Graze Protein Bites – A great way to graze !

I have to admit, I am a person who likes to graze on my food throughout the day. As I get older I find the ‘old way’ of eating just doesn’t suit me or my digestive system anymore. Gone are the days where I eat three big meals a day and a cup of hot chocolate at bedtime. ( Although if you eat like this, there is nothing wrong with this eating pattern. ) It merely doesn’t suit me, my body and my lifestyle.

I actually came across Graze Protein Bites when my friend produced one out of her bag while we were out shopping. Feeling a little hungry myself, my friend was kind enough to share it with me and from that moment I was hooked. I was sampling the Banana Protein Bite and it was just delicious.



Graze Protein Bites

I had been looking for a healthy snack to pop in my gym bag and these Graze Bars were just perfect. It is all too easy to eat something unhealthy when we are in a rush, as we don’t have the time to give it any thought. At least with these Graze Protein Bites, you know you are getting a wholesome snack bar without the refined sugar that is contained in many other snacks. I was so guilty of doing a great workout at the gym or dance class and then ruining it all by eating a chocolate bar in the car on the way home. How crazy is that ? The Bites have 5 grams of protein in each one so they are ideal for a post workout snack.



Graze Protein Bites come in three varieties – Banana, Cocoa Vanilla and Honey Seed.

Graze Protein Bites are made in the Cotswolds by the White family using an old thirty year recipe. The Bites are baked in small batches to ensure that the rolled oats are not damaged in any way and they can retain their goodness. The Banana Protein Bite which is my favourite also contains linseeds, sunflower seeds and soy protein crispies.  Other flavours include Honey / Seed and Cocoa / Vanilla which also contain similar ingredients to the Banana Bite.



Yum yum !

I always keep a Protein Bite in my bag whenever I am out and about. Sometimes I am so busy rushing around, either working or looking after my mum that I don’t have time to stop for lunch ( although I know I should !) These little snacks just give me extra fuel I need so I can continue my work. Plus did I mention how delicious they are ? Much better than grabbing a sugar laden chocolate bar which has no nutritional value at all.

I hope this gives you inspiration for a new way of looking at healthy snacks on the go. Let me know if you have tried these snack bars and if so, what did you think ?

You can find Graze products in many retail outlets ( I get mine at Sainsbury’s) or online at


Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx


  1. Mike gray
    13th January 2019 / 12:52 am

    Are they healthy though I’m not so sure , what’s with the nutritional values and percentages of ingredients , they add up to approx 50% in total so what’s the rest of the ingredients , fairy dust ?

    • Susanna
      17th January 2019 / 11:52 am

      I agree with you that some of these ‘healthy’ snacks can be just as unhealthy as sweets and chocolate. However I think Graze bars are a much better alternative to the usual refined sugar snacks we find on the shelves. I do make my own healthy snacks as I know exactly what goes into them, but sometimes I am rushing about so I find these Graze bars a great alternative. Thank you for reading. Susanna 🙂

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