My Current Beauty Favourites – August 2017

So after many requests I am finally writing about my beauty favourites. I have always loved dabbling in new beauty products, more for fun than for necessity. That is, until I reached the age of fifty. Then, oh my goodness, I suddenly realised my beauty regime was important if I wanted to look half decent and not scare my kids ! Reaching fifty was like a cut off point where my skin shouted ” Hey you ! When are you going to sort out these wrinkles, dark circles and greying skin ?”


After a long look in the mirror ( well it was actually two minutes ) I realised my usual laid back beauty routine was not going to cut it. Not if I wanted to look half human and not 105 years old. And so I ditched my habit of buying the most popular and usually most expensive make up products and started to look for products that REALLY worked for me.

This transformation involved clearing out all my make up that I had collected over the past few years. I mean, who needs that many eye palettes or varying shades of pink lip gloss ? I was a self confessed make up hoarder who was now about to change the habit of a lifetime. I have to admit, it felt a huge relief to clear my make up drawer and be left with a blank canvas. It was like been a teenager again when you embark on your first make up purchase from the local market stall. Ooh the excitement ! I remember it well.

So in refreshing my make up drawer I started to look at ‘less is more’ type of products. I wanted to only buy products that I would use and that would actually do the job. A few months ago I bought a rather expensive foundation from a well known top brand that actually aged me every time I wore it. But I still continued to wear it. Why ? Because it was expensive and therefore it MUST be good ! Oh Susanna ( that’s a song !) What a crazy idea ! I am now in the thought process that we should forget the hype and expense of products and only wear what actually suits us. So if a foundation from Primark costing £1 makes you look and feel a million dollars, then wear it girl !

So on that note I would like to share with you my current beauty favourites that I use every day and that I believe suit my skin. Products that make me feel good about the way I look. Prices vary on these products and remember, what may suit me may not suit you, so it’s important to try before you buy.


beauty favourites

My current beauty favourites

I have had many failings with foundation over the last few years. I cannot tell you how many I have bought and ended up throwing them away. Or worse still, persisting with them, while looking like Coco The Clown !

And so I bought some BB Cream Beauty Balm from Rimmel. I will be honest I haven’t used this company’s products for many years. I think I have always regarded Rimmel as the ‘younger persons’ cosmetic company. This particular BB Cream comes in various shades. I use the medium which I think suits my skin tone during the summer when I have a decent tan. I am astounded to say I absolutely LOVE this foundation cream. I honestly thought the cream would sit in my pores and fine lines which is a big no no at my age. Well, I was wrong. This cream goes on so smoothly and does not accentuate my lines and pores at all. This foundation cream is definitely one of my favourites.


beauty favourites

I found the cream really hydrating which is a must for my dry skin. The cream is lightweight and does not give me that caked on feeling. It even covers my uneven skin tone perfectly. I also found it brightened my skin, leaving it with an almost dewy appearance. As most ladies of a certain age know, our skin can take on an almost grey colour. This cream certainly improved the tone of my skin. The BB cream also has a SPF of 15 which is great in helping minimising the suns harmful rays on our skin. With a price of £6.99 for 30ml this is an absolute bargain purchase especially when it works so well.

Next on my favourites list is a concealer from Boots own Natural Collection. Priced at just £2.49 this is great value for money as it does the job perfectly of covering my dark eye circles.  I seemed to have gained lots of dark circles recently, probably from lack of sleep. There are only two shades in this concealer, Medium and Fair. I use the medium one which is perfect for my skin tone. The concealer is creamy and spreads well which means it does not drag the delicate skin of the under eye area. And we don’t want to cause any more eye wrinkles do we ladies ?


beauty favourites

Next up is this great little palette by Laura Geller which I bought from the online shopping company QVC. The palette contains two eyeshadows, a rose coloured blusher and a highlighter which makes it perfect for travel as it is all contained in one small box. I love Laura Geller products as they really suit my skin tone and type of skin which is usually on the dry side. Laura’s cosmetic products are baked and handmade in Italy which makes them slightly unique and also easy to use.


beauty favourites

Laura Geller Palette

I also love using this Baked Bronze N Brighten again by Laura Geller which is a wonderful bronzer which I often use on its own when I just need a little colour on my face without the need for a full face of make up. Once again it is easy to use and doesn’t sit in fine lines or wrinkles and gives a nice natural glow to the skin.


beauty favourites

I am quite particular with eye liner as I am always conscious of dragging my eyelids and causing more fine lines. I have been using Double Wear Eyeliner Gel by Estee Lauder for many years. I find it works well, is long lasting and doesn’t drag my eye area like many other eye pencils do. This is more expensive, priced at around £21 but it lasts for such a long time. I am currently halfway through my pot which I started at Xmas, so it’s great value for money.


beauty favourites

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eye Liner Gel

Another one on my favourites list at the moment is from Benefit. They’re Real is a fabulous mascara which really does increase the length of your lashes. Priced at around £20.50 this is good value for money. The mascara doesn’t seem to dry out near the end of the bottle unlike some other mascaras I have tried. However as this isn’t waterproof I do use another mascara if I am swimming or playing sport. There is no worse look than panda eyes especially at my age !


beauty favourites

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Another favourite from Benefit is this fabulous eye brow pencil called ‘Goof Proof’. I have always struggled with eye brow pencils as I just seem to end up looking like some weird looking owl. I cannot seem to get the right shape and right colour, and since I hit menopause my eyebrows seem to have faded somewhat. I received this eye brow pencil as a gift and it is just amazing and suits me so well. It is very close in match to my natural eye brow colour and very easy to use. I have yet to find a better eye brow pencil. Priced at around £20 this is great value for money as it seems to last for ages and comes in a great push up design which means it never needs sharpening.


beauty favourites

Benefit Eye Brow Pencil

Finally to my chosen lip product which sits at the top of my favourites list.  Unusually it is not a standard lipstick that most women would choose but I am absolutely loving this new tinted lip balm from Bert’s Bees. I have been using Bert’s Bees lip products for many years as they are 100% natural and soothing on my dry lips. Now they also do a tinted lip balm range which is just amazing. Priced at a reasonable £5.99 the lip balms come in a variety of colours ranging from soft pink to a hint of red. I LOVE all the colours they have produced and along with the colour you also have a fantastic moisturiser for your lips. These are an absolute must for anyone suffering from dry cracked lips, but who also wants a hint of colour too. Try them. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


beauty favourites

Bert’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Well I hope you have enjoyed my current beauty favourites and they have given you some ideas for future purchases. Have you got any beauty must haves that you might like to share with my readers ? If so please leave a comment telling me your favourites and why ?

Until next time my dear friends

Much love

Susanna x


  1. 23rd August 2017 / 7:41 am

    I always use Rimmel mascara! Nothing else for me!

    • Susanna
      23rd August 2017 / 10:25 am

      Yes I am loving Rimmel at the moment. Have just always avoided it as they seem to target the younger generation in their advertising. Thanks for reading Nancy xx

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