Are Cold Sores Your Worst Enemy ?

Cold sores are nasty little things aren’t they ? OK, in the scheme of things they are not a big health issue. However they still have the ability to wreck our confidence for about two weeks. And then the little blighters always find their way back at some time during our life. Usually when we least expect them and when we least want them. No doubt about it, cold sores are very unwelcome visitors in most peoples lives.

It all starts with that familiar tingling on the lip. You know that feeling I am talking about ? And then a few hours later you have the most unsightly and painful giant spot on your lip. If you are lucky then this will start to subside after about ten days. However it can take up to three weeks to disappear. Some unfortunate people get cold sores so badly, that they can be left with a scar which can take months to fully dissipate.


cold sores

So what are cold sores ? Cold sores are very common and are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Most people come into contact with the virus at an early age as it is transmitted by close personal contact such as kissing or sharing hand towels with a carrier. Cold sores commonly start around puberty and many teenagers find cold sores invading their life at a time when they least want it.

Once you have had one cold sore, then you are prone to getting a re occurrence in years to come. Cold sores generally make a return at a time when you are run down or suffering from another illness such as a cold. They can even be triggered by extreme heat and sunlight. Stress is another major trigger, as is menstruation and any hormonal changes.

Although cold sores are a minor health issue, it is really important to minimise the effects as secondary infections can occur if the virus spreads. So common sense care such as washing hands frequently, not sharing towels or drinks and not picking at the sore is vital. Oh ! and NO KISSING for a while until everything is healed !

If you do suffer badly from cold sores then it is important to visit your GP as they may be able to give you medication that will prevent the infection spreading and becoming more serious.

So what else can we do to actually PREVENT the cold sores breaking out in the first place. Well, there are limited ways you can help prevent cold sores, as generally you don’t know they are present until you get the tingling and then it is too late.

However I have recently come across this fabulous product by a company called Be For Beauty who are retailing a lip salve product that helps prevent the cold sores even starting. Be For Beauty are a brand that only believe in selling products that can actually transform or simplify peoples lives. I saw this range of cold sore prevention treatments in the magazine Harper’s Bazaar in April this year. Other similar articles have appeared in many other national UK magazines this year, including Red, Star, Hello, Fabulous and Women’s Health.

So what is this cold sore prevention treatment. Well, it is produced by Base who have created two products that have shown to help prevent the cold sore taking hold initially. The product comes in either a bullet form ( like a lipstick ) or in a tube. The product contains the key ingredient liquorice root, which is anti inflammatory and is known to reduce swelling and redness. However the main advantage of using this ingredient is that liquorice root contains Glycyrrhizin which is said to actually weaken the herpes virus when this is dormant in the skin. By frequently using this product, this therefore reduces the risk of the virus becoming active again. This is great news as stopping the cold sores actually appearing is the best result for anyone.


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The product also contains shea butter which is incredibly moisturising and known to reduce inflammation. I use shea butter on my face and body all the time as it is so gentle and is especially good for dry, irritable skin.

The lip product can be applied frequently, although just one application should last you 3-4 hours. Even better news is that the product has SPF30 within it, so it protects your lips from any sun damage too ! This is great news as sunlight and extreme heat can be a trigger anyway for cold sores.


cold sores

So where can you get this wonderful product ? Well I will pop the website address below so you can have a look. The products are very reasonably priced starting at only £7.50 for a bullet or a tube. Alternatively you can buy the bullet AND the tube together for a special price of £12.


cold sores



Please comment below about your experiences of cold sores. Do you struggle with them ? Have you found a way to minimise them causing havoc in your life ?

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx


** This is a sponsored post but the words and views are my own **


  1. 14th July 2018 / 8:24 am

    So glad you dealt with this issue, Susanna, I suffer terribly from cold sores. Anytime I’m under stress or have too much sun and wind I get a whopping cold sore, sometimes two at the same time. Will def try this, and the price looks reasonable too. thanks for sharing.

    • Susanna
      16th July 2018 / 10:35 am

      Thanks Toria. I have had cold sores too since I was a teenager. And it is true that they never truly go away. Mine are triggered by stress and heat so I have to be careful when we go abroad if it is very hot. Anything that helps prevent them from actually starting is a winner in my book, so I hope you find the product helpful. xxx

  2. Rosie
    18th July 2018 / 1:36 pm

    I suffer so badly from coldsores. I used to think they would go as I got older but they seem to have got worse.

    • Susanna
      18th July 2018 / 3:31 pm

      You should try this product Rosie as it may help prevent them starting in the first place. And a great price too ! x

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