Healthy Banana Pancakes Recipe

21st September 2016

I have been making these pancakes for a few years now as a healthy alternative to the traditional pancake recipe. I usually make them on a Sunday morning when I have a bit more time. They are really quick to make and could be made in under ten minutes. As more of us seek to try new healthy food, I thought I would share my recipe for these yummy banana pancakes.

The ingredients for the pancakes are simply two bananas and two eggs. Yes ! That’s it ! Simple isn’t it ? You can add spices if you would like a bit more taste, but it really isn’t necessary. Sometimes I add cinnamon powder for a little extra kick.


ingredients for pancakes


The method for the pancakes is very straight forward. Simply chop the bananas into small pieces into a bowl and using a fork mash the bananas until they are in a pulp. If there are some small banana chunks left over then that is fine.

Once the bananas are mashed up, break the eggs and add them to the banana mixture. Then mix all together.


pancakes mix


Now, take a large frying pan and heat up some oil. I use coconut oil but any oil is fine. Once the oil is hot, take a tablespoon and gently ladle a spoonful of the banana mixture into the pan. I use approximately three tablespoons of mixture per pancake. Don’t make the pancake too large as the pancakes can be tricky to turn over if they are too big.

Fry the pancakes on both sides until they are cooked through and brown on both sides. This takes only a few minutes on each side.


pancakes cooking in the pan


Serve straight away onto a plate as they are so delicious when they are warm although they can be eaten cold. I serve mine with Greek Yogurt, any fresh fruit and a drizzle of fruit coulis that I buy from the local supermarket ( or you can make your own easily )


pancakes ready for serving


And that’s it ! Healthy Banana Pancakes without any flour which is great for those who are wheat intolerant. You can add any variations for toppings such as honey, chocolate sauce, peanut butter etc. These are great for adults and for children and I think they are a great alternative to the traditional pancakes.

Please let me know in the comments below what you think of this recipe and if you make it let me know how it goes ? Have you any great ideas for new toppings that I haven’t mentioned ? I would love to hear your ideas.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Happy eating !

Until next time dear friends.


Susanna xxx


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  1. Toria Forsyth-Moser says:

    Now putting that kind of temptation in our way is just plain wicked 🙂

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