My Love ( And Addiction ) Of Pretty Dresses


I have, since an early age been addicted to pretty dresses. I guess most girls are. As I went into adulthood I never really lost the ability to spot a pretty dress from a mile away and have it hanging in my wardrobe within an hour. Now, at the age of 54 I find my addiction is as strong as ever. I am resolute in my decisions to wear what I want to wear, rather than what society deems I should wear.

Magazines and newspaper articles tell us about the latest fashions for women ‘my age’ as though there is something set in stone that we should ‘look’ a certain way. I hate been compartmentalised and even more so as I get older. We should dress how we feel, what suits our personality, our mood and what makes us happy. Obviously we have to be careful what we wear is not offensive to others. I wouldn’t advocate going shopping to the supermarket just wearing a bikini just because you feel comfortable in it !

Personally I much prefer wearing dresses to any other style of clothing. I feel happier, more comfortable and most of all I feel ‘me’. I hate wearing jeans and trousers and I always have. They look amazing on others and I understand ladies feel most comfortable in them. However, I just cannot get on with them and I tend to leave them languishing at the back of my wardrobe.

I thought I would give you a sneak look at my favourite pretty dresses that I am loving at the moment. Some of these are old favourites and some are new this year so I am not sure if some of them are still available to buy.


My first dress is one of my absolute favourites as this is the dress I wore for my daughter’s wedding in 2015. I found it extremely stressful shopping for mother of the bride outfits. As there were so many styles and too much choice, it almost became overwhelming. I think the key to buying a mother of the bride outfit is to take just one person ( I took my daughter, the bride to be ) and don’t involve too many people. I would also advise buying an outfit that you feel comfortable in, not one that others ‘expect’ you to wear. It’s too easy to be pressured into buying a formal suit with a hat the size of a satellite dish and then feeling uncomfortable all day at the wedding. When you are choosing a special outfit just remember to be true to yourself. You will smile more naturally and enjoy the day more if you are comfortable in your choice of outfit.


I bought this dress from an independent boutique called Suzy Hamilton in Harrogate close to where I live. This shop is one of my favourites and quite honestly could have bought the whole stock ! I love the vintage and classic styles and this shop is full of 1950’s style dresses, which are my favourite. The detailing on the dresses is just wonderful with piped seams and covered buttons. They also sell coordinating jackets which can be adapted with extra detailing should you wish it. My dress even had large pockets in it which I adore ! I just love a dress with pockets don’t you ? Anyway there is a great website  featuring a few of the designs from this wonderful shop so pop over and have a look. And if you get chance to visit the shop in Harrogate then do, as you will be bowled over by the designs, especially if you like pretty dresses like me !


pretty dress

At my daughter’s wedding


Of course when people think of pretty dresses then Cath Kidston almost always springs to mind. I LOVE all the quirky designs and vintage style dresses so much that it is a real effort not to have just one huge wardrobe full of her dresses.

So here are two of my favourites at the moment from Cath Kidston   I bought these a few months ago at the beginning of summer so I am unsure if they are still available in your local shop or online.

The first dress is probably my favourite and I have received so many compliments from strangers so I think this is probably many people’s dream dress too ! It is a pale green dress with a gorgeous cute print of ducks swimming in a pond. It is sleeveless but is easy to team up with a cardigan for more warmth during our sometimes cool British summers. And did I mention it has pockets too ?! Now you can see why it’s my favourite dress.


pretty dresses

My favourite dress. The Duck dress from Cath Kidston


My second Cath Kidston dress that I want to share with you is this sleeveless blue floral gingham print dress which buttons up all the way down. Yes it has pockets too ! I love this design as it is such a classic vintage style. I think it’s timeless which will allow me to wear year after year. Do you love this photo of me and George as we actually look like we are having a conversation. Actually we are ! Doesn’t everyone talk to their dog daily ? !


pretty dresses

Chatting to George ( as you do ) wearing my blue floral gingham dress from Cath Kidston



My next two dresses I would like to share come from a company called Run & Fly who sell quirky vintage style dresses in some of the most amazing and fun designs. This first dress is a navy blue cotton dress with pink flamingos which I adore. I have had SO many people stopping me in the street asking me where I bought this dress. Of course flamingos are so very popular at the moment and seem to be everywhere. Not in reality of course ! Well, certainly not here in the UK.  I actually bought this lovely dress from a small independent shop in my home town of Knaresborough called Cosmic Love Holistics. If you are local to Knaresborough then please pop into this shop which sells some amazing gifts, homeware and of course clothing.


pretty dresses

Cute flamingo dress

My most recent purchase from the same company is this cute ladybird dress. It is in a similar style to the flamingo one with flattering pleats falling down from the waistband and with a self tie belt. You have to love this design. It really is so cute and unusual and a real talking point for my young grandson who tries to pick off the ladybirds !


pretty dresses

Cute ladybird dress



My final selection from my pretty dress collection is this gorgeous embroidered dress from French Connection.  This probably won’t be available now as I bought it 18 months ago although you might find someone selling a preloved one on Ebay. I love wearing this dress for evenings out to dinner or out with friends. It is so floaty and feminine, yet a substantial dress and the heavy embroidery is just stunning. It is such a versatile dress too as I can wear it in summer or in winter when I team it up with thick black tights and black suede boots. I often take it on holiday too as it rolls up quite small and is crease free when I take it out of the case. Embroidery is a huge trend at the moment so I am sure you can find lots of similar dresses on the high street at the moment.


pretty dresses

My favourite evening dress from French Connection


So that brings me to the end of my quick snapshot of some of my collection of pretty dresses. If you have enjoyed this topic then please let me know and I can do more in the future.

Also let me know in the comments below what style clothes you love wearing the most. Are you happiest in jeans and a t shirt or do you have a secret addiction to pretty cute dresses like me ? If you have been a mother of the bride in the past how did you find the selecting of your outfit ? Was it fun or traumatic ? Or are you just to embark on outfit hunting for the big day ? If so let me know your thoughts and worries. Above all else, don’t panic and remember not to let it overshadow the big day.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna x


  1. Lisa
    30th August 2017 / 7:51 pm

    Hi, I do love reading your posts, I also believe you can wear what you want when you want at whatever age…..I have a mixed array of styles and due to body issues dresses are a winter option only with thick tights and boots, but nothing really stops me experimenting, love fly and run dresses…I have the dinosaur one and the fox one, great fit and cover all the parts sensibly with much quirkiness!!!!!

    • Susanna
      30th August 2017 / 7:59 pm

      Hi Lisa !
      Oh I love the fox dress ! I am thinking about buying it as I think it will be fabulous for Autumn / Winter. Teamed with tights and boots and a cute cardigan it will look amazing. The Run and Fly dresses are not only cute but as you said they do a good cover up job too. I love quirky ! Its so me ! Thanks for reading Lisa. Love Susanna xx

  2. 31st August 2017 / 10:34 am

    I am a huge fan of dresses too! And yours are fabulous! Did the umbrella have the same colors as the outfit? Fantastic! And huh…….I talk to my cats all day long!

    • Susanna
      13th September 2017 / 10:32 pm

      Hi Nancy. Glad you loved the dresses. Yes my umbrella matched my outfit exactly ! I didn’t even buy it from the same shop so I was lucky to find such a good match. Glad someone else talks to their pets as I do the same all the time. Haha xx

  3. Charlotte
    6th August 2019 / 10:08 pm

    I found this blog after feeling utterly deflated from reading Cath Kidston reviews online that say the prints are for “toddlers” and I shouldn’t be wearing them “at my age” even though I’m only 36! I love your style and you have inspired me to be more confident in being myself. I like quirky and fun dresses and prints and to be honest, if I dress to plain I just feel unhappy, like I’m hiding my personality.
    You look great in all the dresses! Keep being yourself!

    • Susanna
      9th August 2019 / 11:59 am

      Hi Charlotte. thank you for your lovely message. I LOVE quirky too! And yes, I see so many negative reactions to ‘older ladies’ wearing Cath Kidston dresses. I must admit for a while I was affected by the comments and felt disheartened but then after reflection I realised I don’t actually care what others think. I just want to be happy in my own skin and with my own dress sense. I don’t want to join the style group where I am expected to dress a certain way! Anyway who made up the rules that say we have to dress a certain way? Be yourself and enjoy wearing those quirky dresses. I am wearing my Cath Kidston Safari skirt today which is full of giraffes etc and I LOVE it! Susanna x

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