Happy 2018 ! ( A Little Late I Know !)

1st February 2018

Hello everyone and Happy 2018 !

Is it really 2018 ? I seem to have missed the whole of January. Its been a while since I have posted and I have missed my little blog and all my lovely followers. I have had a few stresses in my life which have meant my blog having to take a back seat.  My mum was taken quite poorly just before Christmas which meant I had to become her daily carer. She is thankfully on the mend now and I am now finding more time in my day for my blogging.

As a result I seem to have a back log of blogs that I am keen to get out there ! I will try not to bombard you too much !



The last couple of months have really made me think how life is so precious and the unexpected can happen at any time. When major stresses happen in our life it can all seem too overwhelming and we feel we cannot cope. But somehow we just do cope and even though we might blunder our way through, we just keep going.

We all have dark days and moments where we long for an ending to our current stressful situation. But we have to try and remember that the light is only round the corner and our situation will not remain the same forever. I do believe these dark times only serve to make us stronger in some way ( although it doesn’t feel it at the time )



If you are feeling low or going through stresses at the moment then try grasp onto just one positive thing in your life. It might be your child, your grandchild, your dog or just the sun shining outside your window. Just by holding onto that one positive thing can get you through, whatever it is you are going through in your life.



So today is the 1st Feb 2018 and for me it feels like the 1st Jan. Somehow January disappeared in a blur.  I hope that if you are having a rocky start to 2018 that you will soon find some peace and calmness in your life.

I wish all my followers a fabulous 2018 and I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.


Much love

Susanna xx

2 responses to “Happy 2018 ! ( A Little Late I Know !)”

  1. Nancy Baten says:

    HAhaha, well it s late but I am sure it comes from a good heart! Happy 2018!

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