Family Time At David Lloyd Club, Harrogate

14th October 2018

Family time is the most precious gift in the world. My family mean the world to me and I honestly appreciate all the time we spend together. Health is also very important to me and my family. Without good health, life is not as fulfilling and can be fraught with difficulties.




As a youngster, ‘playing out’ till all hours was the main source of my activity and fitness. I don’t remember the vast array of sporting activities and after school clubs that are around today. But then the world was a simpler place then. We did not have the technology and other distractions that children have to deal with now. There wasn’t the overwhelming choice of food that we now see in the shops and on the high street. And of course when I was a child, there wasn’t the disturbing numbers of obese youngsters and related illnesses that we have today.

Progress is inevitable and in most cases it is very positive. However we have to be more aware of our children’s mental and physical health to ensure that they have a healthy and well balanced life. A good way to help your children or grandchildren achieve good health is to join a children’s health club, activity or fitness class. This gives you a focus, not just for your children’s benefit, but for the benefit of the whole family.





As a David Lloyd Club member in Harrogate, I am astounded at the wonderful facilities and set up that the club offer children of all ages. Not only do the children benefit from the activities on offer, but the parents can also enjoy the club’s facilities to keep their own health in tip top condition.




The children’s sessions at the club coincide with adult classes, meaning that the parents can attend without worrying about their children. I know how crucial this is for any parent and knowing their children are been looked after safely in a wonderful environment is so important.

The children’s sessions can be anything from fitness to arts and crafts. Together with the social aspect where the children can make new friends, this is a perfect environment in which to leave your children. While improving fitness, balance, coordination and other life skills, this is a fabulous way for your child to have fun and keep healthy.



Facilities at the David Lloyd Club Harrogate. Photo credit : David Lloyd Club Harrogate


The Club also organise fantastic holiday clubs for children which can be a life saver for overworked, stressed parents and a great way for the children to release all that excess energy. These holiday clubs are open to non members as well as members, so everyone can take advantage of these activities.

Coming up this October half term is the ‘Spooktacular’ half term holiday club. Of course the theme is all around Halloween which children of all ages will love. There are lots of fun games, make and create sessions and active games designed to keep the children fit and healthy. Plus if you book your children in on a full day session then lunch and two snacks are included. If you arrive at 8am, then the Club will also include breakfast for your child. Also included in the day rate is a swimming AND tennis lesson for your child. What a fabulous holiday club !

And I mustn’t forget to tell you about the Halloween Party which is on the Friday of half term week. With a disco, treats, fancy dress and lots of games, it sounds amazing and a fabulous way to round off half term. If you would like more information on the holiday club this October, please call the Club on 01423 524052.


Of course it is also important to spend time with your children and these moments are so precious. The David Lloyd Club allows you to spend precious family time together, while still enjoying the advantages of keeping fit and healthy. In fact the facilities are so amazing at the club that you can actually spend a whole day here with the family. There are SO many wonderful activities for children and adults at the club. So, I thought I would put together my own suggested itinerary for a family day.


Morning –   Why not start the day with a dance class for the children and maybe a hi impact BodyAttack class for yourself. Follow these classes with something a little less strenuous, such as an arts and craft class for the children while you enjoy a Barre class which is a ballet style class focusing on developing balance and core strength.

Lunchtime – The cafe at the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate is just fabulous and I spend a lot of time there. The menu is extensive, healthy and the food is top class. There is a dedicated children’s menu too so everyone is catered for. The cafe has a fabulous outdoor eating area with a safe children’s play area. There are also activities inside the cafe to keep the children happy while you eat your meal.

Afternoon – After a leisurely lunch, with time for you to read the newspapers while the children play, perhaps a family swim is a lovely, relaxing way to finish the day. There are two pools at the Club including a children’s pool and the swimming facilities are excellent. There are even swimming lessons for all abilities and all ages.

The club have thought of everything to make your visit stress free. There are even baby cots in the changing rooms so you can safely put your child somewhere while you get changed. The changing rooms are scrupulously clean and there is even a TV to keep those lively children occupied while you get them changed. (I remember that difficult part of swimming only too well!)


There are numerous other activities for children at the club that I haven’t mentioned. Swimming and tennis lessons are very popular and the coaching here is second to none. The club hires the best coaches who are well qualified in their chosen sport, but who are also able to converse well with children.

The Fitness Into Teens programme is also very popular. For me, this is a very important session as it helps build confidence and fitness at a time in a child’s life when they may struggle with all that comes with being a teenager. Of course the Holiday Club run during school holidays, is well attended and loved by all the children (and their parents, who often dread the school holidays).

Finally, the club hosts many great birthday parties for children. As many parents know, organising a birthday party can be SO stressful. What a relief for parents to be able to hand over party responsibility to the Club who can make the whole event stress free.



Fun and games at the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate. Photo credit : David Lloyd Club Harrogate



As a member of David Lloyd Club in Harrogate, I have always been very positive about the club’s facilities for adults. Having seen the children’s activities for myself, I can honestly say the facilities for children are also second to none. There has obviously been so much thought into providing the best there is for children, which in turn helps the parents.

As we all know, happy child = happy parent. The mental and physical health of our children is so important in today’s society. Our children can suffer from stress too and improving their general health and well being is vital, in my opinion.

If you wish to know more about how the Club can help you and your family then simply ring the club and ask for a tour around the facilities. Our children’s health AND our family time are so important that this could be the way you can improve both those things, while enjoying your life too.

Are you worried about the health of your children ? Do you have any thoughts on joining a family club such as David Lloyd ? As always please leave me any comments below or message me if you would like more information.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

** This post was sponsored by the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate but as always the words and opinions are my own.

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    There’s so much to do for kids, I never realised!

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