David Lloyd Club Harrogate – My 1st Four Months.

8th June 2018

So I thought I would write about my first four months as a member of David Lloyd Club in Harrogate. Most of you will know through my social media pages that I am devoting this year to getting fit. I generally want to lead a more healthier lifestyle. Although I have always been an active person, I have found, as I get older, it becomes more difficult to keep up to a good level of fitness.



David Lloyd Club Harrogate.

My husband and I have been a member of a small local gym for many years, but I found myself becoming bored easily. I had zero motivation and this wasn’t helped by the gym I was attending. The gym was small with a limited selection of gym equipment. Honestly, I would sit on a stationary bike watching Poirot on the TV, putting very little effort into my workout. There were no personal trainers and so I had no programme to follow. Consequently my level of fitness remained static and my enthusiasm for fitness was at an all time low.


Then something quite unexpected happened in February of this year. I won a local competition for a six month family membership to the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate. So on the 1st of February, my husband and I went along to our new club for a look at the facilities and to experience all there was on offer. After coming from a very small gym we were immediately stunned at the fabulous equipment at the David Lloyd Club. The gym equipment was modern, varied and every thing you could ever want for improving your health and fitness.




The gym at David Lloyd Harrogate.



A small section of the gym, which has every kind of fitness equipment you could ever need.



Octane Elliptical Machine – great for toning those legs.



I had a chat with Ross, one of the personal trainers there, who looked at what I wanted to work on at the gym. I have certain target areas of my body that I am not happy with. He kindly talked me through a personal gym routine that would help. It was refreshing to actually be able to discuss my fitness aims with a professional who totally understood my concerns and questions.  I left my personal training session clutching a detailed programme that Ross had put together for me and I actually felt quite empowered that I finally had something to work towards.



I use the Woodway Treadmill to warm up. Did you know this machine burns 30% more calories than standard treadmills ? ! That’s why I like it so much !

Also located in the gym is an amazing machine called Boditrax. I have never seen anything like this before but I love to use it regularly as it keeps me on track with my fitness details and helps with motivation. Basically the Boditrax machine measures a huge amount of details about your body and all you have to do is stand on it for a few seconds and hold two monitors in your hands. It literally takes thirty seconds. It gives you detailed data which is fascinating. This data includes fat mass, body weight, muscle composition, water composition, amount of bone, visceral fat rating and much more. Included in your reading is a tracking section, so you can see at a glance how you are improving as you head towards your goals.




And so onto the rest of the facilities and activities at the David Lloyd Club, Harrogate. Well, where do I start ? The Club is AMAZING ! And I have honestly never said that about a leisure club before ! There is the fabulous swimming pool with sauna and steam room facilities. The changing rooms are modern, very clean with plenty of lockers for everyone. And girls ….. they have ELEMIS hand wash and hand cream ! Sorry to get excited about hand wash but … you know what I mean ! LUXURY !

The club has a fabulous cafe although the food is definitely restaurant standard. We eat there EVERY weekend and enjoy a coffee and snack after every gym / class session. The quality of the food and service is out of this world. The prices are good with a varied menu for adults and children.  I love the fact that the emphasis of the food is on healthy eating.



One of my favourite meals at the Club – Spinach and Tomato Omelette with Avocado Salad.

There are daily papers and magazines to read which really adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the place. There is a lovely terrace with plenty of seating overlooking the tennis courts which is just lovely on a summer’s evening. Oh, and they hold regular BBQ’s on the terrace which we indulged in last weekend, and it was just fabulous. There is also an adult only room upstairs in the cafe with work stations so you can work with no noise.



Enjoying one of my favourite healthy drinks on the terrace. This is a 24 Carrot Gold fresh juice and it’s delicious.

So now onto the classes that the Club provides for its members. Honestly, it would take me hours to tell you about all the classes as there are so many. The selection of classes is so varied and there really is something for everyone, regardless of age or ability. I attend a few regular weekly classes including Les Mills Barre ( ballet fitness ), Yoga and Zumba.

Zumba is my favourite class and I love it that much that I attend two classes a week. I could, however go to another session if I had the time. I find dancing so relaxing and it makes me feel so free somehow. The teacher, Gaynor, is just fabulous and really motivates us all, while making the class fun at the same time.


Nearly time for Zumba !


Yoga Time !

Booking the classes is so easy and can be done via Reception at the Club. Alternatively there is a David Lloyd phone App that is so easy to use. The classes are held in various studios around the Club which are all in immaculate condition and are the best studios I have ever used.

Tennis plays a big part in the Club and there are four fabulous indoor courts and a number of outdoor courts that have just been renovated to a high standard. My husband and I are keen tennis players and have taken advantage of the tennis facilities here. As you know the great British weather is not always kind to us. Having indoor courts has been such an advantage, allowing us to play whatever the weather.


Tennis is a fabulous sport for all ages and even better when it can be played indoors.

The Club also has a fabulous spa offering holistic and beauty treatments. I haven’t managed to experience the spa as yet, but I have had a quick look in and its looks so peaceful and relaxing. Treatments on offer include various massages, facials and body treatments as well as the usual beauty treatments. The prices for the treatments is very competitive. For example, a back, neck and shoulder massage is £32. As a trained aromatherapist I cannot advocate enough the positive benefits that massage brings to all type of conditions. For me, massage is so beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety and best of all, it vastly improves my sleep pattern.

The Club has a creche with a full activity programme for the children. The creche is so useful for parents who want to use the gym, swim or attend one of the classes. This well supervised children’s club helps the parents do this. Happy children = happy parents. I am astounded at the number of activities planned for children, which range from sport to arts and crafts to pizza making ! There are many specific children’s events and you can even host your child’s birthday party here. There is a fabulous Fitness Into Teens programme which is a great way to encourage young teens to be involved in exercise.


So after a snap shot view of the facilities at the Club ( and it was a snapshot !) what else can I say about the Club ? Well, I would like to talk about the staff. I have never seen a more organised and well run club in my life ( and I have seen a few ). Everything seems to work like clockwork and revolves around the Club members and their enjoyment of the facilities. EVERY staff member we have met, has been friendly, polite, helpful and knowledgeable about the Club and their own department. Nothing is too much trouble for them to help you enjoy your experience at the Club.

Sometimes in the UK many places can lack basic customer service skills, but at the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate I would give the staff a 10 out of 10 for customer service. It doesn’t matter what part of the Club you are in, the staff always go over and beyond, to help you enjoy the Club experience to its fullest.

It’s the small personal things that matter, like the friendly reception staff who acknowledge you on your arrival and departure, with a smile and a friendly few words. It’s the gym staff who help you when you are struggling with a piece of gym equipment. It’s the cafe staff who remember what coffee you drink. It’s the teachers in the classes who help beginners feel so welcome. It’s the managers who are not afraid to help around the Club, doing everyday tasks such as cleaning tables in the cafe.

I believe it is the staff in an establishment that can make it or break it. In the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate they really do MAKE the Club a welcoming place for everyone. Other places in the UK that are lacking a high level of customer service ( and I can name a few ) should look to the David Lloyd Club in Harrogate for guidance. Perhaps other companies should copy the David Lloyd employee training programme because it certainly works.



So what is my verdict after four months at the Club ? Well as you have probably guessed by now, I am VERY impressed by the high standard of the facilities and the excellent customer service. I was NOT a gym type of person when I arrived at the Club back in February by any means. I lacked enthusiasm for anything gym related and never anticipated I would enjoy visiting a leisure club as much as I do.


Yes, I even had a go at boxing ! Is there no end to this girl’s talents ? !

I am at the Club almost every night usually taking part in three classes a week. I am also in the gym or pool at least twice a week. Sometimes I just pop in for a thirty minute gym session to do some gentle yoga stretches, and then I head to the cafe for a coffee and to work on my laptop. Of course I need to let you all know in detail, all the health benefits from my time at the Club. I will write about this in my next blog post so you can read my personal results and thoughts on my health campaign.


Sometimes it’s just nice to have a quiet coffee and a snack after a class or gym session.

Would I recommend the David Lloyd Club ? Absolutely ! Whatever your age, level of fitness or even enthusiasm for fitness, then this club is THE right choice for you. There is SO much variety of fitness equipment and classes that you can never get bored. This was my biggest problem before joining this club and I cannot believe the change in my attitude. In fact, neither can my husband, who used to be almost dragging me out of the door to our previous gym. Now, I go on my own without any encouragement. How amazing is that ?

There are many David Lloyd Clubs located around the UK.  I will leave a link below for you to look at all the clubs should you live in a different area to myself. I know the Harrogate Club is running a trial three month membership, which is worth looking into if you are unsure about joining for a full 12 months.

If you would like any more information, then please message me and I will answer your questions as honestly as I can. Alternatively please ring the Club you are interested in and I am sure they will give you all the information you need.

Please don’t forget to pop back next week for my follow up blog post to this one.  I shall be revealing how joining the Club has effected my overall fitness, physical and mental health. It makes interesting reading, and will be of benefit to those of you who are wondering if it is worth it.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx



13 responses to “David Lloyd Club Harrogate – My 1st Four Months.”

  1. Rosie says:

    The food looks delicious! Will have to try it out! Can you get free day passes?

    • Susanna says:

      The food is delicious ! And the coffee is the best in Harrogate ! I am sure if you ring the Club they will be able to help you if you want to look round xx

    • Susanna says:

      The food is delicious ! and the coffee is the best in Harrogate. I am sure if you ring the Club they will be only to happy your question about the day pass. xx

  2. Sarah says:

    Definately food for thought. Do they ever have offers on for discounted membership?

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Sarah. I know they have different levels of membership to suit your needs. And they are running a 3 month trial period membership which is great if you are unsure about joining. xx

  3. Marilynne Lambert says:

    This sounds a great place to get motivated and what a lot of equipment that have. Even the lunches look my type of thing (due to being a a none meat eater). I will tell my friends also to have a look at all it has to offer. It certainly has worked for you as I have never seen you looking so good.

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Marilynne. It is a great place to get motivated. and its important to me that they have lots of equipment as it stops me from getting bored, which I think is a big problem for many gym goers. You would love the food. There is so much variety and lots for non meat eaters. If your friends want to know more then they can always message me to chat about it. Or they can ring the club as the staff there are so helpful xx

  4. Toria says:

    gosh, what a great place. no wonder you are looking so fit and slim. I didn’t know Harrogate had an indoor tennis court. great for our long winters.

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Toria. I totally agree. For any tennis player, having indoor courts is a life changer. I rarely play tennis in the winter as I feel the cold too much and it can be quite slippy underfoot. This way I can play all year round. Its brilliant ! Thank you xx

  5. Sandie says:

    It’s time I joined a gym .. after reading this blog I will be giving DL a call to talk about flexibility of membership… and could friends join you as a one off ……. thanks for information….

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Sandie. There are various levels of memberships which you could try. I think there is an off peak one which may suit you ? But best to talk to the staff at the Club for more info. They are lovely staff and they will not pressure you in any way, but will just try find you the best option for you. Yes ! I have a day pass for a friend which we could use and I can show you the fab facilities ( and introduce you to the best coffee in town ! ) xx

  6. Anthea Davis says:

    Hi. My main problem with David Lloyd Harrogate is the number of virtual classes they put on, especially at the weekends. I think when you pay for a membership at a prestigious establishment they should at least provide a human being. Quite frankly I could train in front of a screen at home and save myself a lot of money.

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Andrea. Thank you for commenting. I personally don’t mind using the virtual classes although I do prefer the classes with an instructor. I do find that there is a huge variety of classes with an instructor so I never struggle to attend the class I want to. I did notice that there are more virtual classes on a Saturday evening and I think this could be due to the fact that the club is usually quiet on a Saturday evening and not as well attended? I do know the Club are keen to know what their members think, so perhaps it might be worth you having a word with them about your concerns? Hope to see you there sometime. Susanna x

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