Yorkshire’s Favourite Snacks

Snacks are a big part of the modern world and most of us can be found in the kitchen eating snacks at some point in the day. There is no doubt that we all like snacks at any time of the day. I guess we have pulled away from the traditional meal plan that our mothers and grandmothers rigidly stuck to. In those days there were three meals served at the same time every day that were eaten at the table. There was no variation to this and families even ate the same food on the same day every week.

Nowadays we have become a society of grazers. We skip meals, usually breakfast and eat while travelling on our way to work. We eat cereal bars, crisps, chocolate and if we are feeling healthy, maybe a banana. Many families do not sit round the dining table to eat any more, but rather eat on a tray in front of the TV. I remember insisting my daughters ate tea at the table most nights. Except for after school tea and toast, when we would all snuggle on the sofa watching children’s TV programmes.

Things have changed even since my children were little. We really have become an ‘eat and go’ society which is a shame really. I do feel families are missing out on quality time that can only be gained when they all sit down together for a meal. So what kind of snacks do you like ? Do you prefer healthy snacks or are you usually tempted to grab a chocolate bar to stave off the hunger pangs ?

HC Supplies of Yorkshire who are kitchen worktop specialists recently ran a public survey to find out what is the favourite tea time snack of good old Yorkshire folk. The results were interesting but not surprising. We start with number one and the winner is……

  1. Crisps. Yes, no surprise there. Easy to eat and we always have some in the cupboard, somewhere !
  2. Chocolate biscuits. Always good with a cup of tea.
  3. Scone. This was a surprise to me as I only have scones when I am out visiting a tea room.
  4. Pork pie. Another surprise to me. I only tend to have pork pies at Xmas and with pickle.
  5. Sausage roll. Ah yes. These are always a hit, especially with children.
  6. Doughnut. One of my favourites. Especially the ones with pink icing on the top !

Crisps were voted the Number One snack in Yorkshire. ( Survey conducted by HC Supplies )


One thing that strikes me about the list, is that every snack is a convenience food. There is no cooking or baking involved. You literally don’t have to spend any time in the kitchen. It is just grab the snack and eat. Which is a shame really as kitchens used to be known as the heart of the home. The place where the family would congregate after school or work. The place to catch up with the days events.

Of course it is always easy to congregate in a room when it is beautifully fitted out. I am finding my own kitchen is looking a little tired now. It is eight years old and in need of a face lift ! We did look at a complete refit of our kitchen recently and were shocked at the cost. It is only a small kitchen so I mistakenly thought that would equate to a cheap price ! I was SO wrong.

However we started to look at sprucing up the kitchen rather than completely gutting it and having a whole new kitchen. This became more cost effective for us and still would produce a new looking kitchen. Many companies sell worktops, cupboard fronts, sinks, taps etc which can be fitted into your existing kitchen without the need for a full kitchen refit. This then makes the project a lot more affordable.

Here are a few of my own ideas for a new kitchen spruce up ! I have got my ideas from a Yorkshire company called HC Supplies who are based in Doncaster who organised the survey above. This company sell a fabulous range of products to spruce up your kitchen and they will do everything they can to get you the best possible price.


The worktops in a kitchen are usually the first thing that starts to look tired and worn. Think of all the heavy usage they get. The thousands of meals that are prepared on them, the continual pounding of plates and other kitchen utensils. They get scratched easy and start to lose their colour and durability. It really is so easy to replace them and so much cheaper too. Far cheaper than replacing the whole kitchen. So from the choices I was given from HC Supplies I chose this lovely solid oak worktop. I love the way the worktop edges curve round rather than a straight edge. Don’t you think it gives a more classic look to the kitchen ?



My choice of worktop would be this lovely oak finish with curved edges.


Next on my list of updates would be the sink. When we moved into the house the builder fitted a standard stainless steel sink and drainer. Yes, they are practical and look nice initially, but after eight years of use in a busy family home the sink is looking quite worn. It is certainly not as shiny. For my replacement sink I would choose a classic white ceramic Belfast sink. I have always love the design of the Belfast sink. I find them so elegant with a hint of nostalgia. My friend has a Belfast sink and it never looks worn even after a lot of years of usage.



I love this white ceramic Belfast sink. So classic.



Finally for my last addition to my kitchen renovation I would add taps. Once again we received a standard set of stainless steel taps with our original sink, but the design is quite basic and I find them unattractive. Of course I would need a more elegant design of taps to go with my Belfast sink, so I would choose this traditional tap set which goes perfectly with the sink I chose.



Traditional Belfast taps to match the sink.


If you have wooden kitchen unit doors then it is very easy to paint them with gloss paint. You can strip back the original surface, sand it down, prime the door and paint it a completely different colour. Once again it would cost a lot less than a new fitted kitchen and just think of the fun you could have with choosing a new colour scheme.

And that concludes my suggestions for a renovated kitchen on a budget. Just a few changes can actually make you look like you have had a complete new kitchen fitted. And all for little money. Best of all you have a fab new kitchen that makes you WANT to cook and bake for yourself and your family. You really can create the kitchen of your dreams with a small budget and a creative mind.

If you are filled with ideas for renovating your kitchen then have a look at HC Supplies for ideas. It will give you an idea of cost and will help you budget for your own kitchen. Perhaps your kitchen will look so nice that you can be more inventive with your snack choices. Although I have to admit I do love crisps myself ! And the good old folk of Yorkshire are not usually wrong !

Let me know your favourite snack. Do you have any plans to update your kitchen without completely re fitting it ?

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna x



** This was a sponsored post by HC Supplies but the ideas and words are my own. **



  1. Marilynne Lambert
    30th April 2018 / 2:02 pm

    I hate my stainless steel sink!!! I have been looking at black ones in different materials. I am not sure what would look the best though. Some friends have told me that some black sinks show up water mark as white. My tops are black so I want it to blend in with them.
    I just need to get on and do something about it at some point!!! I hope that you get all that you would like for your Kitchen.

    • Susanna
      3rd May 2018 / 3:18 pm

      Hi ! I have never really thought about a black sink but I can imagine it would look nice if everything else is black in your kitchen. I really like white ceramic as I think it would brighten up my kitchen and looks classy too ! XX

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