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Getting a good night’s sleep is something that often evades me. I have always been a poor sleeper, but lately, since going through the menopause, my sleep issues have increased. I think this is probably the case for most women over the age of fifty. With ongoing hormone imbalances and other health issues, we find that our sleep quality starts to suffer. This in turn makes us tired, listless and unable to function properly during the day. Doesn’t it feel good when we have a proper restful sleep ?




So working in collaboration with TENA Lady I thought I would offer my experience and thoughts on trying to improve a poor sleep pattern. Of course I am not a medical expert, so if you are having medical issues that are preventing you sleeping, then please go see your doctor for more advice.

I have written before about how Tena Lady can help those of us who suffer from bladder weakness. If you would like to read the blog post on this please click here.



For this blog, therefore, I am going to discuss ways that I have found to be helpful. I have also chatted with friends about their experiences in overcoming the challenge of poor quality sleep. I really hope you find this post interesting and above all, helpful. If you suffer from poor sleep on a regular basis then you have my greatest sympathy. I hope that any one of my suggestions helps you in some small way.

Firstly I think it’s important to check your bedroom. Is it conducive to sleep ? Is it cosy and warm ? Do you have nice bedding with the right type of pillows ? I don’t know about you, but if I have the wrong kind of pillows I find I can’t sleep and generally wake up with a stiff, painful neck.





Next, try looking at your night time routine before you retire to bed. For me, I think it’s important I don’t eat too heavy a meal in the few hours before I retire to bed. I find, as I get older that I don’t digest food as easily as I used to, so I try and eat no later than 7pm.

As part of my bedtime routine I always try get a hot bath which I find helps me relax and wind down. A few drops of Lavender essential oil added to the bath water really helps calm my mind down and relaxes my body. I love the company This Works who produce gorgeous natural products. This sleep set which is designed to help induce better sleep is just lovely. I love to apply the Deep Sleep Night Oil after I get out of the bath as it makes my dry skin so soft but it also smells divine. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is just one of the best sleep sprays I have ever used. It is AMAZING. My sleep pattern has improved so much since I started spraying this onto my pillow and bed linen. Ooh ! and I also find an eye mask helps block out any light especially during the summer months when the sun rises early.




I was recommended this Pukka Tea to drink in the evening as it supposed to help induce restful sleep. The tea contains oat flower, lavender and the wonderful herb valerian which is perfect for setting you up to peacefully drift off.





I have also put together a little ‘dream trio’ to show you. On a personal note, I dream vividly quite often and wonder if it is because my mind is so active. This dream book is fabulous as I can read into the meanings of these dreams that I have. This is really fascinating reading as the interpretation of my dreams can be very true and meaningful. Have you ever used a dream book ? Why not try it ? You may be amazed at how your nighttime dreams are mirroring your daily thoughts while you are awake.



I also love my little dream journal. In this I write my dreams for my life, both in the immediate and distant future. It’s lovely to day dream about future plans, but also I believe that if we write down our dreams then we are more likely to make them come true. It’s called The Law Of Attraction but I will write about that more in another blog post. And finally do you like my dream catcher ? In Native American legends it is said that hanging a dream catcher over your bed will catch your bad dreams and give you a more peaceful sleep. It is worth a try anyway !



And finally we come to a subject that many women feel awkward about discussing – bladder weakness. I mentioned in a previous post that I have suffered from this due to a prolapse which caused me huge issues. Unfortunately bladder weakness can affect women of any age with 61% of women in the UK experiencing bladder weakness at some point in their life. The wonderful people at TENA Lady recognise that frequent nightly toilet trips can really ruin your sleep. ( now ladies, we all know what I mean by those nightly toilet trips ) To be blunt I have not slept through the night without needing a pee since my first daughter was born over 31 years ago !



For those ladies who have severe bladder weakness TENA Lady have designed a night time range which is to help you get a better night’s sleep without the worry of leakage. Every night time product has extra absorbency when lying down, so you always feel dry, confident and protected all night long. ( and you get a better nights sleep too !) There are a range of products to suit you with TENA Lady Mini Night, TENA Lady Maxi Night and TENA Lady Pants Night. When my bladder weakness is ‘playing up’ ( too much high impact at Zumba Class !) then TENA Lady is absolutely the product I turn to. So don’t suffer in silence ladies and if your sleep is suffering then have a look at the products.








And if my recommendation wasn’t enough then did you know that the TENA Lady Discreet range has just been voted Product Of The Year 2018 in the Bladder Weakness category ! This award was voted for by women like me who use the products, which for me is the best recommendation anyone can have. For more information on all their products please pop over to their website. http://www.tena.co.uk/tenalady/

You can even get a free sample sent to your home.



Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely key to good overall health and wellbeing. I know only too well how poor sleep can cause other issues and really make your life a misery. Sleeping poorly will always be a weakness of mine so I have to work hard to make sure I look after myself around my sleep habits.

Have you any tips for a good nights sleep ? Are you suffering from poor sleep and how is that affecting your health and day to day life ?

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

*** This blog post was in collaboration with TENA Lady but the words and thoughts are my own ***

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