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As any pet owner will know, finding the right pet food can be a nightmare. We want our pets to be happy, content and healthy. We can achieve this by caring for them, cuddling and stroking them, walking them, grooming them and giving them a well balanced diet.

Giving them the right food can be sometimes fraught with difficulties, as we have to consider so many factors. For instance my dog George suffers from colitis. This is similar to IBS in humans and George can suffer with debilitating symptoms with this condition. Basically George can have blood or mucus in his stools which can be very frequent at all times of day and night. When George was at his worst, I have been up through the night with him up to five times. It can be very distressing to see my little dog go through this and I am always determined to find him a solution to this issue.



Hello from George !


The right food is probably the most crucial part to dealing with a digestive issue like this. I cannot tell you how many brands of dog food I have tried in a bid to help him. It has become a mission of mine to help relieve this condition for him, but also to give him well balanced and nutritional meals every day that he enjoys.

After a recent bad bout of colitis I started once again on my search for the best food for George and his problem. I knew I wanted a natural food, with gentle ingredients that would be kind on his digestive system. But I also wanted a food that he would actually enjoy. After all, if we enjoy food why shouldn’t our pets ?

My search took me to Pure Pet Food who are a Yorkshire based company. I have written about this company before, when my two cats Tigger and Billy enjoyed a welcome hamper from them. Please click here for a read of this blog post, plus some very cute photos of my two cats !



Billy and Tigger enjoying Pure Pet Food.


Pure Pet Food was started in 2012 by two friends Matt and Dan who made their first batch of dehydrated pet food in their kitchen using a small dehydration machine. They consulted with vets and expert nutritionists to make sure they had each recipe absolutely right. After only a year in business the company received their first award, Pet Product Innovation of the Year. After appearing on Dragons Den and welcoming HRH Princess Anne to their facility in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Pure Pet Food has gone from strength to strength in just a few years. The company is certified by the human and animal food authority and is also approved by PETA.



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Pure Pet Food use only 100% human grade ingredients in their pet food which is amazing. There are very few other pet food companies who do this. All the food is even made in a human grade food facility in Yorkshire, so you can be sure that each product goes through strict processes. The food is dehydrated, so all you have to do is add warm tap water and wait five to ten minutes for it to hydrate. It’s as simple as that ! Just think how fabulous this is for storing at home. No more smelly, half opened tins of processed food. And how amazing is dehydrated food for travelling ? It’s light, but also so convenient for storing and making up while you are away. I have found this pet food very economical too, as you only make up what you need. So there is no waste. When water is added a 500g box of dehydrated food makes 2kg of fresh food !

Pure Pet Food is actually dehydrated food, full of healthy ingredients such as turkey, carrots, potatoes, parsnip, cabbage, green beans and minerals. The products are grain free which means that the food is gentle on the digestive system. This is perfect for George and other similar dogs who suffer from digestive issues.

So I was only too willing to try this pet food on George and his delicate tummy, hoping that it would help his digestive issues. I was also quite keen that he should enjoy it too ! So after some research and reading reviews, I opted for the Turkey Terrific and the Chicken Dinner option. I also bought him the Meaty Sweeties in Chicken and Coconut flavour as occasional treats. George always has a treat at lunchtime and at bedtime and these are perfect for him.



The Starter Pack I bought for George.

So I have posted photos below to show you just how easy making up this food is. From start to finish it takes just ten minutes maximum. So when I get up on a morning, I make up George’s food in his dish and by the time the kettle has boiled for my morning brew, his breakfast is ready for him to eat !



This is how the dehydrated food is packaged. It is airtight and comes with a little plastic scoop which makes measuring much easier.



I started George on one scoop of food to one scoop of water.



Warm tap water is added to the dry mixture.



Simply mix the dried food and water together and leave for 5-10 minutes till hydrated.



Finally, let your fur baby enjoy this wholesome goodness !



One happy, contented George !



I have fed George Pure Pet Food for over a month now and I can happily report that his colitis issues are non existent. As colitis is a long term condition, I am so relieved to find a product that helps George and subsequently helps me. ( It also saves on vet bills and avoids the use of medication too which is a bonus ! ) Happily George also enjoys the taste of the food and the treats which makes me very happy too. Happy Dog = Happy Owner.

Pure Pet Food have a special offer on at the moment where you can receive £15 off any starter pack. Please click here for the link. This is a fabulous offer and is a great opportunity for you to try this food for your pets.

If you have tried Pure Pet Food before, please let me know what your thoughts are ? Do you have a pet who has colitis issues like George ? Or do you have a pet with other medical issues that may benefit from natural food like Pure ?

Until next time dear friends

Much Love

Susanna x


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