Pure Pet Food – Review By Billy And Tigger

As you may know I have three pets – a dog called George and two cats called Billy and Tigger. They are a huge part of my family and as such I take great care in their health and well being. I was therefore very excited to be sent a box of cat food from the Pure pet food company who are based in Halifax, West Yorkshire ( and I do love to support local Yorkshire companies as you know !)


pet food

First, a little bit of information about the company which was started in 2012 by two childhood friends Dan and Mat, who were concerned about the standard of processed pet food for cats and dogs that was available on the market. And so these two young entrepreneurs started making batches of pet food in their kitchen, using only 100% fresh human grade ingredients. Family and friends pets tried the innovative freeze dried natural food and the resulting reviews were so good that in 2013 the company moved out of the domestic kitchen and into a full size food facility in Yorkshire. Consulting with expert nutritionists and vets, the company produced its first retail boxes of pet food, and at the end of that year won the award for Pet Product Innovation Of the Year award. Quite an achievement for the first year of trading !

A successful stint in Dragons Den and more awards followed with the greatest recognition of all, as Pure pet food found itself stocked in Pets At Home stores.

So what is the secret to this amazing pet food apart from the fact it is 100% natural. Well, the food is either freeze dried or dehydrated, both of which allow the ingredients to be preserved without the need to store in a fridge or freezer. To me this is a game changer, as it is easier to store the food without it taking up valuable space in your fridge / freezer and it is great for travel too !

So the lovely people at Pure sent my two rascal cats some of their delicious food for testing. Now unbelievably, my two cats, Billy and Tigger are extremely fussy with their food. It is probably my fault as I spoil them, so they seem to have developed a taste for only the best cat food. And yes sometimes I cook them a nice salmon fillet from Marks and Spencer much to my husbands horror !

So we received a box of Whisker Lickin Chicken and Surf & Turf for Billy and Tigger. The Chicken food contains Chicken & Chicken Liver (85%), Egg ( 5%), Carrots, Minerals, Salmon Oil, Coconut Oil and Spinach. the Surf and Turf contains Chicken & Chicken Liver (75%), White Fish (10%), Carrots, Mineral, Salmon Oil, Apple and Celery. The boxes were both really cute designs and were really attractive and well presented. Inside was a plastic bag of the freeze dried food, a measuring cup and even a bag tie to fasten the food up in between use. How very thoughtful !


pet food

It really was very easy to measure out the food and add the right amount of water as the instructions are very clear. I measured out the amount for two cats and mixed it in a plastic container I had, and then dished it up in each bowl.


pet food

Add the dried food with the provided measuring pot.


pet food

Add the water with the measuring pot provided.


pet food

Mix the dried food with the water, Simple !


pet food

Tigger enjoying his Pure pet food


pet food

Well, Billy enjoyed it !


pet food

Two happy boys !

The food looked and smelled very appetizing with huge chunks of food. Of course the proof is in the eating and when I placed the dishes on the floor Billy and Tigger could not wait to tuck in. They wolfed down the food and I have no doubt they really enjoyed it. They cleaned their bowl out and licked their lips continually.

So would I recommend this food for your pets ? Absolutely ! If you want to give your pets 100% natural raw food with human grade ingredients then this is the food to choose.  After all, a happy pet equals a happy owner !

Please pop over to the easy to use, informative website and have a look at what is available for your cat or dog. If you subscribe to the website then you will receive 10% discount on your first order. If you have tried this food before then please let me know what you thought. ( Or better still, let me know what your pet thought !)

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx




    • Susanna
      7th February 2018 / 9:36 pm

      Aren’t they little cuties ? x

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