Coaching & Mentoring

Do you want to live your best life?

Do you have dreams and aspirations but not quite sure where to start in achieving your goals?

Up until a few years ago I was exactly the same. Upon reaching my 50’s I realized I was not where I wanted to be in my life. I had always dreamed of being a writer and motivational speaker, but lacked the confidence and knowledge to pursue my dream.

And now here I am, living my best life, writing and inspiring others to follow their own dreams and goals.

I am now a qualified life coach, Law Of Attraction practitioner, aromatherapist, holistic therapist and a qualified therapeutic writing mentor. So, if you feel you are stuck in a rut and you want to change your life or maybe you need inspiration to help you develop your own personal self care regime, then I can help with coaching and mentoring sessions.

As a professional blogger and freelance writer I can also help you start and develop your blog and writing career. Perhaps you have always wanted to start a blog but lacked the confidence to start. I understand as I was in your position four years ago. Now I have a successful blog and I earn money through it. More importantly, my blog brings me great fulfilment in my life as I enjoy writing about topics that are close to my heart.

I do one to one coaching using Skype and my charge is £50 per hour. The times of the coaching are flexible and can fit in with your own schedule. There are no contracts or commitments to the sessions. Simply book how ever many you feel you need.

Before we start the sessions we will hold a ‘getting to know you’ session (30 minutes) so I can fully appreciate what your needs are from our future work together. There is no charge for this initial session and you are under no obligation to book a further session after we have completed this introductory online meeting.

Are you interested in the Law of Attraction and how it may be able to help you in your personal and work life? From my own experience I have manifested many wonderful things into my life ranging from personal and work related matters to financial gains, including a recent manifestation of £6000 which was totally unexpected!

I offer coaching in the Law of Attraction method which will help you understand how it works and how you can use it into manifesting positive things into your life. Through this coaching I can help you gain clarity in your life which is essential before starting work on the Law of Attraction. We can then focus on particular aspects of your life which you are looking to improve and manifest specific requirements.

Manifesting takes practice and patience but it is so worth it! Once you get into the habit of following the Law of Attraction you will be amazed at how much positivity flows into your life.

Coaching and mentoring for the Law of Attraction training is available on request priced at £50 per hour, although I will be running regular workshops on this fascinating subject so please look out for these on my events and workshops page.