Disney Christmas Gift Guide from Primark

I apologise for posting a Christmas Gift Guide in October but the gifts I have chosen are in store now and I know they will sell out quickly. If like me you are a Disney fan, or know someone who is ( and doesn’t everyone ) then this is for you.



Primark has been producing amazing Disney items for a while now and the collection just gets better and better. It can also save you a lot of money if you buy Disney items BEFORE you visit the Disney parks as the shops on site can be expensive. Or, if you aren’t going to the Disney parks anytime soon, then owning a piece of Disney can still give you that warm, fluffy feeling that most of us feel when we see any of the iconic characters.



Walt Disney and Mickey stood in front of the beautiful Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyland



I am visiting Euro Disney for my birthday next year and I already have my Minnie Mouse ears ready to wear and yes, I will be 55 years old ! You are NEVER too old to love Disney. I will be blogging about my Euro Disney trip so make sure you pop back to read all about it ( and have a sneaky look at me wearing my Minnie Mouse ears !)

So onto the Disney Christmas Gift Guide. It’s short and sweet but I hope you enjoy it !



First up is this wonderful Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow. Great for adults and kids alike as a practical way of dealing with travelling, whether you are going to Disney or just down the motorway visiting relatives. Travelling is so uncomfortable and can spoil the journey so this travel pillow is a great way to arrive at your destination refreshed. This pillow is SO soft and is filled with a foam filling rather a bean filling ( which I never find comfortable ) This pillow comes in two designs, Minnie Mouse ( as shown here ) and Mickey Mouse ( for the boys in your life )  and is priced at a very reasonable £6.



Travel Pillow £6


Next up is this gorgeous ceramic Minnie Mouse mug which comes boxed so is perfect as a gift. The mug is very unusual as it shows the ‘bottom half’ of Minnie and stands upright on her feet. The words Minnie Mouse are inscribed on the inside of the mug which is a nice quirky touch. The mug also comes in a Mickey Mouse design and is priced at £5.



Minnie Mouse Ceramic Mug. £5

Are you one of those people who get to the till at Primark and immediately grab a tote bag to buy, when you realise you’re about to get all your purchases in a brown paper bag that will split on your way out ?! Well luckily Primark sell the most gorgeous linen tote bags at reasonable prices including this cute Mickey and Minnie one which was priced at only £3.



Disney Tote Bag £3. Look out for this one at the till



Lastly we come onto Christmas decorations. Do you drag the decorations from the loft two weeks before Christmas only to realise they are moth eaten or are so old they are dropping to bits ! I can’t believe I hang on to old tree decorations like I do, when there is a fabulous choice of tree baubles and at reasonable prices. These Disney baubles are so cute and come in red and black and pink and aqua. Such beautiful colours and designs which will really enhance your tree.  There are six baubles in each box which are priced at £4 each.



Christmas Tree Baubles



Disney Christmas Tree Baubles. £4

Primark also sell a single large Disney bauble which comes in a Minnie or Mickey design and is priced at £5. I personally prefer the smaller baubles to hang on the tree but these larger baubles would be great for hanging in a window or on a door.



Large Disney Christmas Bauble. £5



And definitely lastly I want to share with you my Minnie Mouse ears ! These are not available in Primark sadly. My daughter brought me these back from one of the parks and I know they are quite costly. However they seem to be one of the essentials for any Disney fan ( young or old ) visiting the parks, so I’m wearing them regardless of what my husband says !



My Minnie Mouse ears ready for my visit to Euro Disney !

So there is just a quick round up of what you can buy in Primark right now from their Disney range. Don’t forget these collections always sell out really quickly so head to Primark now if you want to avoid disappointment.

Please pop back soon for my next Christmas Gift Guide which hopefully will give you some great ideas for your present buying this year.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx


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