Decluttering with Zero Motivation

18th September 2019


Decluttering with zero motivation? Is it possible? We have all been there. Staring at a house full of clutter for weeks on end. We know we would feel better if we could clear it but we lack the motivation to do so. So here are my top tips to help you start that job that so far has been overwhelming you. I previously wrote a post on clutter so if you missed it please click here.



Be kind to yourself. You are not a super human. We all struggle in our lives, so give yourself a break and don’t put yourself under so much pressure. You don’t have to do all the decluttering in one day. Make a list and be reasonable. Could you tackle just one room a day or even a week. Don’t try and allocate twelve hours for decluttering as we both know that is not realistic. Start with just dedicating one hour to the process and give yourself free time to still enjoy your day.



Ask family and friends to help. Do you have a friend who LOVES to tidy up? Promise her a reward of coffee and cake if she helps you sort out your house. She will probably be only too willing to help (even if it’s just for a piece of cake!) We often find it hard to delegate around the house, but if you have others living in your house then surely it’s only fair that they help too? Even young children can help declutter their toys, although I found it more useful if I decluttered when the children were at school. Quite often when children ‘rediscover’ old forgotten toys they end up wanting to keep them! So be warned.



Start small. Go round the room with a rubbish bag and pick up all the obvious rubbish you can see. Empty waste bins and old receipts that are lying around. Just doing this one small task can make you feel that you have achieved progress in a short space of time.

Use the decluttering exercise as an excuse to make some money. Yes! You can make money from your unwanted items. I often sell my ‘clutter’ on Ebay or through local selling sites. Or why not take your items to a local car boot sale. Most towns have them, usually in the summer months. It’s amazing how much you can sell items that you thought no one else would want. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so think before you take your items to the local recycling site.



Donate to charity. If you are not bothered about making money then why not offer your items for sale or donate to a local homeless or women’s hostel? Alternatively pack up your items and donate to your local charity shop. Most of these places are crying out for unwanted items and you could make a difference to someone’s life.



Time yourself when decluttering. By using the timing method you are instantly motivated to work within the allocated time as you know there is an end in sight. Set the timer for say, thirty minutes and dedicate working at decluttering for that exact amount of time. Once the timer goes off, stop what you are doing and go do something completely different. If you just do a little each day you will soon make visible progress.



Reward yourself. Tell yourself that once you have completed a section of decluttering then you will treat yourself to something nice. Go to your favourite coffee shop and linger over a nice coffee and perhaps a piece of cake. Rewards, even small ones can help us feel proud of a job well done.



Get inspiration from pictures online. I look at Pinterest of homes that I aspire to, especially the houses that are clutter free. How relaxing do they look? I always imagine myself curled up in one of the rooms reading a good book, looking around the room which is completely clutter free. Of course in real life we always have some clutter around. That’s reality. But it is inspiring and motivating to look at clutter free rooms.



Start now! How many of us plan to declutter and then something else gets in the way? Weeks later, we are still looking at the same mess in the same rooms. Just start now. No excuses. Remember just thirty minutes a day can really help you fight the decluttering battle.



I hope these few tips have helped you and inspired you to start the decluttering process in your own home. As for me, I am going to start on my own decluttering mission in my office. I may be gone some time. Wish me luck.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna x


2 responses to “Decluttering with Zero Motivation”

  1. Marilynne Lambert says:

    I so need to declutter Sue. With me it is mostly paperwork!!! As I need to leave it in view so that I deal with it. Yes I have a box filling system but once it is in there I forget to do it!!! But as you know at the moment I need some more energy to get me started!!!! The plan is in my head just need to get it down to my hands to get me started. Ha ha. Xxx

    • Susanna says:

      Me too Marilynne. Paperwork is mostly my issue too! I seem to hang on to it worried that I might ‘need’ it some day. Dunno why I would need electric bills from 5 years ago! Haha. I need to be ruthless to be honest. Have made a start on it this week and I am not stopping till it is done! Wish me luck xx

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