My New Travel Bag By Mia Tui.

25th June 2018

As most of you know I am not a great traveller. Travelling makes me anxious so I have to do everything I can to induce a feeling of calm, both before and during the journey. The most important thing to me is having everything close to hand while I am travelling. So many times I have reached into my travel bag for my headphone, ear plugs or medication and panicked when I cannot find them. I once had a stewardess help me look through my bag as I had lost my Rescue Remedy as I sat there in tears.

Last year after a similar panic on the flight home from Salzburg, I swore to myself that the next time I flew I would be organised and therefore calm. So when I was offered an organiser travel bag by the lovely company Mia Tui I absolutely jumped at the chance. This generous offer came at the perfect time, as we are due to travel to Spain soon. This time I am determined to be organised AND relaxed.

Mia Tui offered me the fabulous Jennie bag which is perfect for hand luggage. I chose the Rose Gold colour as I felt this would be perfect for a summer holiday in the sun. It is a true rose gold colour and is stunning especially when the sunlight falls on it. I shall show you more photos of my bag in future blog posts to give you more views of this beautiful bag.



My lovely new travel bag Jennie in fabulous rose gold

Mia Tui promote this as a bag to organise all your belongings and they are not wrong. I absolutely love the design of the bag, as it is both stylish and functional. I cannot believe that after all these years travelling, I have finally found a bag that suits my needs EXACTLY. In fact I love it that much, that I have bought a further THREE Mia Tui bags !

So what is this wonderful travel bag all about ? Well the bag is called Jennie. ( I just love any company that name their bags !) Jennie is actually quite a famous bag already and has been featured frequently on TV. Have you been watching the fabulous Jane McDonald on the Channel 5 programme ‘Cruising With Jane McDonald’ ? If you look closely you can see Jane with a variety of Mia Tui bags including the Jennie bag that I am featuring today. So I am in good company !

The Jennie bag comes in a variety of stunning colours that does make it difficult to choose. Each bag is made in a soft faux leather which makes it vegan friendly too. The fabric is so soft and feels so luxurious, it actually does feel and look like leather. Plus as an added bonus, the interior has a waterproof lining. The bag has comfortable carry straps and a long strap which makes it hands free which is great when travelling. The measurements of the bag are W 40cm, D 15cm and H 30cm from the base of the bag.

One of the best features of the bag is that it has a pocket at the back which allows you to slip the bag over the handles of your suitcase ( standard size suitcase – 18cm wide handles ). So you don’t have to struggle round the airport with a large case, hand luggage AND that bottle of perfume from duty free ! As it is a properly designed pocket, the bag sits securely on your case giving you more hands free AND for me, less stress.



The Jennie bag simply slips over the handle of your case making it easier to travel through the airport – leaving you hands free to shop in duty free !



The bag in position on the case.

The inside of the bag is an organisationer’s dream ! ( Is that a real word ? Probably not but it sounds good ! ) Inside the bag you get various pockets, key holders and even two water bottle holder pockets. These internal pockets are perfect for your pens, phone, with one pocket large enough to take an IPad, tablet or Kindle ! I love all these pockets as it gives me reassurance that I can easily find my things when I need them. This is SO important if you are struggling with travel anxiety. The days of reaching frantically into a large bottomless bag are long gone for me.



The inside of the Jennie bag is lined with a bright turquoise waterproof lining and has lots of pockets to organise your personal items.



There is even a pouch inside large enough to take an Ipad or a Kindle.



The Jennie bag has two water bottle holders which is perfect for travelling so you can access your water easily.

Inside the Jennie bag is a plastic clear bag which is perfect for putting those toiletries in when going through airport security. This bag is the correct size and will hold a selection of liquids / toiletries below 100ml. The bag even has a little handle on which makes it easy to grab when you need to.



The Jennie bag even comes with a plastic zip up bag, perfect for those toiletries when going through airport security.

So just when you thought this bag couldn’t get any better, there is the added bonus of ANOTHER BAG ! This is pure genius. Inside each Jennie bag is a cross body bag of the same colour ! This bag is perfect for all those important documents that you need when travelling, including tickets and passport. Come on, be honest. How many of us have got to the airport and had a moment of panic when we can’t find our passport ? This bag means everything is close to hand when you need to access it quickly. I will also put my medication in here and my phone, two other important things I need when travelling. And once you get to your holiday destination this fabulous cross body bag can be used as a day or evening bag.



The Jennie bag comes with a gorgeous cross body bag too ! Perfect for keeping your travelling essentials close to hand. But then you can use this as a day / evening bag when you get to your destination.

So my final views on the Jennie bag ? Well, I absolutely LOVE it. I honestly have searched for many years for the perfect bag that would help me reduce my stress when travelling. Anyone who has anxiety travelling will know that it is vital to be organised as this makes for a calmer journey. This bag offers organisation without sacrificing on style. The bags look good but serve the purpose of keeping all your personal items close to hand.

I have also used my Jennie bag for an overnight bag. It is a good size which can accommodate all you need for a short, one night stay. This makes this bag versatile and great value for money. The variety of colours offered means there is a colour to suit everyone and for every season.

If you would like to see more of the fabulous Mia Tui range then please visit their website at

If you already have a Mia Tui bag then let me know what you think of it ? Which colour did you go for and what did you use it for initially ?

Please pop back and read my follow up blog post to this one when I show you my hand luggage packing ready for my holiday – in my Mia Tui Jennie bag of course !


Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx


**I was gifted the Jennie bag by Mia Tui but words and views are my own.





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