Is Cleaning Good For Your Health?

1st October 2019

Cleaning has taken on a whole new meaning recently with the emergence of the Instagram star, Mrs Hinch. I have watched Mrs Hinch and her meteoric rise to stardom and all because she loves to clean. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? A simple cleaning account with over two million followers has catapulted a young woman (now a new mum) to fame and fortune. I actually love Sophie (aka Mrs Hinch) and even enjoy watching her stories on Instagram. She has a bubbly and likeable personality and I am happy for her new found success in her chosen career. However, I am worried about the over use of chemicals in cleaning products that she, and thousands (maybe millions) of people are using.


is cleaning bad for our health


As a trained aromatherapist I am keen to promote natural health products. I know only too well about the effects that artificial chemicals can have on the body. I wrote a book recently which included lots of information on these harmful chemicals and how they can cause issues for us. Please click here for a link to my book ‘Ageless Beauty.’

So, back to cleaning and how the latest trend in excessive cleaning may be having adverse effects on us. Of course, we all like to have a clean house. It makes us feel more relaxed and at peace with our surroundings. I just wonder if we have gone too far in our determination to have a spotless home. I am also concerned that these popular cleaning products could be causing genuine harm to us and our family.


is cleaning bad for our health


Hygiene is very important to our life and can help prevent nasty diseases spreading. For instance, frequent hand washing can help stop the spread of the common cold. Soap and water are adequate for this. Research shows that there is no such thing as a completely sterile surface. This is because there are organisms everywhere in the atmosphere. Some of these organisms are even beneficial to us as they build up our immune system. It is also believed that using anti-bacterial sprays have no real effect on getting rid of harmful organisms. In fact by using these sprays you could be causing more harm than good.


is cleaning bad for our health


So what are these harmful chemicals that are found in cleaning products? There are of course too many to name here, so I will list the main ones.

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES) is a known skin irritant and has possible carcinogenic links.

Ethyl Alcohol can be a skin irritant and is drying on the skin.

Alkyl Sulphates such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a known skin irritant.

Chlorine Bleach can be irritating to the skin, eyes and more seriously can be harmful to the lungs and respiratory system.

Synthetic perfumes which are very common in cleaning products can trigger contact allergies such as eczema.

These are just a few of the many chemicals that are found in modern cleaning products. I do worry that in our bid to have spotless homes and to follow the trend, we are in fact putting our health at risk. Some recent research coming out of Norway stated that the chemicals in household cleaners actually caused a decline in lung function which gave the same effect as someone smoking cigarettes. Surely with research and information like this we need to be more aware of what we are using to clean our homes.

As you know I am keen on promoting a simple, healthier way of life. I do feel we are complicating our life by adding unnecessary chemicals into our home. My own way of cleaning consists of using traditional methods that date back to our grandparents era. Many of these traditional, natural cleaners do an excellent job, in my opinion. I believe there is a resurgence in returning to the ‘old fashioned’ way of cleaning, as we strive to simplify our lives.


is cleaning bad for our health


In my next blog post I will post my own ways of cleaning using natural methods. I hope that this will inspire you to cut down your use of chemically based cleaning products. I certainly believe it will be better for your health.

Do you use chemically based cleaning products? Are you worried by the constant over use of these products? Please comment below with your thoughts.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna x

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  1. Francesca Hepton says:

    Beautifully written.
    Thanks for promoting the concept and benefits of clean living.

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