Inspiration For Writing

26th August 2019

I am often asked where I get my inspiration for writing. To be honest, my answer is simple. EVERYWHERE! The world is full of human life stories, events and individual characters that can inspire any writer. I often get my inspiration from every day conversations by ordinary people. Try listening in to people talking while you are in a queue in the supermarket. Many of my best ideas have come from seemingly mundane conversations.


But what if you struggle for inspiration? What if your writers block is most definitely blocked. I thought I would list a few of my favourite ways to become inspired. I hope they will provide you with inspiration to kick start your writing.

  1. Go for a walk. Walking in the fresh air away from everyday life can be the starting point for refreshing our mind. Just walking outdoors for thirty minutes can be enough to inspire your next piece of writing. While you are out, spend time being mindful of your surroundings. You never know, you may find the subject of your next story or poem while out walking.
  2. Listen to music. Music is often thought of as a way to relax our mind and clear it of unwanted, negative thoughts. So find a piece of music that relaxes you and spend time day dreaming while listening.
  3. Meditate. Try find at least five minutes a day to totally switch off and clear your mind. I find meditation works well for me when I am seeking inspiration for my next writing project. I use a phone app called Insight Timer for guided meditations. To read a previous blog post on meditation please click here.
  4. Freewriting. I use this method a lot when I looking for inspiration. Set yourself a timer, say for about ten minutes. Then write in longhand everything that comes into your mind without thinking or stopping. Once you have finished, read back what you have written and see if anything inspires you.
  5. Change your work setup. Wherever you do your writing, perhaps it is time to change your surroundings. Maybe write in another room? Change your desk around by adding new items such as a plant or a new picture. Even changing the screen saver on your computer can help revive a flagging spirit.
  6. Create a box of ideas. Take a large gift box and start collecting items that you feel may inspire you. You can add photos. postcards, small collectables such as shells and toys. I like to cut out interesting news stories from the paper or a magazine that are quirky or funny. Even advertisements in glossy magazines can be a source of inspiration.
  7. Go out for a day trip. Spending time exploring a local town can provide a lot of inspiration to a writer. Try visit a town with lots of culture and maybe art galleries and museums. I always find art galleries are heaving with potential story lines and characters for my next piece of work.
  8. Sleep. Are you lacking sleep and find yourself permanently tired? Sometimes a good nights sleep can be all we need to kick start our writing.
  9. Word prompts. Pick up a book or a dictionary and focus on one particular word. From that word write down any other words that you associate with the word you have chosen. This simple game is a great way to prompt new ideas.
  10. Finally, don’t worry about your lack of inspiration. Desperately trying to find inspiration can sometimes cause more mental blocks to our writing. Relax and be patient and trust that your writing WILL come back to you at the right time.

I hope this has given you a few ideas for encouraging inspiration for your writing. Do you have any more ideas / tips for would be writers out there? As always I would love to hear from you, so please comment below.

Until next time dear friends.

Much love


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