Is Kindness A Thing Of The Past ?

27th April 2018


Since I started blogging nearly two years ago I have experienced only kindness, positivity and support from my readers and fellow bloggers. I have not actually met most of these supporters. but I count them as friends and we often chat online.

The blogging community is amazing, as bloggers come together with the same aim, which is to provide interesting content for the general public. I have been helped by so many bloggers in many ways. Sometimes this can be help with technical issues when I have struggled with the ‘behind the scenes’ part of blogging. And sometimes fellow bloggers have helped me with reassuring messages of support which has done wonders to boost my confidence. Likewise I have been approached by bloggers or ‘bloggers to be’ to ask my advice on such things as topic content, what template I use for my site and other blogging related issues. I always try and help when I can, or redirect them to someone more experienced if that is appropriate.




So with all this kindness floating around the internet you can imagine my surprise, when this week I was subjected to a few negative comments. I think the name for these keyboard warriors is ‘ internet trolls’. I guess this name is implying that they hide under a bridge to try and intimidate people ( very much like the troll in the fairy tales ).

The comments shocked me as I felt the comments were totally unreasonable and untrue. In fact the comments weren’t even relevant to me and what I blog about. It was upsetting for a short while, although shocking why this had happened to me. I posted on social media about how I felt and I was inundated with messages of support from my lovely internet friends. Immediately I felt better and I felt cocooned in this safe, warm blanket of friendship.


What also became apparent was that this kind of behaviour is very common on the internet. Friends told me about their experience with internet trolls and how their unkind comments had totally deflated their confidence. Many had reconsidered their role on social media and some had even considered withdrawing totally. All this just from inappropriate comments from a complete stranger !


It made me realise that there are people with the sole purpose of bringing down others. Surely it would be a better world if we could all be kind to one another and support each other. I know that sounds idealistic and will never happen, but just one act of unkindness can destroy a person’s world. Likewise, a random act of kindness can change a ,person’s life for the better. Would you rather put a smile on someone’s face or be the cause of their tears ? I know which one I would choose.

We celebrate the Random Acts Of Kindness Day every February 17th, but how amazing would it be if we could make this happen EVERY day. Perhaps it should be something we encourage our children to do in schools. After all, kindness starts at a young age, when we encourage our children to share their toys with their friends. Kindness can be learnt and unkindness can be unlearnt. It is up to us whether we choose to be kind or unkind.




I hope that after reading this you might find it in your heart to go do a random act of kindness. It can be something quite small, like offering up your seat on the bus to that tired looking young mother. Or perhaps you might buy a bunch of flowers and leave them on a park bench with a little note attached, asking the recipient to take the flowers and enjoy them. You just might be the one that cheers up a lonely person with the unexpected gift of flowers.

I believe that every little act of kindness really does help to make the world a better place for us all. And if enough people join the kindness movement, then the unkind people may find themselves in such a minority that they drift into the background. Life can be difficult enough some days without another human being making it worse.



So my friends, I send you all tonight a big, warm, fluffy hug. I thank you for your friendship, and even though I have never met most of you, you are often in my thoughts.

Be kind always.

Much love

Susanna xx

2 responses to “Is Kindness A Thing Of The Past ?”

  1. Nancy Baten says:

    I always say, a nice word doesn t cost you! Those trolls are awfull aren t they. Why do people do that, they must be very frustrated! Happy weekend!

    • Susanna says:

      Yes I agree Nancy. Better not to speak at all than say something nasty to someone. It can’t make anyone happy can it ? Hope you had a good weekend xx

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