About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog specifically for women who want to feel and look fabulous at any age !

My name is Susanna, age 55 years young and I am married with three beautiful daughters and one gorgeous grandson who brings such joy into my life.


I have many interests in life including spending time with my family, writing, playing tennis & golf, going to the gym and watching old Hollywood movies, Midsomer Murder and any thing vaguely related to Agatha Christie ! I live in beautiful North Yorkshire which is situated in the North of England in the UK.

So why start a blog ? Well for three reasons. Firstly I LOVE to write and have written everything from short stories to poetry. I have published a poetry book in 2019 which focuses on my own journey through mental health issues. At present I am trying to complete a murder mystery novel which has been sat in my bookcase for three years. Maybe one day !


Secondly when I reached the age of 50 I realised my life was changing and sometimes not for the best. I became aware of so much negativity towards women particularly those of a similar age, both from individuals and from the media. I read articles on the attractiveness of older gentlemen such as George Clooney ( swoon ) and then I was horrified to read in the same magazine about women who refused to age and dress appropriately. I think the article was called ‘Mutton Dressed As Lamb’ or something similar !


At my daughter’s wedding May 2015.

I realised that some parts of society have a pre conceived idea about women and ageing and it suddenly inflamed a passion in me about trying to balance up this wrong. Yes we are all ageing, but that does not mean we stop living. Yes, we have more health issues to deal with, children leaving home, bereavement, concerns about retiring and don’t get me started about menopause. BUT that does not mean we cannot live to our full potential.

Thirdly in my 50th year I suffered a number of personal traumatic experiences which forced me to evaluate my life and my future. At this time I was experiencing horrific panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia and depression. During this very dark patch of my life I struggled with sleep and as a result I started surfing the internet during the early hours looking for some comfort. This is when I found blogs and video blogs. I smiled and cried reading the many varied posts and although the blog writers won’t know it, they became an important part of my therapy to feel better. Blogging opened up a new world for me. Where else could you read personal stories on anxiety, motherhood issues, fashion, improving confidence and how to look good over 50 all in one long, sleepless night.

Sadly it would take me forever to list all my favourite bloggers who kept me company during those sleepless nights ( remotely of course ! ) But if I had to name just one blogger who has influenced me more than most it would be a fellow Yorkshire girl Vicki of Honest Mum. In between the posts on yummy recipes and beauty tips Vicki offers great advice to women who may be suffering a loss in confidence. I love her empowering posts so if you get chance pop over to her blog and have a read.


I therefore decided to start a blog for myself, I guess as a carthasis and to write about issues that concerned and interested me, and you, my fellow traveller. I want to write about a variety of topics that are important to women over 50 such as fashion, beauty, health issues, family, menopause, mental health, travel, relationships, food and exercise. I will only write about issues that I would want to read about and I will always write with honesty, thoughtfulness and empathy.

I really want my blog to encourage women to think about these issues and maybe talk about them with friends and family. Hopefully this openness and frankness will help women blossom and find the fulfilment they may have been missing. Most of all I hope that in a small way my posts can encourage women to be confident whatever their age.


Please email me if you have any ideas for my blog. I would really love to hear from you.

Love always

Susanna xx

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Thank you xx Susanna xx