Easter Decorations and Ideas for Easter Sunday

22nd March 2018

It will be Easter Sunday in just over a week and I am having the whole family round for Sunday lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. My grandson Rory is three this September so he will really enjoy the egg hunt but I am also going to do a treasure hunt for the adults in the family too ! I don’t want to leave anyone out do I ?

So I have been collecting various items and decorations for the event and I thought I would share with you some of my goodies I have collected and purchased recently. I haven’t bought the Easter Eggs yet as I don’t trust myself not to eat them. There is just something SO special and tasty about actual Easter Egg chocolate that I just cannot resist.

Anyway I visited my local Homesense in Knaresborough a few days ago and was pleased to see that all their Easter decorations had been reduced. So here are my purchases from Homesense.  If you are quick there may be some left as these are fabulous value for money and would brighten up any home over the Easter period ( and even beyond Easter )

These lovely wreaths were reduced from £9.99 to just £5 each ! Honestly you couldn’t make it for that could you ? The colours are just stunning in both and it is tempting to keep these up all year round to be honest.





Dried flower / egg wreath from Homesense. £5



Pink dried flower wreath. £5 from Homesense


This cute glazed pottery bunny was reduced to just £2 ! I think he is perfect and I will pop little chocolate eggs in the basket.



Pottery bunny with basket container. Just £2 from Homesense !


I bought this cute rabbit bag for my grandson for when he is collecting his eggs on the egg hunt ! Can you believe this was only £2 !



Felt Bunny Bag. £2 from Homesense !


This gorgeous green felt basket is perfect for a display of Easter eggs with daffodils interspersed between them. Very spring like colours and again I might keep this out all year. A bargain at just £3 as it is a substantial size.



Gorgeous green felt basket and can you spot the cute ladybirds ? Just £3 from Homesense.


I bought this gorgeous wicker basket with this fabulous print cotton lining to display a selection of hot cross buns. This was only £4 and I will definitely use this all year round, especially as it isn’t obviously an Easter design.



Lovely wicker basket perfect for hot cross buns. Only £4 from Homesense.


My next few purchases were from Ebay and mainly consist of more decorations for the house. Ebay is great for finding bargains and also unusual pieces that I just couldn’t find in the town where I live.

These little card baskets are perfect for the dinner table as I thought I would pop in some mini eggs and a Lindt bunny for everyone as a place setting. I bought twelve of them for £3.49 plus postage. The Lindt bunnies were from Superdrug at £1 for three bunnies.



Perfect place setting for the dinner table.


No house at Easter is complete without wall decorations and I like to go a bit wild with my decorations much to my husbands horror ! I bought all the following decorations from Ebay and if you take them down carefully they are all reusable.



Wall / Ceiling Decorations from Ebay. £3.40 with free postage.



Happy Easter Bunting from Ebay. £1.99 plus postage


No Easter Egg hunt is complete without bunny footprints ! And I bought a pack of fifteen footprints from Ebay for £1.99 and free postage.



Fifteen bunny footprints from Ebay for £1.99.


My final purchases for Easter Sunday were from The Works which is a fabulous discount bookshop here in the UK. We have a branch in Harrogate but I actually bought these all online and they were delivered to the house for £2.

I bought this cute set of three Peter Rabbit suitcases for my grandson. Each case fits inside the other ( like a Russian doll ) I love the Peter Rabbit design and it is so popular at the moment with the release of the new film in cinemas. The set of three cases was an amazing £7 and if you bought two sets then the price was only £10 ! Perfect for storing small toys so mum ( or nanna ) don’t stand on them !



Peter Rabbit Cases ( set of three ) for £7 from The Works.



The cases are all different sizes but all fit inside each other.


Lastly I bought my grandson a couple of Easter theme activity books. Well, I can’t just give him Easter Eggs can I ? I have to try be a responsible Nanna ! 😉 These books were also from The Works and were £2 each.



Activity Books from The Works. £2 each. Perfect to keep your little one entertained after they have eaten too much chocolate !


Well that concludes my little Easter shopping haul. I hope you all have a lovely, restful and peaceful Easter holiday whatever you are doing. Think of me when I am running round hiding all the eggs and surprises for my family. I promise I won’t eat all the eggs !


Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx







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  1. Nancy Baten says:

    Oh is it that soon? I still have to figure out a menu and buy some decorations!!

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