An Evening With The Author Dan Brown

16th October 2017

Last week I was lucky enough to get tickets for an event at Harrogate’s Royal Hall featuring the author Dan Brown of Da Vinci Code fame. I love attending these type of talks. I find it an honour to be given an insight into their life as an author, and also those handy tips that they give are so useful for us aspiring authors. Dan Brown just happens to be one of my favourite authors, and so I was very excited to hear the background stories to his writing.



Dan Brown



Dan Brown is an American author of thriller / adventure fiction with best sellers including The Da Vinci Code ( 2003), Angels And Demons ( 2000) and Inferno (2013 ) These are the three books that were made into blockbuster films all directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, the main character in each book.  The books contain recurring themes such as cryptography, symbols and codes with the ever present conspiracy theory running as a constant story line.



And so to Harrogate, which was Dan Brown’s only public author event in the UK ! How privileged were we ! When the celebrated author walked on stage he was warmly received by the audience who filled the Royal Hall. Each one of us holding the new book by Dan, entitled ‘Origin’.



Royal Hall Harrogate



Dan quickly came across as a very likeable and genuine person with a high level of intelligence and knowledge. I had dragged my husband along to the event who didn’t even know who Dan Brown was. But he was quickly won over by the author’s articulate way of speaking. The gist of Dan Brown’s books are usually full of subtle divisions between religion and science. My husband who is a scientist based engineer was engrossed in the author’s point of view about these two controversial topics.

Dan Brown talked about his childhood and how he had been raised with a deeply religious mother and a very scientific father. This  prompted the thought provoking issues in his mind from a young age. After The Da Vinci Code was released the Catholic Church publicly condemned the book but with little effect. The book sold over 80 million copies, as the public enjoyed the sensational and exciting story lines. Dan’s subsequent books have all enjoyed great success, proving that the public are hungry for this kind of subject matter.



Dan was at the event primarily to discuss his new book ‘Origin’ which focuses on subjects like DNA, Artificial Intelligence and genetic medicine, while exploring the link with religion. The book is set in Spain where Dan Brown spent a long time visiting to gain valuable research. The description of these Spanish locations is beautifully written and authentic. Central to the plot are the key thoughts of “Where do we come from ?” and “Where are we going ?”. I think in today’s uncertain world it is a question most of us will have asked whether or not we follow a specified religion.



Origin – the new book by Dan Brown

The event at Harrogate was a huge success. Personally I didn’t want the evening to end as I could have listened to Dan Brown all evening. He was a charming, amiable man, highly intelligent and a fabulous story teller. I can see why I, along with millions of others find his books exciting and addictive. I left the event thinking about the thought provoking topics he had touched on through the evening with a keenness to learn more. Isn’t that the mark of a good story teller ? He certainly converted my husband into an avid fan who is now reading his first Dan Brown novel !



The book ‘Origin’ is now out for sale on Amazon Origin: (Robert Langdon Book 5)

Please let me know if you are a Dan Brown fan and what was your favourite book ? And even if you aren’t a fan, let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

For more information about Dan Brown please visit his website 


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Susanna xx


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  1. Nancy Baten says:

    Oh fantastic! I was at a simular event last Summer with Karen Slaughter!

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Nancy ! I love these author events don’t you ? I get all enthusiastic to write my own novel but then I realise how difficult it is ! xx

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