better for you!




So, after the last two months reviewing these products I am delighted to share my view and I hope you will look at the beautiful website of Kiss The Moon for more information on these and other products.

The first product was a facial oil called Glow. I am a huge fan of facial oils as I have a tendency to dry skin and I find oils help with this. Glow contains a base of Apricot Kernel Oil with essential oils of Myrrh, Neroli and Geranium alongside other natural ingredients. The fragrance is divine and not too overpowering. It induced a dream like, peaceful feeling once I had applied it, so it is perfect to apply just before bed. The next morning my skin felt soft and nourished which was fabulous as I had only used a couple of drops. This small amount was enough to cover my face and neck area.


I also received a pot of their After Dark Sleep Balm which was called Calm. This aromatherapy pulse point balm with Jasmine and Sandalwood is designed to encourage a deeper sleep. It is used simply by massaging a tiny amount into pulse points. This was amazing! On my first night of use I found myself falling into a deep sleep almost immediately. Trust me, for someone who suffers from dreadful insomnia this product worked wonders on my busy and chaotic mind.


The next product I reviewed was the After Dark Face Polish Glow. This award winning brown sugar face exfoliator which contains a host of natural ingredients to help restore the skin’s natural glow was mind blowing! My skin really has taken on a dull, grey appearance as I am getting older. After just one use of this natural brown sugar based product I was amazed at the instant result. My face was glowing and felt unbelievably smooth. A real winner for me. A little goes a long way with this product and you only need to use it once a week for full effect. I also received two soft muslin cloths with this product which are a great way to remove the product after use.


Now onto the bath products that I was sent by Kiss The Moon. Firstly I received a beautiful glass jar of Bedtime Bath Salts called Love. These natural salts were wonderfully fragranced with two of my favourite essential oils, Frankincense and Rose. Did you know that these are two of the most expensive essential oils? I often used these oils in my treatments as they are excellent for women who are suffering from hormone imbalance. They are also excellent for mature skin due to their rejuvenating properties. These bath salts were just lovely and I really enjoyed soaking in the bath breathing in the wonderful fragrance. It really made me appreciate taking ‘time out’ and also made me realize I don’t do enough of it!


My final product I reviewed was the lovely bar of natural soap which was infused with wonderful essential oils. I have stopped using liquid soap and returned to using natural, pure soap. This is not only good for my skin but for environmental purposes too. This soap is wonderful and a little goes a long way, which is the same for ALL natural products.


So my overall thoughts? I LOVED LOVED LOVED these products. As an aromatherapist I know the positive affects that essential oils can bring to mind and body. I will always advocate the use of essential oils in daily life as I have seen SO many positive effects on myself and on clients.

Please take a look at the fabulous website of Kiss The Moon for more information. To be honest the website is worth a look anyway as it’s beautiful!

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

*I received these products as a gift but the review and words are my own*


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