Is There Life After Lockdown?

24th June 2020

Hello friends. So, yesterday it was announced that the easing of lockdown is going a step further. We will see the re-opening of pubs, restaurants, hotels, hair salons and other non essential services. While this was the news most of us have been waiting for, it has left me feeling slightly anxious. To read my personal story on anxiety please click here. For the last few months I have longed for my freedom to travel further than my own locality. I have yearned to book into a country hotel so we can go hiking in the hills and enjoy the outdoors freely.



Now I have that option I am hesitant to actually do the things I had planned to do. The last few months have changed me in more ways than I ever imagined. My outlook on life and the world I live in have gone through a dramatic U turn. The world became a scary place with an unseen enemy ready to pounce on us at any moment. Now after easing of lockdown, I actually still feel just as scared.

I would imagine this feeling is common among many people. So, I decided to try put out a few ideas that may help. Obviously, it is important that you find your own way through this situation, so please follow your heart.


Take it slow after lockdown

Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdown has affected us all in different ways. There is no doubt it has been difficult for everyone. We all have different coping mechanisms for dealing with such a crisis. So my first suggestion is to take it slowly and at your own pace. If you still feel nervous about going out just yet, then don’t go! There is no pressure on you to start going out until you are ready.




Shopping after lockdown

Why not start by going into a small corner shop and see how you feel? Visit the same shop regularly until you feel comfortable. Any time you feel uncomfortable stay away for a while. Do some research and choose a shop that you know has put in place stringent hygiene and social distancing methods. If a shop wants your custom then they should do everything they can to make customers feel safe. If you are still struggling with the concept of going out, then get your shopping delivered for a while longer.




Daily Exercise after lockdown

If you want to go on your daily exercise or to walk your dog, then choose a time of day when it will be quieter. If there are less people around then this will alleviate any stress around distancing. It is just as easy to take your walk in the early evening when most people are back at home.




Seeing family and friends after lockdown

We have all missed our family and friends during lockdown. For myself this has been the hardest part of this crisis. As restrictions are eased we can finally see family and friends. This is surely the moment we have been waiting for. And yet, I know this might also trigger fear in many of us. With the threat of the virus still around it is still a worry that we may inadvertently contract the virus. If you are still feeling unsure about contact with close family and friends, why not agree to meet in a garden where you can still stick to the 2 metre social distancing? Once you get used to this, then you may find this helps you progress to meeting in a closer situation in the near future.



The main message of today’s blog post is not to put pressure on yourself. Don’t be afraid to tell people why you can’t go meet them or mix with them just yet. Don’t feel guilty that you are still happier getting your weekly shop delivered, rather than going into a supermarket.

We are all different with different ways of coping and it is important that you feel safe. In a few weeks after you see how things are going in your community, you may find you feel easier about the situation. Just take your time and listen to your heart and your instincts. There is no right or wrong and whatever you do must be right for you.

I hope this little chat has eased your fears a little and hopefully reassured. Remember that however you handle life after lockdown is OK, as long as it is your decision based on how you feel.

So, until next time dear friends.

Stay safe and be happy.

Much love

Susanna x


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  1. Karen Sykes says:

    Lovely post Sue xx

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