Summer Is Coming ! It’s Pretty Dress Time !


Well this week has seen the first day of spring and up here in North Yorkshire it actually felt like summer was on its way. It may be me and getting older but I really struggle during the winter here in the UK. I used to embrace the winter and changing seasons but not anymore. My body never feels warm and I constantly feel sluggish. Of course I dress appropriately which usually entails many layers of dull clothes, which do nothing to brighten my mood.

As most of my friends know, I also hate wearing trousers of any kind and long for the warmer weather when I can wear a dress. Of course I am all for equality and women wearing what they want but there is just something so feminine about ladies and their dresses.

We are so spoilt with the vast number of unique designs, bright colours and flattering shapes that are available for us to wear. Whatever our age, shape, height, skin tone and even hair style, there is always a dress out there for us. How lucky are we, that unlike men we have such great choice.

At the start of summer I always rearrange my wardrobe so that my dresses take pride of place and I banish the heavy jumpers and old jeans to a dark recess where they belong ! So what is your summer regime when it comes to wearing clothes ? Do you still stick to your old favourite pair of jeans but team them up with a brightly coloured T shirt ? Or are you like me ? Full of enthusiasm for getting those floral, floaty dresses out of hibernation ?

I honestly feel so much better in myself when I wear a pretty dress. It seems to brighten up my face and my mood and I feel full of energy and positivity. I read an article recently on how colour can actually improve our mood and it has been proven that wearing bright clothes can help with anxiety and depression.

I know a lot of ladies hate going bare legged which can deter them from wearing dresses but with the vast range of light, natural coloured tights available, there really is no need not to wear a dress this summer. If you usually wear trousers, even in summer, why not try wearing a dress for a day ? See how you feel when you wear it. And wait for others reactions. I bet if you are normally a trouser lady that someone close to you will notice and give you a positive comment. And trust me there is nothing nicer than receiving a compliment. At my age I am happy for any compliments and it does wonders for boosting confidence !

I love dresses that are good quality, classic and can adapt easily for most social situations. Most of my dresses are day dresses as I find this suits my lifestyle. I think I have one cocktail dress which doesn’t get used very often, but it sits in my wardrobe waiting for that possible invitation to an evening event.

We are very lucky in the UK to have such a vast choice of British clothes designers and manufacturers and with the current drive to ‘Buy British’ I do love to see local companies holding their own against cheap foreign imports.

One such British design company is David Nieper. I have spoken about David Nieper before in my blog and told you all about their classic dress collection. They are a British company based in Derbyshire and they design and manufacture high quality garments using in house precision cutting and local professional sewing teams. David Nieper are a great example of a British company who are committed to UK manufacturing which is probably why they have a huge following of loyal customers.

What impressed me about this company is the fact they work so closely with the community. By sponsoring a local school they offer teaching sewing skills to students which ensures these skills are passed onto future generations. How amazing is that and surely a good example for other companies to follow !

David Nieper have just launched their fabulous summer collection just in time as I can see the sun peaking out this morning and we even have blue skies ! Yes girls, it is time to get those summer dresses out of the wardrobe ! So here are a few of my favourites from the David Nieper Spring / Summer Collection.



This tunic dress is great for those cooler summer evenings as it can be teamed with leggings. This is also a great dress to wear in autumn as those colours are so lush.


Oh I love the colour scheme of this dress. I do love wearing blue in a dress and this is such a pretty design.



I included this dress as it had an unusual neckline design which I knew a lot of my readers would like. Not everyone likes low necklines and this dress is perfect if you wish to wear a summer dress but without been too revealing.


Oh wow ! This print is just gorgeous and so bright and uplifting. Perfect for the summer. And I love the longer sleeve in this dress too.


I think this is my favourite dress. Of course I love the colour scheme but the gorgeous cardigan teamed up with it is just perfection.



We all love a maxi dress for summer. Right ? They are so easy to wear and cover up a multitude of sins……like white pasty legs when we have forgotten to put our self tan on ! I love the colours in this dress. So summery.


My final selection from the David Nieper Summer Collection is this classic navy and white dress. If you are a little hesitant about wearing bright colours then navy and white is perfect for you. It still has a hint of summer without been too bright.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little chat today on summer dresses. I just hope the weather stays bright and sunny for us and we can finally banish those big jumpers for at least six months ! I hope you have enjoyed my selection of dresses from David Nieper. Please have a look on the their website for more information. 


Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

*** This is a sponsored post but the words and opinions are my own ***


  1. 24th March 2018 / 7:34 am

    I love to wear dresses and can t wait to wear them with bare legs again! Great choices!

    • Susanna
      8th April 2018 / 6:49 pm

      Me too ! I am such a dress girl. I really don’t enjoy wearing trousers as I never seem to feel comfortable. Oh yes ! LOVE my bare legs ! xx

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